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  1. Thanks Matt, I can't actually remember whether I picked it in Nashville or NoLa...
  2. https://www.mixcloud.com/soulbrew/it-aint-what-you-got-its-the-way-that-you-use-it/ That's a solid 30min live mix, one take, no overdubs. Enjoy and comment!
  3. Gents as I've recently acquired a copy of said 7" on Mother records and couldn't find anymore info I've created a Discogs entry http://www.discogs.com/artist/4368876-Jessie-Lee-California-Cool-Breeze-Starks and a Youtube video so maybe we might be able ...
  4. Soul And Funk For Sale

    Could you please hold JOHNNY OTIS SHOW until wed next week? That's payday for me Lemme know, thanks!
  5. Soulbrew Set List

    Hi there, got a 50+ batch of vinyl goodies - average, not so average and odballs included - coming out tomorrow. Will post here, although if you prefer to receive it by email, just drop us a PM with your email address. Have a good sunday, Marco
  6. QUICK SALE Ladies & Gents, Here's an unplayed copy, and it's not a way of saying, of this cracking tune. Shiny, intact, still with original sleeve. Free Registered Mail from Italy included Payment by Paypal as gift. Last copy on...
  7. Anybody? Come on, the track is strong and you know it!
  8. Cover-Ups(Selling Of On Site)

    Thanks Dave, I might have made a mistake posting the full clip, but I'm pretty positive the track is not even on Shazam database, so no big deal. On the other hand, I wanted to make sure that the person that will buy it "knows" perfectly what's insi...
  9. Ok gents, sensible offer is higher than £29 ;)
  10. Cover-Ups(Selling Of On Site)

    Clearing things up 1) Let's leave the civil claim out for a split second as, first of all, it should be first determined where the transaction took place, then which Law applies. In this case would probably Italy, but we're not 100% sure, so let's go...
  11. Cover-Ups(Selling Of On Site)

    I feel I might have to say a few words on this one since it looks like the whole thread started from a post of mine. The specific item I'm selling as C/U has video/full soundclip and an almost complete vinyl scan (photoshop'ed label) available, ...
  12. Hi Ernie, I'm having a look at the thread right now. Thank you
  13. I need you - The Joyriders (C/U) - Audio and video from the actual copy Seriously Rare Modern Soul, for the more forward-thinking peeps in here. This is an Italian only 7", comes with picture sleeve and it's not available on LP. It's not on Discog...
  14. Hello peeps, I got a copy of Dee Clark - That's my girl on Constellation white DJ/Promo copy EX- if memory serves me right. How much does it go for these days? Thank you in advance, Marco
  15. Tommy Ray Tucker - Cry Cry Cry - Challenge

    Thank you peeps! I guess then the "real" value is between 30 and 50 squid. Corbett, is you mr. Vatiste by any chance? Have a good weekend everybody!