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  1. Yes whatever his problems he retained the passion . R.I.P Dave
  2. Anyway, city to take it now , can’t see anyone else at the moment but it’s still early but a weird season all round !
  3. There’s been plenty of references to Liverpool and scousers which aren’t nice to some of us but you give , you take
  4. Game over , gifted it to city , alisson blunders, ah well scum are worse of for it so that’s a positive
  5. It’s become worse with the advent of E bikes , I was on my local moor and two Billy Bunters on e bikes were coming up the hill gassing away , not even pedalling ffs It was a bit of a problem but got bigger with these sort of ‘cyclist ‘ they’ll even get home and put it on Strava lol , so they’ve shut it to cyclist , which I think they’ve done right and I go cyclocross and road biking .
  6. I did just the same when he said demo! And 2-3k , I rewound the program to have a double take , wife looking at me with a strangeness
  7. R I P Gerry , nice to see some people giving some respect for such a humble fella .
  8. Stan Mosley “your wife.....” the laser on my CD player has took some wear ( or my cd has ) my favourite off the album , nice to hear someone else appreciates it too .
  9. That’s the only one I couldn’t go to , will give it a watch !
  10. Really appreciate you putting these videos up chalky, All the acts were terrific, especially Anne sexton .
  11. Hi , it’s pricked my conscience to read up on it and find out more , my great uncles were all torpedoed, I do know that every merchant seaman lost in the war(s) their names are engraved on a wall by the Tower of London I believe, when this virus is rid I think I’ll pop down south to have a gander at it .
  12. Just watched it , good film imo and a bit poignant as I had 3 great uncles lost to the sea in ww2 , one on the last day , all merchant seamen.

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