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  1. All new information about SpaceArk as of 11/17/2013. MP3s and CDs available, now on Facebook, etc. etc., and a revised BIO. Please read and enjoy.... SpaceArk email contact: spaceark@mail.com Please visit SpaceArk's Facebook websites at: www.face...
  2. New website as of 8/7/08 for SpaceArk info and downloads: http://www.unsigned.com/spaceark Please feel free to visit and contribute your comments to the website. Update: 3 original band members reunite after 30 years! Information posted on new ...
  3. Updated URL for all SpaceAark MP3 downloads is: http://reverbfreak.badongo.com/ Enjoy and email me if you are a fan [remove nospam]_reverbfreak@fastmail.fm_[remove nospam]
  4. SpaceArk site is being created on MySpace. URL is: http://www.myspace.com/spacearklasoul Go there to contact band members, blog, updates, etc. It's likely I will not monitor this soul-source website very often anymore. You can download 4 SA songs...
  5. Hi SpaceArk fans, here is a recently discovered promo photo of the original group dated 1975. Yes we were all thin and young once upon a time.... I'm the white guy top right (Peter Silberg - lead guitar/band leader); top left is Skip Reed (dr...
  6. 3/14/07 UPDATE -- MP3s for both SpaceArk albums plus extras are again available for download. Remember, the MP3s are not to be repackaged for resale. Enjoy and email me with your comments to reverbfreak@fastmail.fm Cheers to all fans, Peter Silberg,...
  7. 2/9/07 update. Filelodge, the hosting site, is out of commission. I will repost the Spaceark MP3s at another site as yet undetermined. Stay tuned. New Spaceark news - I am in contact after 33 years with the original bass player, Reggie Austin, and als...
  8. Hey John, try them again. The links to the first album MP3s had an error, which I fixed, all the other links for the 2nd album, etc. work fine.
  9. To All SpaceArk Fans -- MP3s are again available for Free Download, see the original 11/8 posting for direct download links and information.
  10. I also have reported this violation to Ebay and sent two CEASE & DESIST EMAILS to the seller. Thanks for bringing this violation of trust to my attention Nick, much appreciated!!!
  11. To all interested persons, UPDATE - 1/9/06 All MP3s are again available for download and hosted at www.filelodge.com. See the links below. IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE -- THE MP3s ARE NOT TO BE REPACKAGED OR SOLD FOR PROFIT, ON EBAY OR ANYWHERE ELSE,...
  12. To all interested persons, Email me directly at petersil@shinyfeet.com to receive instructions to obtain free MP3s of SpaceArk songs. You can also read the postings for more info - enter search "spaceark" They are NOT to be...
  13. Spaceark - 1970s Underground Soul Group Original Member

    To all interested persons, Email me directly at petersil@shinyfeet.com to receive instructions to obtain free MP3s of SpaceArk songs. They are NOT to be repackaged or sold for profit, and provided solely for musical enjoyment. All ...

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