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  1. Joey

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Not the first time the Python sketch has been used by people commenting on what life in the very early seventies was like. Still funny though. And if you were there, and lived through it, and don't recall it being f***ing grim in so, so many respects, you have a VERY selective memory indeed! As for this, ( and many other threads), descending into slagging matches, remember...... 1st rule of Soul Source:- Find your sense of humour and hang onto it for dear life. 2nd rule of Soul Source:- Someone WILL, at some point, misunderstand what you may post. 3rd rule of Soul Source:- If misunderstood, said someone WILL take umbrage with what you posted, and WILL disagree/verbally assault you. 4th rule of Soul Source:- If verbally assaulted, the assaulters mates will pile in. (up votes etc.) 5th rule of Soul Source:- Don't let it get to you. If you were there, you'll know what it was like. If you weren't, all you have to go on is hearsay. 6th rule of Soul Source:- Never forget the first five rules of Soul Source.
  2. Joey

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    No Frankie, I think you may have got him wrong. Pre 74, it wasn't skins, suedes or old mods doing the rolling and ripping off. It was actually well known and long standing members of the scene. Many of these, if not most, had cut their teeth at the Wheel, and were by 74 much older, bigger, and scarier than the majority of the rest of us. Remember, Torch, VaVa and early Wigan the majority of us attendees were between the ages of 15 and 17, so a group of lads aged nineteen to twenty seemed far more mature to us. And far more intimidating. Coaches? From what I remember, the coach loads of people didn't start appearing until late 74 at the very earliest. The major influx of Divs by coach began early 75. Prior to all that, it was train and/or a lift for those of us who lived more than 25 miles away from the venue. Unless you wanted to change buses six times, that is As for "baggy trousered twats", there are two things I'd like to mention. First, yeah, as IanP says, it was the general fashion of the time, or at least from 73/74 onwards. I think that the twats aforementioned by the OP are the ones who turned up by the boatload in 75, and were preyed upon mercilessly by a certain element prevalent at/outside the Casino at the time. Easy meat, so to speak. Secondly, and although I wore baggy trousers and a vest at the Casino, that type of attire was universally hated and despised by the majority who'd been on the scene for a while. Originally, all attendees at soul clubs and Niters were smartly dressed. A follow-on from the roots of the scene in Mod culture. Dressing like a ragamuffin was seen as scruffy. The temperature and humidity inside the Casino made it necessary to modify ones dress code though. We've touched on this previously on another thread, but wearing a mohair suit, shirt and tie in that place? Ha, ruined inside five minutes. I kept that sort of attire for attending places like the Pendulum etc.
  3. Joey

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    I rather think this is most relevant to the early seventies. I left the scene in 75, and have no knowledge of what was what after then, but from what I have read and heard, it was nothing like it was before. You're quite correct in stating that there was always a certain group, or groups, of guys willing to make someones life a misery. Yes, the scene was always full of friendliness and camaraderie, but there was ALWAYS an edge, and it was oh so easy for the unwary to be relieved of his cash, dubes, coat, records etc. etc. I think I may know, or at least have very good knowledge, of some of the people you are alluding to. They were active at the Torch, VaVa, the Pendulum, and also in those early days of the Casino. And no, like yourself, no names will be mentioned. Several are still alive, and at least one is, or has been in the past, active on this site. I remember an old friend who put those days into perspective. He said that if you were new to the scene, and walked across the dance floor in the Torch wearing something expensive and attractive, there was a very good chance you wouldn't be wearing it when you got to the other side. I have to agree. The scariest place for me? When I started being serious about the scene, and attending every event/niter I could, my first regular attendance was at Manchester's Pendulum. This would have been about '72, not long after the Wheel closed. For anyone else who was there, you'll know that there were several VERY tasty geezers always in attendance who put the fear of God into anyone. I was lucky. I have a very good mate who as an ex-Wheeler, and extremely well known to all these people. He was a LOT scarier than them. They left me alone. Many others were definitely not so lucky. Again naming no names, there were two large and hard black guys who were on the scene back then. One from Stockport(?) and one from Wolverhampton. They used to scare people to death, and one of them occasionally carried a gun. As before, the guy I knew also knew them from their time at the Wheel, so I made a point of walking up to them and telling them that ******* sent his regards. They both shook my hand, spoke with me for a few minutes, and I never had any problems with them ever again. And then there were the girls. Only a few of them, and usually closely associated with the more well known hard cases. But just as wicked. Anyone remember "Rip-off Kate" from Bolton? You could point out ANYTHING to her, and for a fiver she'd ensure it was safely in your possession within ten minutes. The only time I came close to grief was actually at Wigan. It must have been about six months after it opened, and I was in the Beachcomber, Sunday morning. I went to the bogs and some guy came in and pulled a blade on me. My own kitchen implements were in my bag outside, and I was only saved by a mate called Dave Howe walking in and asking the guy if there was a problem. Dave was big, very big, and the guy just walked away. I didn't know him from Adam, and never saw him there again. Generally, once you became a "face" on the scene, you were left alone. Sometimes, you even got to know some of these people a little better, and became almost friendly with them. In conclusion, this sort of thing happened way more than anyone would like to admit, and has, in a way, been gently airbrushed out of the scene's history. Anyone who came onto the scene in the latter days of Wigan, or later, will have absolutely no idea of this dark period. As Frankie said above, the 70's was a very violent decade generally, especially that first half. For me, it was just a part of the scene. The bit that gave it its edge.
  4. Joey

