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    1960's Soulie, still shuffling with the Corby Old Souls at venues all over the country. Regulars at Skegness, Hunstanton, Blackpool, King's Hall and even the Warner's Northern events. Love sharp suits and sharper music!

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    Peter Johns
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    Corby, Northants
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    Pyramid - Soul Bros Inc

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  1. Morning David, You are right, this is an original model produced by Discatron in Birmingham in the mid 60's, then Bush bought Discatron out and revised the design to a smaller square design which incorporated a cassette player on the top, this was called the Discassette. I also had this one. We reckoned that there was less requirement for the cassette player and wanted to be as true to the original model as possible. Thank you for your interest. Pete and Paddy
  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Coming Soon: The New and Improved Portable 45rpm Record Player. View full article
  3. Remember when this little portable 45rpm vinyl player was essential equipment for us travelling Northern aficionados? Well, it's back! We have long believed that there is still a place for this brilliant little piece of 1960's technology and so we have bitten the bullet and commissioned a thousand units to be produced by an established manufacturer of retro record players. We have stayed true to the iconic design of the Discatron but have replaced all the internal components with modern technology, the most beneficial improvement being the sealed Lithium rechargeable battery along with an added mains lead, the old 1960's machines went through PP9 batteries at a rate of knots! Where are we now? We have a hand made working sample (see picture) which will allow us to test, test and test again - ensuring that we iron out any gremlins before full production commences although early opinion is that it is an extremely good first attempt and does everything that it should. What next? We have funded the project to this stage but will need to raise money to put the Discotron into full production, it is our intention to use a Crowd Funding source and we will be shooting the promotional video for that shortly. The retail cost of the new Discotron is still under discussion but will be realistic, we are trying to make it an affordable "must have". Why tell us? Well, we would love your opinion on what we are proposing, as the core type of customer we would welcome your thoughts, ideas, input and possibly expression of interest in purchasing one when they come on stream. We are not asking for money or firm commitment, just what you think about our idea. So, if you get a minute to reply we would love to hear from you. Cheers Pete and Paddy. PS. The original Discatron on the left is from 1966. The new 2018 Discotron on the right is "naked" stainless steel at the moment but will be clothed in black, red or what do you suggest for a third colour?
  4. Hello Mike, Thanks for the quick response! I wanted some feedback on a project that I've started that would really benefit from some input from the community here.. Pete.
  5. Hello, I don't seem to be able to attach an image to a forum post- is this because I am a new member ? Any help appreciated.

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