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  1. ric-tic

    Pictures of Us

    You should have looked happier than that if you were going to the Mecca!
  2. Does anyone have a great copy of the Harmless Northern Soul Time Capsule C.D boxset for sale, thanks in advance
  3. ric-tic

    What did they wear at the mecca.

    There was nothing as ludicrous as what was being worn at Wigan.....
  4. ric-tic


    I learnt something the other day whilst reading an old Pye promotional letter it said first copies were faulty and it was repressed and resent out to D.j's the copy that came with the letter was a stock copy so I am unsure if it was the demos that were faulty or very first copies I guess they meant the demos? Anyone know anything about this?
  5. ric-tic


    It was first played at Blackpool Mecca and the copy played was Dave Godin
  6. ric-tic

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    I couldn't believe this when I first saw it, all the money Schofield must earn and he goes and does this for a company that makes its money from exploiting desperate people pure greed..
  7. ric-tic

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    Any internet gambling sites I could kick the t.v in, they say there's the best part of half a million people in this country with a problem and they allow this its just so wrong..
  8. ric-tic

    Frank Wilson On Uk Tamla Motown

    Universal did a 1000 legit run for record store day in 2015 too
  9. Quick Question, The Neighbors Complaint-Boogie In The Schoolyard Bobby Well's 70s reworking of Be's That Way Sometimes, which label was first Virtue or Virgo? just found this on Virgo never seen one before
  10. ric-tic

    Does this poster look suspect?

    I just checked my stuff with all the mistakes it is a real flyer I have one....
  11. ric-tic

    Does this poster look suspect?

    I have to add I meant I think that's a real flyer the Torch produced, the one shown on here I have no idea!
  12. ric-tic

    Does this poster look suspect?

    I would say it was real, Saturday March 3rd would make it 1973, Plastic Man was released Jan 73 for the Real Thing and they were doing the rounds promoting that here and in Europe at that time as chalky said the number 1's may have referred to something else, this flyer just looks rushed e.g number 1 spinner is wrong too they would have normally said spinners or king spinners, I thing simply rushed or errors by printer, colour looks correct, the Torch was in trouble it was almost over I'd even guess that was the last ever flyer....
  13. ric-tic

    Unlikely record finds...

    was walking in a street in St Helier Jersey and walked past some bins out of the corner of my eye I saw half a dozen records in a pile on the top of one, the top record was a mint u.k demo copy of Jimmy Holliday & Clydie King-Ready Willing & Able
  14. ric-tic

    Worst /Best rhyme in soul?

    I have a real problem with Diana Ross Upside Down.......'Respectfully I say to thee' I cringe, lazy songwriting unless it was written in the 18th century...
  15. Have some Early Blues anSouls to trade for similar I need issues 3/7/8/13/14/20/22 I have for trade 9/15/16 [issues 15 and 16 have small writing in pencil house address by newsagent] and number 9 has biro ticks on top 50 chart.


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