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  1. I had a vague memory from when the LP of these sessions (and the 'Plenty Good Lovin'' 7") came out about 20 years ago reading that the project was shelved by Atlantic. I just Googled and found the below (link + relevant extract). So it looks like they sent out the demos and had the issues ready to go when things went sour..



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  2. 3 hours ago, harrythedog said:

    Norma Jenkins. Rarest record on John,s site for a long time . Always was rare and you hardly ever see it up for sale or even played. Quality oldie and one of my all time favourites. Thought it might go for a bit more in todays market.

    Suggests the people who bid up items on these auctions are only after 'top 500' type sounds and value that over rarity. I'm guessing Norma Jenkins is lesser-known because its scarcity means it hasn't been hammered to death over the years!

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  3. 1 hour ago, Modernsoulsucks said:

    True, but the fact that they're still up for sale time and time again IMO points to us being right.

    I guess for a lot of sellers it's a hobby so can afford to sit on them.

    I know exactly what you mean - multiple copies of the same record that sit there unsold for months on end.  Good example (of many) Dee Dee Sharp 'What kind of Lady. There's permanently about 25 -30 copies of that on Discogs, starting at £100+ for VG+ or better. Fabulous record but guys, you're obviously not gonna shift it at that price!🙃

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  4. It's wanted by disco collectors for the other side - 'Bye Baby'.  The 12" was about £50 a year or so ago and then all of a sudden, it was listed a and sold on Discogs a few times in quick succession for about £150 -£200 earlier this year. Looked a bit suspicious to me at the time...Currently three copies sitting on there.🤔


  5. There's a lot of unreleased Mickey Stevenson -produced stuff emerging at the moment.  Here's one that did come out on his 'Here I Am' LP (possibly UK only on vinyl, it appears to have only come out on cassette in the US). 


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  6. 3 hours ago, Benji said:

    And it still is. A recent 45 reissue doesn't count in this thread (imo)

    So a 45 that's never been issued before is a 'reissue' and 'LP only' means 'first released on LP'.🤔

    Ok. You live and learn. Obvious really!👍

  7. Definitely pre-internet. Fun has gone out of it now to a large extent and bargains a thing of the past. It's changed from an interest where the more effort you put in the more you developed your knowledge and the more rewarding it got, to one where all you really need is lots of disposable income. Just another form of expensive retail consumerism now really.🙁

    That said, I think there are other possibilities with the changed situation...

  8. This got reissued on Soul Brother last year then apparently withdrawn. Sales also blocked on Discogs.

    Assume with it being an established reissue label they put it out believing they had the licensing, etc then withdrew owing to some kind of mix up or dispute over that?

    What's the story here then?

    And assuming my guesswork is correct how do we categorise releases like that - (ie not put out as a bootleg but withdrawn for copyright / legal reasons)?



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