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  1. 1. The Intruders. (You better) Check Yourself. Gamble issue. EX+ £120. 2. Bobby Diamond. Stop. CSP Columbia reissue. Mint £20. 3. Sunny Carrington. The girl every guy should know. Deep Issue. £25. EX. PayPal only plus £3.95 p&p Please PM me if interested. Regards Paul.
  2. For sale. £130. The Intruders. Check yourself. Gamble issue. EX. Please PM me for payment details. P&p £3.95. PayPal family and friends only.
  3. Wanted.. Bobby Diamond " Stop" Original Columbia issue or demo. Please DM with price and condition. Regards Paul...
  4. I agree for valid information only. Not some of this crap....
  5. To admin. I think it's time this subject group was closed by you....
  6. Well said.... Getting ridiculous now....
  7. Thought I'd show you my Hermes gold watch...
  8. Sorted now thanks.... Hiya anyone got a copy of this for sale please. Curtis Smith. The living end. Let me know. Regards Paul
  9. For sale PayPal F&F only. Viola Wills. I got love. UK President. VG. £30. Plus £3.95 p&p Please DM me....
  10. Need a copy of above. On Essica No silly prices please. Lol
  11. This has been going on for the entirety of the scene. Bootlegs, carver, pressing, reissue, copy's, call them what you will. It's the scene & you'll never stop it as there are millions around. It's something we have to live with....

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