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    peter burke reacted to spot in News: The Blackpool International Soul Festival   
     Don't promoters look at the calendar? Or is it that they don't give a sh*te? It's the busiest time of the year for events, Cleggy, Brid, Whitby, Skeggy, St.Ives & Barnstable all within weeks of this. I'd love to do more than one but I don't have a Trust Fund or a Lottery Cheque, so only one it is.
    Spot the Pauper.   
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    peter burke got a reaction from tlscapital in Corey Glover   
    legit my arse
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    peter burke reacted to Dave Thorley in Holy Grail- 45- "angel Baby" - Garland Green - Mca -Australian Issue   
    I'm sorry am I missing the point. It's just a rare foreign issue of a common U.S. 45. Stunning it maybe as a song, but you can buy it today on the web for £25 from many buyers on U.S. Uni. Steve is right, 'horses for courses', but I have never fully understood collecting the rarest pressing over the original first pressing. At that point, to me you no long are soul collectors, but stamp, coin etc collectors. But in the realm of those sort of collectors, still can't see it being worth more than say £150 for it's novelty.
    Only my view, many other views available
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    peter burke reacted to TailorMade Gaz B in Gregory Porter - Bbc Radio 4 This Morning   
    Hi All, 
    Saturday Live this morning on BBC Radio 4 featured a really, really interesting feature/chat with Porter.
    He is peppered throughout the broadcast as well as having his own specific segment, so worth listening form the start. He's got a great radio persona and a charming story teller.  
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    peter burke reacted to Benji in Ian Levine's Soul Packs ?   
    Is there really a need for this thread? Neither are the packs advertised on Soul Source. Nor is IL a member.
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    peter burke reacted to Sebastian in Rest In Peace Helena Stromdahl   
    This is something I really don't want to write.

    It is with unspeakable sadness that I learned this weekend that my dear friend Helena Stromdahl has passed away. I'm in total shock and feel empty.

    I've known Helena for more than 15 years. Initially at a distant as a fellow music lover and clubber around town (and in Gothenburg), but as the years progressed we became friends and have for the past 8 years run the Function and Soulin' club nights together here in Malmoe, Sweden.

    She was a fantastic, encouraging human being and a constant source of inspiration for me. I will miss her dearly.

    My thoughts go out to her family and all of her friends around the world.

    This is how I will remember her.

    Rest in peace Helena Stromdahl.

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    peter burke reacted to mark ellis in Rest In Peace Helena Stromdahl   
    Very sad & very shocked.
    I'll never forget a wonderful bank holiday weekend when Helena, Hanna & Ady Lupton came up to my house.
    We went to the Orwell on the Friday, Sheridans on the Saturday & Wigan Cricketers on the Sunday, plus during the days plenty of dog walking.
    Perfect guests & everything they ate was replaced, which I insisted wasn't neccesary but they insisted that it was.
    The highlight of the weekend however was when my old dog Daisy was chasing the girls around my back garden, myself & Ady were in stiches of laughter. Helena will be in heaven now & Daisy will be chasing her once more then they'll go our for a walk.
    Sincere condolences to all Helenas family & friends, she was lovely & will be sadly missed.
    RIP Helana, god bless, MarkXX.
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    peter burke reacted to John Everard in Bobby Cutchins I Did It Again   
    Thank you Gaz, much appreciated. I've been lucky enough recently to spend quality time with someone within the scene who has been both a successful event promoter and experienced some of the Showcases in the USA over the years.
    I both celebrate,,and slightly envy, dear friends who, can count such legends as Sydney Barnes and Spyder Turner as friends.
    Conversely, never having met Bobby Cutchins, or many more of my musical heroes, a comment from them recognising OUR, not mine but the scene collectively's appreciation of the music they performed and produced invigorates these artists and in my opinion adds value to them in their later years.
    To discover in later life, that a performance, a record, a following you had, and/or, still have, vindicates the effort, hardship and sacrifices, made by these artists. I only wish that these many Artistes that succeeded, A:'would have know of it and B: would have, could have abs should have, benefitted financially.
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    peter burke reacted to Steve S 60 in Simon Soussan Found   
    Well, the prodigal son has returned, but has decided not to grace us with his presence on the scene once more.  Probably in talks with Nile Rodgers, hoping to hitch a ride on his coat tails.  Never mind.
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    peter burke reacted to spot in Simon Soussan Found   
    MrsW I was speaking about our/my small group of reprobates and vagabonds not the mass of unwashed youth who loved NS. No it wasn't all dross, there was some excellent stuff discovered and played but we lived right over t'hill in God's County so when Mecca went a bit Studio 54 and Wigan went a bit Rolf Harris Stylophone and tunes from His Masters Voice reject bin, it wasn't worth the full day travel when we could go Cleggy, Samanthas or St. Ives, all on our doorstep or M1 corridor. The only reason you could make a list as long as an Andrex Puppy roll is the fact of the Casino's longevity, remember most places were shutdown by the Law or Local Council before year 3 came around, however the Casino had no drug problem or a single arrest from day one to the last note on the last, then next last, oh and the very last of all time and eternity, Russ stated that categorically!!    
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    peter burke reacted to Goldsoul in Simon Soussan Found   
    I think he's the same person who is now dear friends with Ian, who in turn asked me to make members aware of the man's existence.
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    peter burke reacted to rhino in Simon Soussan Found   
    " If interest wins on this important character of the 70's via this this platform I will happily lock the thread. Fair enough?"
    you say he is an important character but the only thing that motivated him was making money.weather it be northern to disco yes lots of great records then bootlegs he had no love for the scene or the people on it . so thats what it takes to be an important character hope he stays away in my opinion. close it keep it going kevin its your choice   
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    peter burke reacted to kev cane in Gilly, Legend   
    Great to see you on sunday Gilly, hard to think of something that hasn't already been said about this fella, big influence on a lot of people over a long long time,a more humble guy you couldn't meet, have a great day Gilly  
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    peter burke reacted to Chris L in Simon Soussan Found   
    He went round a friend of mine's house during the day, knowing he was at work, said he'd come to pick up his records and needed them right away as he was leaving the country the next day. Talked his way in and helped himself to my buds records - it's called theft. I'm flabbergasted that anyone on here wants to show this person in any positive light, a leech of the 1st order.
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    peter burke reacted to Flynny in Jm Million Dollar Guide   
    John Manship's "Rarest of the Rare" label scans pages were great...and I'm sure quite a few folk bought records from the net on the strength of them simply being within those pages alone, and without even hearing them! However, it did get a little out of hand and quite a few non rarities appeared on it, thus distilling its relevance and distorting some people's opinions of what was a rarity, let alone valuations. That said, would welcome it back.
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    peter burke reacted to ady croasdell in Discoveries-They Would Have Happened Anyway   
    Following on from the Soussain thread, it got me thinking that the records he and others are credited as having discovered would have been discovered by someone else down the line anyway. Yvonne Baker, Checkerboard Squares, Dean Courtney are rareish but not rare enough that some other collector/DJ/dealer wouldn't have come across them at some stage in the ensuing decades.

