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  1. Rob_Sevier

    Bob Abrahamian R.i.p

    Very glad to see Bob getting some love here. RIP.
  2. Rob_Sevier

    Love Recipe - Calvin Harris Vs. Lt Davis?

    While I haven't heard the Sonic Wax version, a glance at the label indicates that it was licensed from the bungling bootlegger Joe Lopez, who had lifted a brace of master reels from Stereo Sonic studios. He wasn't able to identify who the artist was, so he made one up (thus Lt. Davis.) With boba.'s help, we identified the songwriter of the song, who identified the artist (and the related Young Souls artist, recorded at roughly the sa..
  3. Rob_Sevier


    Now that's funny shit.
  4. Rob_Sevier

    The Interpretations On Flaming Arrow

    I do not.
  5. The best thing about the show is the people who call in know nothing of the culture of collecting soul music, they just want to hear good records from their youth.
  6. Rob_Sevier

    Previously Unknown Twinight Record

    Sadly, the metallic sound is present on the record, but I'm surprised that it's a major problem for you. Apologies, but that was a failing of the source material. Thanks for your support, the other side should sound good, however!
  7. Rob_Sevier

    Brother Love - Precious Dove On Mtr

    I was told 1976. Hard to say for sure though.
  8. Rob_Sevier

    Artist Being Taken The Piss Out Of?

    I've had a great and long relationship with Marion, I really don't think it's possible to judge without more context. Plus, doesn't everything said in an American accent sound slightly dick-ish over there?
  9. Rob_Sevier

    Artist Being Taken The Piss Out Of?

    I'd be curious to hear from some of the people over there that put on shows how difficult it is to gauge whether or not an artist can perform in front of a room of a thousand people, which is what we're trying to gauge. Marion Black was slated to perform in Columbus, Ohio with Syl Johnson, Renaldo Domino, The Notations, and The Four Mints but sadly on the day of the show he became too weak.
  10. Rob_Sevier

    Wanted: Scans Of Syl Johnson 45S

    For an overarching Syl Johnson project we're looking for high quality scans of these two items: Please PM if you can help! Thank you. And thanks for any referrals as well.
  11. Rob_Sevier

    Andy Dysons 45's

    Super nice guy.
  12. Rob_Sevier

    Ral Donner

    I found one of these recently on Sunlight, what is the going rate?
  13. Rob_Sevier

    Pinnacle Records

    Ian and Paul, I would most certainly treat those figures with skepticism, even if they're coming from the source! Although we have a had a few soul titles top the 10k mark it would not be a regular achievement. Unfortunately, no soul-loving millionaires either. We scrape and save like everyone else to stay afloat. Our releases may be nicely packaged but we're wearing the same rags we wore when we started the label. If anything, I'..
  14. Seriously, though, if anyone wants to get a message to Norman please PM or post here. I'd like to get a letter out to him this week.
  15. For the record, Sigher the Guttersnipe was the first person to contact Tom Murphy, producer of Wee, and hear the bonus material. It was in this very thread that I first heard there was additional bonus material to the wonderful Wee LP. But I did get in touch with Tom Murphy through my own sources, not through Russell. Having already done Capsoul label, Prix label, and Four Mints LP reissues, I know a lot of people there who are conn..