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  1. rockie


    Hi joe do you still have winstons if so would you text me address to 07946893350 cash in post tomorrow
  2. rockie

    Tobi Legend ~ Time Will Pass You By ~ Mala d

    H would you take cash if so text address to 07946893350 in post today
  3. Hi if you still have light of my life text or phone 07946893350 with address and I will send cash in post tomorrow thanks
  4. rockie

    Mickie Champion

    Hi would you take 450 if yes please text me address 07946893350 money in post today cash
  5. rockie

    Mickie Champion

    Hi have you sold (what good am i)
  6. rockie

    Raresoul45s October New Arrivals

    Hi Darren as sitting in my class gone if not usual will ring tomorrow rockie
  7. rockie

    Don Ray, Flaming Emeralds, Del-Cords & Robert John

    Hi has the flaming emeralds gone
  8. Hi if you still have record would you take cash if so would you text me your address money in post tomorrow 07946893350 thank you
  9. Tried to e-mail brothers of soul if you still have it would you text me your address or phone 07946893350 thanks rockie
  10. rockie

    Some nice bits for sale

    Hi it's rockie again has bobby hutton gone if not would you text me your number iv lost it 07946893350
  11. rockie

    R&B / Mod 45s for sale (some biggies)

    Hi Lee I'm not use to this pm if it's still for sale I pay cash if so you could ring or text me address and in post tomorrow with tracker on if not no problem that's for your time07946893350
  12. rockie

    R&B / Mod 45s for sale (some biggies)

    Hi Lee as the wade flemons gone
  13. rockie

    Albert Washingotn - im the man - fraternty demo

    Hi is the record sold (I'm the man)
  14. rockie


    Hi do you still have aApollo walking if so would you take cash you could text me your address or phone me on 07946893350 I don't put any details on site if not no problem thanks rockie


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