    I'm sure there are examples of ones that would either have not been found (thrown in a dumpster like several acetates I know of) or maybe would not have been played without the dedication of a DJ that got behind them for some time before they "broke". But I bet there aren't that many when you look at the scene over the past 45 years.

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    peter burke reacted to johnmcc in Simon Soussan Found   
    Religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel (to paraphrase Samuel Johnson), and a pretty good earner in some parts of the world.
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    peter burke reacted to Cunnie in Simon Soussan Found   
    Irony - yes.
    Anger - no.
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    peter burke reacted to ady croasdell in Simon Soussan Found   
    I think it's very interesting he's around and I'd be glad to hear some genuine true stories but it's going to be incredibly hard to know if anything he says will be true. Unless he's had a major character transplant, it'll be smoke and mirrors and the gospel according to how he wants to portray it that week.
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    peter burke reacted to Chris L in Simon Soussan Found   
    The guy was/is a crook, bootlegging records, taking money and not sending records and nicking other peoples records. How anybody can paint him as some loveable rogue is beyond belief.
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    peter burke reacted to Dayo in Simon Soussan Found   
    Admit those are stellar finds that most of us could only dream of, but surely those records would have been discovered sooner or later anyway, Kev?
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    peter burke reacted to Ivor Jones in Articles: Soulbowl   
    Hello all,
    As I'm a little bit disorganised at home its taken a while to cobble together some personal faves for this tribute to John and Soul Bowl. Upon reading this thread, I was glad to see that Im not the only sad bastard that keeps old record lists ! In my defence though,Ive only got a few left now,I chucked the really old ones out years ago to make more room in the loft for a whole host of other crap I don't really need…..Doh !
     I used to buy from John regularly on the phone,couldn't wait for the new weekly list to pop through the letter box. I only made it up to Kings Lynn twice,travelling up with a good friend of mine who also bought a lot off of John. Obviously,before the days of satellite technology,on the first trip up there we got a bit lost but found it in the end though ! Phew ! 
      Upon our arrival,when we walked into the barn I couldn't believe it,the amount of records there…. All Soul too !
     John was a perfect gentleman too and when it got to lunchtime he got us some fish and chips for dinner. Imagine that,going through a pile of tunes while scoffing fish and chips ! 
    Onto some memory jerkers for me:
    Hello John, have you still got…..

    100 packs !

    Now for some personal faves which will always remind me of John and Soul Bowl.
     Not all rare but all great, every one of them…..

    Thank you John…..
    More to follow,

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    peter burke reacted to ady croasdell in Will The Real Simon Soussan Stand Up   
    Was that the trip where in a million to one chance I ended up sitting next to you and polishing off all your and your lass of the time's wine? Ady
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    peter burke reacted to Jerry Hipkiss in Is This On An Original 45?   
    There's another 70's boot, can't lay my hands on it at the moment, but IIRC it's orange, has his "If the shoe fits" on the flip, but is labelled as Jimmy Bee "Wanting you"!
    PS I used to play "I don't wanna lose you" from the LP back then, covered up as Danny Wagner ;-)


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