    Instrumentals of 1974

    Thanks for that Rick. I do remember the ad you've so kindly retrieved, but couldn't recall exactly which sounds had been listed. In fact, you are absolutely correct in that many of them only got one, maybe two plays, and were then consigned to history. Certainly by the summer of 74 none of them were getting plays. Soussan? A lot to answer for methinks, but I can't say for sure that all the ones in the ad were his. I do remember that the majority were actually pretty good, and comparable to the actual backing tracks. Wasn't the Billy Harner "what about the music" instrumental actually issued at some point, or was that just the B side on a boot? Cant remember. Long time ago! The JWIMS track is vividly embedded in my memory. I can distinctly remember dancing to it, and singing the words, much to the amusement of two girls dancing nearby. It is most likely as you say, in that Soussan was probably responsible for it, and it was just luck that I happen to remember hearing its one and only play. Oh well, the quest continues I suppose! Thanks again!
  5. Joey

    Harry kane

    As above, perhaps Foden will be our future Modric or hazard. Only time will tell, and there aren't any others coming through who would fit the bill. As for Mourinho, he's just the same as so many other celebrated coaches/managers today. Instant success is required by boards, and so no time is allowed to blood youth properly. They just buy established players, which is basically Champ Manager for grown-us, with unlimited cash reserves. Spurs have only brought through youth because of necessity, not choice. Funds have not been made available to Poch or his predecessors in anything like enough quantity. For THFC you really have to look at the board, and its attitude towards spending money on players, versus debt and a new stadium.
  6. Joey

    Harry kane

    Aah, but that goal, great as it was, came in the replay, not the first game, when Gow made Hoddle look completely invisible and anonymous. And again, memorable as Villa's goal was, wasn't Steve McKenzies volley from outside the box just as good, if not better?
  7. Joey

    Harry kane

    Sterling really didn't play any differently than he does week in week out for City. Just that nobody was on his wavelength, could see what he was doing, or had the gumption to take advantage of him pulling two or three defenders out of position. His biggest problem remains his finishing, or complete lack of. Sure, he got a hatful for City last season, but most of them were two yard tap ins, and even then he missed half of them! Lingard, like Rashford, continues to promise much but deliver little. Both have time to improve, and hopefully will. Still an awful lot of improvement needed in just about every area. I watched us win the thing as a ten year old. Like yourself, I'd love us to win it one more time in what's left of my life, if only to piss off all my neighbours!!!
  8. Joey

    Harry kane

    Sterling's efforts looked poor because of what was around him. He made run after run, created space after space, and no-one bothered. Not his fault if his team mates haven't a clue. Don't get me wrong, as I've said before, even though a City fan I'd sell him tomorrow as I don't think he will improve enough for what Pep wants or needs, but his task was made impossible in every game. Not once did a midfield player move forward into any of the gaps he created. And with Kane on the bloody halfway line most of the time, we were never going to score.
  9. Joey

