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  1. very long shot indeed... everything went 2 years ago!
  2. aw, i loved the few i managed to get over too! can you find a venue just round the corner from my house please - that way i'll be able to get to some more x
  3. Lift organised, kisses expected upon arrival
  4. goodness me, just seen this. RIP Chrissie x
  5. Oh Tobe - who's gonna greet me with a kiss and a squeal and then threatening to have pictures of my PVC clad sweaty cleavage blown up and plastered about. Hadn't seen you for a few years - and you'd been poorly then too. I'm glad that you'd found happiness and dearly hope your last days were spent with those that loved you the most. I'll miss you, you silly old bugger. xx
  6. church service is now a little earlier - it will start at 10am
  7. Have been told it's the Methodist Church near Leyland Rd... postcode is PR1 9XR
  8. We began the year with the sad news that Gordon passed away suddenly on New Years Eve. Should you wish to attend his funeral the details are a bit sketchy, but it will be held next Wednesday 13th Jan at 10.15 at the church on Leyland Rd - the postcode PR1 9QH will get you there (sorry, can't remember what it's called). Then its on to Preston Crem, for 11.15, postcode PR2 5BP, after which we will celebrate his life will be at The Continental, postcode PR1 8JP
  9. James Dee & A Piece of The Action - Jealous Over Love - Enrica EX £160 UK postage is £8 for special delivery. Overseas - it depends where you are! payment is as paypal as a friend - or you can add 4% to cover the fees borrowed clip from youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnTYbnejTJc
  10. everything paid for will be posted in the next hour!
  11. i'm in the middle of selling my collection too - i have found discogs fabulous - ebay has been shite. if you have rare stuff try selling on FB rare sales page, and ehre of course - again i have had some great sales that way. Good luck

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