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  1. It’s become worse with the advent of E bikes , I was on my local moor and two Billy Bunters on e bikes were coming up the hill gassing away , not even pedalling ffs It was a bit of a problem but got bigger with these sort of ‘cyclist ‘ they’ll even get home and put it on Strava lol , so they’ve shut it to cyclist , which I think they’ve done right and I go cyclocross and road biking .
  2. I did just the same when he said demo! And 2-3k , I rewound the program to have a double take , wife looking at me with a strangeness
  3. R I P Gerry , nice to see some people giving some respect for such a humble fella .
  4. Stan Mosley “your wife.....” the laser on my CD player has took some wear ( or my cd has ) my favourite off the album , nice to hear someone else appreciates it too .
  5. That’s the only one I couldn’t go to , will give it a watch !
  6. Really appreciate you putting these videos up chalky, All the acts were terrific, especially Anne sexton .
  7. Hi , it’s pricked my conscience to read up on it and find out more , my great uncles were all torpedoed, I do know that every merchant seaman lost in the war(s) their names are engraved on a wall by the Tower of London I believe, when this virus is rid I think I’ll pop down south to have a gander at it .
  8. Just watched it , good film imo and a bit poignant as I had 3 great uncles lost to the sea in ww2 , one on the last day , all merchant seamen.
  9. A few year ago Steve Berry was on the radio pointing out that he had a 35 year old merc that was thirsty but as he pointed out that car has not been replaced ( by him ) for another car that maybe didn’t drink as much and thus the carbon footprint to rid his and build a new one etc etc ..... I sort of agreed with him but the big picture is they were talking about commuting up and down the motorway everyday, but as he pointed out that most people are only doing short journeys, he was peeved because of the road tax he was having to pay lol . Personally I reckon we should also ( maybe they are )do
  10. Hopefully they will be , I was in California last year and was amazed at the lack of solar energy being used on houses, my friends out there was saying one of their biggest expenses is powering the air con, another issue I know but contributes to global warming big time I suspect.
  11. One issue is the carbon footprint to produce the electric cars to be offset with the existing fossil fuel cars ,the demand of the electric car and the surplus of good roadworthy cars and the dismantling of these fossil fuel cars will have an effect, also a lot of these cars will probably end up in poorer countries, so still spewing out carbon,I’m all for the electric route but until they are not using solar or wind power for recharging there is a power station running on fossil fuel somewhere .
  12. Amen to every word you say regarding cds , I also don’t like them but as you say the tracks that have been overlooked is a pretty sad affair when you consider the Calibre of artist that were still recording quality songs and still had great vocal prowess that were ignored is a loss to the scene , I started a thread ‘cd only tracks that you love ‘ to see if others felt the same , I was talking original cd recordings not ‘unissued releases ‘ .

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