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    On the scene back in the early 70's, left it at the end of '75 when it died. And I nearly did!  DJ'd at a few places in 74 and 75, and co-started the Oldham soul club, Wednesday nights at the Magnet.  Returned in the mid '90's, doing the all nighters thing again. Stopped when I reached fifty, and found myself slowly dying for a week after every AN. The music has never left me though, and is still all I listen to.  Been perusing this site for a while now, and there are one or two old souls on this forum who may remember me! The few remaining alive, that is!

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    Kirkcaldy, by way of Oldham and other points north, south, east and west.
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    Moses smith. Girl across the street, Jackie Lee, Oh my Darlin', Duke Browner, Crying over you. And about 347 others.

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  1. And if he needs to go and collect his pension at the post office, he could always use this instead of his zimmer......
  2. Aah, the Stannah version of "Devil with a blue dress', I know it so well.
  3. I'm sixty-odd now, but identify as a seventeen year old. If pushed I could also probably identify as the dancer I was in 1972, not the knackered old shit I am today.
  4. Yeah, lots on YouTube. I think the only way most people knew about the mislabelling was as a result of the '66 LP, which included both tracks. Very confusing for a young kid back then! As an aside, and connecting to an old thread re rhythmic hand clapping to tracks, most said this began in or around 72. Not so. I can distinctly remember rhythmic hand claps to The Kid/Holiday at youth clubs etc. which was a year or two earlier.
  5. Something way back in the deepest and darkest recesses of my mind tells me that this was mislabelled, in much the same way as Gerry and Paul's Catwalk? i.e., The Kid is actually Holiday, and vice versa. Or am I just being an aged addle brained twonk again? Value? Not a sodding scooby, but there are plenty on here who'll know. Or, you can go off Discogs value, which is pennies, even if genuine. Lots of boots around back in the day, which is why most of us back then preferred a CBS British copy. I also think there used to be a thread about this on the site so you could try trawling them. Fans? There will still be lots. Especially those who were around back in the 70-72 era. The Kid was played at the Wheel and pretty much all other soul clubs of the time. It was also one of those 'Niter sounds, along with the likes of Scratchy, Breakout, Tell Her, Nobody but me, and a veritable host of others which crossed over not just to most youth clubs in the greater Manchester area, but also to the regular mainstream ballroom discos of the time, run by the likes of Mecca et al. In fact, I can recall The Kid being played extensively at the Cats Whiskers in Oldham, right up to 74-75. So, basically, you just had to be there. If you weren't you weren't, but if you were, The Kid will probably have some pretty wonderful memories for you.
  6. Funny, but I was just thinking about Duke Browner, for exactly the same reasons. Like Exus Trek, it was the instrumental to Crying Over You that was originally played. And like Exus Trek, I never heard the vocal "played out" until I returned to the scene mid nineties. Festival time, ditto. Even though Laura Lee's vocal also got played, it was definitely Festival Time that was played the most, everywhere. Oh, to be back in '72 again!
  7. Completely agree. I fully expect the vocal to win out in this poll, as from what I've been able to gather, the majority of forum members started out on the scene well after the demise of the "classic" clubs such as the Wheel, Torch, Junction etc. So, their experience and memories will be vastly different than yours and mine. They'll have heard the vocal first, not the instrumental, and therefore Exus Trek will never resonate with them in the same way it does me. But Jesus, that feeling when you first heard it, and it hit you square between your saucer-like eyes, and lifted you two feet off the bloody floor! Happy days!
  8. Got to be Exus Trek. One of the all-time classic instrumentals, from probably the greatest year the Northern scene ever had, 1972. I can still remember the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end the very first time I heard it played. I never heard the vocal played anywhere before leaving the scene early 76, only on returning in the 90's. And quite honestly, I never had the urge to play it at home either. Anyone on this forum who was active on the scene back in 72-73 will almost certainly opt for the instrumental. It's all about the memories!
  9. I rather think that I made my preference plain for all to see, regardless of the level of subtlety contained in the question. As I said, "NO comparison, NO argument". And no matter how much I love just about everything the guy ever did, Jerrys version can be as fresh as fresh can be but it still can't hold a candle to Billys, sorry!
  10. Looks like they're both trying to stamp out a camp fire. The girl in the spotted blouse behind them though, now she can dance. As for trainers vs brogues, I agree that trainers have far too much grip for today's talc-free zones. Never saw ANYONE wearing them to dance in back in "the olden days". If you have issues with knees, ankles, hips, and especially fallen arches/metatarsalgia, then use good quality orthotic insoles with metatarsal raises in normal leather soled shoes. Trust me, they make all the difference!
  11. There's only one definitive version. Billy Butlers is the one and only as far as I'm concerned. NO comparison, and NO arguments! One of THE all-time classics, spanning the Wheel, Torch, Casino, and a score of other wonderful places. To those of us of a certain vintage, it brings back memories by the thousands.
  12. Probably going to pi$$ some off, I know, but the tune completely underwhelms me. So, none of them gets my vote. Sorry!
  13. I'm pretty sure that there's a line mentioning clown in "Only the strong survive" by Jerry Butler. And if that's not the tune you're looking for......it should be, for the fantastic bass line if nothing else! (the line is "feel like a clown" at about 1:14)
  14. You're right Ken, sort of! You had to walk past the Midland, then pop around a corner or two to get to Aytoun street. Well, if, like me, you were walking from Stephenson Square. Or is it me thats now completely off me 'ed? Been a VERY long time since I was in that part of the city centre. Have the distinct feeling that this coming season is going to cost me a sodding fortune!
  15. You're not the only red I know who's done that, and for very similar reasons. Sad the way that the game has been taken away from us, but we'll never see it return to the way it was. As you say, far too many tourists and wankers at every ground nowadays. I've been lucky with the season ticket though. Family stand, immediately behind the goal, free of tourists, just local Mancs. Happy days!

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