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  1. Chicanamovement

    Baby I apologize -the sunglows 45!!

    Message me with the condition and price
  2. Message me if you selling this 45 and it’s condition
  3. Chicanamovement

    Message me if you got these 45s !

    Stranger at my door -fuller bros blue lady -soul explosion I stand alone -calif Malibus Fall in love - lovelites
  4. Message me with pricing and condition
  5. City of strangers- corby&entrees i stand alone-calif malibus look up look down -soft touch A man that isn’t free-soul sensations Stranger at my door-fuller bros young girl-tge fillmotions Fall in love -the lovelites He’s gone to another - young ladies Slow change up -sweet breeze tgis is my prayer-soul ones blue lady- soul explosion **message me with price and conditio..
  6. Message me ASAP !!! With pricing and condition !!thanks city of strangers-corby&entrees
  7. Chicanamovement

    Message me if you got this 45!!

    hello stranger -paula ,little joe,and the latinaires message me with price and condition
  8. I’m gonna miss you -the volumes Crying baby won’t help the hurt -se berians hes gone to another -young ladies cry love -sweet and innocent no one in this world -enchanting enchanters loves gonna do you in-the autographs
  9. Chicanamovement

    Any of these 45s?! Message me ‘

    Young girl - the fillmotions youre everything to me -primitive Time after time -step by step take a step-Aesop fables Think back -the attractions Do what you’re doin’- Rising sun That’s why I cry -Karen small hey citations
  10. Chicanamovement


    I’ve cried -jhamels He’s so easy to love-roddie joy But then you left me-shades of sensation Can I call you baby-the pearls I’ll be alright-three strangers What can I do (without you )-sonny parker **message me if you have any of these 45s !!! Price and condition
  11. Chicanamovement


    What good am I (without you)-the vels im controlled by your love -Helene smith loves gonna do you in-the autographs there’s something the matter(with your heart)-Cynthia and the imaginations cry love-the sweet and innocent **if anyone has these 45s,pm me ...with its condition and price !!!