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  1. If you had to listen to only one Stevie Wonder song for the rest of your life, what would it be? This is the premise of my music blog, Desert Island Mixtape. Each month we choose a new artist and pose the same question. I then share the results with high school students in hopes that they are inspired to learn more about older musicians. Thanks. https://descargartonos.info/pop-musica
  2. Hi everyone. I'm from the UK and have been watching sole train especially the line dancing . I have been so mesmerized by the dancers they are so cool. Anyway I was wondering if you can help me please if someone could go on you tube and type in DJ Cole soul train main mix full version it will say it lasts around 46 mins. I would really like to know who sings the 1st track and what the name of the song is . I really love the song and would like to buy a CD of it. Those seem like amazing times they look so happy bless them all and those crazy clothes wow . Thank you in advance . Free pop ringtones is easy to listen to and download


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