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  1. Stuart Bradford

    CLARENCE REID-I refuse to give up WAND

    Hi....does anyone have a clean copy to sell? Many thanks
  2. Stuart Bradford

    Fire Fighters Fighting Off Scum

    That was quite mind numbing and sad to read your comments Ian....I had a colleague in the Fire Service too, the stories he use to tell me were very upsetting....the 'treatment' would be metered out, regardless of the time of year. A sad indIctment of the times and the world we now live in today!!!
  3. Stuart Bradford

    Fire Fighters Fighting Off Scum

    2 fcuking great suggestions....there's hope yet!!??!! Thanks guys!!!!
  4. Stuart Bradford

    Fire Fighters Fighting Off Scum

    One again, the annual sickening behaviour of retarded imbeciles has resurrected itself with fire fighters being bombarded with fire works etc whilst attending to their duties! For as long as I live I'll never understand the mindset of these mindless scum who involve themselves in this type of appalling 'recreational' behaviour!! We are soon approaching the centenary of the cessation of The Great War....I wonder how long it will be, before we hear news items of war memorials being desecrated and wreaths being tampered with?
  5. Stuart Bradford

    The Falcons-(I'm a fool) I must love you-SORTED

    Hi Dave...how much are u asking? Atb Stu
  6. Anyone have a nice clean copy they would like to part with? Many thanks
  7. Just received mine!!!!.....looks like it's gonna be an interesting read....can't wait to commence reading it tonite...it'll be a break from 'war and peace', that's for sure!!!?
  8. Hi have you still got the pic and bill-i'll try harder? Many thanks Stuart
  9. Stuart Bradford

    Friday Sales

    Hi Wayne....just out of curiosity, wud u have anything by the Enchanters-thers a look about you TEE PEE...quite a rare sound? Atb Stu
  10. Stuart Bradford


    Hi Franc Thanks for replying with uploads. Would you accept £450 for the pair plus p/p. Atb stu
  11. Stuart Bradford

    SORTED Joan Baker

    Yes thanks....from where you suggested!! Thanks once again! Atb Stu
  12. Stuart Bradford

    New Doctor Who

    Do wanna borrow me set of spare dentures?!!??!
  13. Stuart Bradford

    SORTED Joan Baker

    Apologies for delay in replying to thank you....cant believe how extremely helpful people are on this site.....within ten minutes of posting my 'want'....I had 3 messages informing me where I could obtain a copy! Its heartening to know that someone like you, and others beside, would take the time and effort to assist a complete stranger in his quest to obtain another piece of vinyl to add to my collection. Thank you, once again Atb Stuart
  14. Stuart Bradford

    SORTED Joan Baker

    Thankyou....much appreciated!


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