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  1. @Paul Hi, I'll take the Mandells if it has "All Or Nothing" on the flipside. Thanks,
  2. Hi, i take it the Village Choir is styrene?
  3. No, but I wish I could train a dog to smell them so I can track some down around the neighbourhood.
  4. Record collectors are primarily male.
  5. BTW, all of you dj's playing styrene pressings are not abiding by the OVO rule You fakes! Otherwise, change it to OVOSO = Original Vinyl or Styrene Only
  6. Most important thing at a party/event is the vibe/ambiance. Appealing to just a few male collector chinstrokers is imo missing the point.
  7. Frodo and Bilbo Baggins collect although not specifically soul.
  8. @soulgirl85 What condition is El Shobey in? How does it sound? Thank you
  9. I'm getting real tired of all these reissues and bootlegs. It took a lot of time and money to get some those, particularly the Love Crime EP, to just have every one and their mother get those. It's gonna get played out quickly
  10. How does the Gene Williams - Don't Let Your Love Fade Away / Do It Good - Forte (NM, red label press) £40 play? thank you
  11. Thank you, you can add them here in the comments or by private message for convenience.
  12. Do you have scans of the Brenda Lee Eager When I’m With You Mercury Demo VG++ £20.00 ? Thank you,

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