    Harry kane

    Dele Allí more like McDonalds. Played like a f***ing nugget. Henderson? He'll be OK when someone takes him to one side and tells him he isnt half the player he imagines himself to be. Thinks he's a cross between Socrates and Pirlo. Deluded and ineffective. Kane? Far too obsessed about being top scorer to be a help to the overall team. Naive manager? Yes, agreed, but he may yet wake up. He had so very little to play with, after all. How many stepovers does it take before you can run down a blind alley? I haven't a clue. Best ask Marcus Rashford. A long way from the finished article, but perhaps with work he'll get there. Biggest issue is not having a genuine playmaker. Someone who can see the pass before anyone else realises. If Foden can learn from Silva and DeBruyne over the next two years, maybe, just maybe, he could be the one. Give him Loftus-Cheek as his minder, and who knows?
  10. Joey

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Tremendous. A number which will resonate deeply with those of us of a certain age. Motowns greatest unsung hero.
  11. Joey

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Brings tears to the eyes, but pure 100% quality. My fave Temps track ever. Simply sublime.
  12. Joey

    Harry kane

    Every single reason for forming the Premier League was an out and out lie. Pure greed from five club chairmen, Edwards, Sugar, Moores, Hill-Wood and Marsh. "It'll benefit the national team', "It'll allow us to compete in Europe". After Italia 90 and dominating European competition in the 80s. Yeah, right.
  13. Joey

    Harry kane

    At international level, Kane is bang average at best. As is Dele Alli. And that's being generous. One of the problems, is that so many in our media and on our TV screens have Spurs connections, (Lineker, Pleat, Redknapp, Hoddle, etc. etc.), and can bring themselves to say no wrong about these players. Its almost as though they're untouchable. Both players were abysmal these past few weeks, and if Kane wins the Golden Boot, it will only serve to paper over just how poor he actually is. Both players however, if you listened to Lineker and especially Hoddle, were wonderful. I kept hearing how awful Sterling was in comparison, when he was the only player working his socks off making run after run, creating space after space, and all for nothing, as our other forward players have neither the nous nor the knowledge to take advantage. (I'm a dyed in the wool City fan, but don't get me wrong, I'd still sell him in a heartbeat!!!!!). Hoddle is quite simply awful as a co-commentator. Just as bad as Pleat, and maybe even worse. (And he hates City. Never got over Gerry Gow kicking him up and down the Wembley pitch in '81 and completely dominating him). Arrogance? It's the media. Every England fan I know has only hope, and sometimes a touch of expectation. It's the constant drivel written and spouted by the press and TV talking heads that smacks of arrogance. You may not notice it much in England, but living up north of the wall in Scotland, believe me, its more than just noticeable. (You know that big thump you all heard at about 10pm on Wednesday? That wasn't an earth tremor, it was the sound of 5,000,000 Scots replacing their personal chips back onto their shoulders in celebration of Croatia winning). For now, actually getting to the semi final with such a bunch of average players, regardless of the easy side of the draw, should be celebrated. We haven't had a creative player of the likes of Hazard or de Bruyne for decades, since Gascoigne maybe, and don't look like getting one anytime soon. Maybe a hard working team, along the lines of how Sweden do these things, is our best bet for the immediate future? Oh, and the Premier League? The richest, and possibly the most exciting. Definitely the most competitive. But the best? Not by a bloody long way!
  14. Neither of these were played on the scene prior to me leaving it at the end of '75. I first heard them after returning almost twenty years later, so have no really vivid, chemically induced "memories" akin to the ones surrounding the likes of Moses Smith, Duke Browner, etc., and can therefore make a decision based on something other than the pure emotion felt at the time. If that makes any sense. So, for a soul record, it just has to be the version by the wonderful Artistics. For a northern tune though, the JH version by a country mile.
  15. Joey

    Another Poll version battle.

    Lol. I wondered how long it'd take. Johnston, not Johnson. But you knew that anyway, didn't you?


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