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  1. Hi Folks. Will be in Tenerife shortly and wondered if there were any good bars playing soul music in the Las Americas, Costa Adele areas? Thanks James
  2. Hi Folks anyone know how to tell the difference between the original and the 2004 reissue on the same label? cheers James
  3. Nice one thanks John. I’ll check with him. Regards James
  4. Does anyone know if there’s an easy way to tell the difference between the original 1977 Leon Debouse - A fine instrument LP and the 2015 reissue on the same label. Thanks
  5. Hi, Gary S. Was based in Sheffield. Heard he was poorly MS I think but that was a while ago and could be a load of rubbish. Used to get some great modern soul back in the day. all the best James
    What a great day. Loved every minute of it and so nice to catch up with so many people. The music was top drawer and can’t wait for the next one.
  6. The legend that is Soul Sam is en route with the one and only Mr Chris Box and the Yorkshire crew are busy filling their record boxes with some Modern Soul Classics. No fillers just killers! Let’s ave it!!!
  7. You can pay on the door fella. £7 a bargain!
  8. I know mate. Can’t decide what to play so will probably end up taking way too many records. Gonna be a top day.
  9. Just pulled out a few tunes for the afternoon session at the upcoming Modern Soul Classics Alldayer. It’s gonna be a great day for all you fans of quality modern soul so get yourselves there.

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