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  1. Awesome lyrics, great backing, and it just shows how Curtis said , “everything’s changed, but nothing changes “.
  2. What about the constellations in comparison to chuck cockerham in terms of quality and rarity imo
  3. Surprised it never got the attention it deserved , like some new releases have .
  4. Great posts y’all , nice to see some interest. The BC track is one of my old favourites in particular, and the others are great some new to me , thanks chaps .
  5. https://youtu.be/rGItTWjQe8M. Couldnt do a top 5 , but this would be in it. Charles Bradley, “now that i’m gone “
  6. Hmm maybe you’re right there , bit of a bad one to pick though.
  7. Not blowing smoke up anyone’s arse , and mbe/obe/cbe whatever ,just as important is the man is an utter gentleman.
  8. Just watching Satan and Adam on Netflix, about a white guy who forms a busking partnership with a black guy with the street name Satan , turns out its Sterling Magee Sorry if this has been covered but just in case ...... 15 minutes in and it’s shit hot ..
  9. Well players are actually coached to keep their arms in ! Of course adrenaline and all that but that’s where the coaching come in isn’t it ? Any road spurs still had time to get back into it and didn’t , I’d understand a bit of grievance if you’d have scored one and lost by the penalty
  10. Yes if Pochettino doesn’t get any spending money he could be away . It doesn’t have to be intentional handball, in my first post I did say that I thought it was the downward movement of his arm that made it look iffy , I hope spurs don’t fade back to mediocrity and keep Pochettino.

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