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    Staff member here on Soul-Source. Managing all things Sales, please get in touch if you have any questions. Currently working for @Beatin Rhythm Open Wednesday-Saturday, 10:30-17:00

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    Sag War Fare - Don't Be So Jive

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  1. Hey @Hammie, Please be aware that 'No reposting of Sales items within 3 days, then 7 days for further reposts'. Although auctions are permitted, posting updates result in violation of the guidelines. Please keep this in mind for future posts. James
  2. We seem to be encountering more and more issues with new users not following the guidelines associated with the forum. All the information is readily available, so please give it a read before posting. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/soul-source-sales-feature-help/ Thanks!
  3. Hey @SteveM, In the future please condense multiple posts into one list. It enables more posts to stay on the main page and increase the opportunity for sales for everyone. Thanks, James (Sales Mod)
  4. Hey @glenn, In the future, please condense single sale listings into one post. This will enable more records to stay on the first page and increase the chance of sales for everyone. Thanks James (Sales Mod)
  5. Hey @Richard, Please give the guidelines a read re: multiple single listings posts. We would prefer single listings to be condensed as much as possible and allow a maximum of two lists per day. This is to enable as many listings to stay on the first page as possible and increase the chance of sales for everyone. Thanks James (Sales Mod)
  6. Unfortunately external links aren’t permitted in this part of the forum. Only personal sales via PM. I’ve removed the hyperlink. James (Sales Mod)
  7. Hey @pedero, As a new seller and with a record requesting such a high price tag. It might be helpful to post a bit of an intro about yourself. People will probably be more inclined to deal if they know a bit about the seller. Thanks, James (Sales Mod)
  8. Hey @mrtall, If you could condense single listings as per the guidelines as it keeps more records on the first page and increases the opportunity for sale for everyone. Thanks, James (Sales Mod)
  9. Please direct any comments / communications via the private messaging system as stated in the guidelines. Thanks, James
  10. @GLENSSOULSOUNDS, Please be aware that the trading and selling of bootlegs is actually not allowed as part of the forum guidelines. Please give the guidelines a read re: the above. James (Sales Mod)
  11. Posts have been hidden to prevent getting too far off topic. If any users have an issue with price or want to discuss the record with the seller then please use the private messaging system. Discussions such as this distract from the actual sale and convolute the users posts. Posts will remain hidden. Thanks, James (Sales Mod)
  12. Please make use of the private messaging system to update orders. Thanks. James (Sales Mod)
  13. Of course! All seems fine to me
  14. We have to think of everyone on the forum though. You currently have 10 records on the first page, which means 10 other listings have been pushed back when they could have remained. I appreciate your understanding. Thanks, James

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