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  1. Colnago

    Mourinho Gone

    Liverpool aren’t at their best yet , that should tell you something when you lost to them like you did. As for players , what about Fellaini, smalling , Jones etc . You’re gonna have to get that big fat cheque book out I’m afraid.
  2. Colnago

    'Twas Bugging Me For ages

    Nearly all of them mimed , terribly too , which in a way shows how little used to miming they was , think it were Chuck Berry who was asked to mime somewhere and he was baffled wtf they were asking him to do , he told them to f@ck off .
  3. Colnago

    Little Richie on Manship

    What happened to the vibrations? Can’t see it , or I literally can’t see it !
  4. Colnago

    What's the best thing you ever won in a competition?

    I’m so unlucky I got a letter from ‘readers digest ‘ to tell me I wasn’t in the draw !
  5. Colnago

    Alfie Davison - Love Is a Serious Business.

    To be fair you can pay over 24 months. ( he says with a tongue firmly stuck in cheek)
  6. Colnago

    Little Richie on Manship

    Yes of course Steve , but I look at one certain dealers site and wonder how he differentiates what should be auctioned, his set sale list has titles that are more desirable than the auction items ! I can’t work that one out . Drew
  7. Colnago

    Little Richie on Manship

    Totally agree I wasn’t having a go at John , bought , sold and traded with him in the past, it was the record I was referring to , yes some other dealers sites are ridiculous regarding auction items!
  8. Colnago

    Little Richie on Manship

    You Shouldn’t have enquired about such a sensitive subject tut tut lol
  9. Colnago

    Little Richie on Manship

    Well, I’ve a few mates and acquaintances that have , still find it bemusing because it’s mint it’s an auction item
  10. Colnago

    Little Richie on Manship

    What about Vibrations ‘surprise party.... if that’s an auction item I’m a log burning stove . I do like the record by the way .
  11. Colnago

    Dave Box RIP

    R.I.P ,Dave ,thanks for your efforts in bringing live acts to the Wilton , sad news .
  12. Colnago

    the high keys

    If I remember correctly the boot was a light blue with black iffy text
  13. Colnago

    the high keys

    Positively 100%
  14. Colnago

    Gobbing Snotting And Diving

    What grates me is the pundits ‘ he bought the penalty ‘ ‘ he invited the foul’ ahh fuck off . He fucking cheated , now that would be so nice to hear !
  15. Colnago

    Gobbing Snotting And Diving

    Well said , why he couldn’t put it outside the post or something, could have taken a leaf out of Robbie Fowler’s book there , it’s enough to put you off .


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