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  1. Expressing my view on the bout , I loved boxing but the heavyweight division isn’t what it was and box office has caused a lot of fans to lose interest. For your information I’m actually interested enough to comment on it .
  2. I’d want paying to watch it
  3. I Don’t feel sorry for Sterling.
  4. Surely they’ll have to drop out of the premier league as being out of the champions league will give them an advantage in the league .
  5. Colnago


    Willier are a good make amongst many others , but of course it depends on the model and spec , the more you spend the higher the quality ( obviously) . The thing is if it’s a off the shelf bike they always scimp on the wheels in quality , whereas if you go to an independent shop and get a bike built to your spec and to fit your budget you’ll get a better deal, and a better after service . Oh and maybe a bike fit , essential!
  6. Luther Vandross, never too much
  7. Like I said right at the beginning.
  8. Hi , you don’t have to reach the turnover threshold to be vat registered, but as you say , once you hit that legally you have to register, but you can volunteer to go vat registered on any turnover if it’s viable .The seller could be in a bit of trouble if he shouldn’t have charged him the vat as the inspector will be on the alert and will have to investigate in case of any mistakes or wrongdoing intentionally or not . I don’t know where he’d stand regarding a refund as if customs and excise have received the money when they shouldn’t have they are obliged to refund it , we’ve never had a problem with a refund from them , but outside the eu ? I don’t know .
  9. Well they definitely shouldn’t have charged you it if the country is exempt and if they’ve forwarded the vat to custom and excise then you should get a refund, I’d get in touch with customs and excise if you don’t get any joy of the traders , good luck .
  10. Nah , you can’t be vat Registered in the uk and just knock the vat off , they must have given you some discount but you can’t just knock vat off , unless there is some special exemption with the country you’re in . Which I doubt , but maybe there is .
  11. You can’t claim vat back on a record, unless you were a record dealer buying from another record dealer and both of them vat registered . I would have thought.
  12. Awesome track memories of pitches ( for me )
  13. Gonna take my heart....... super soul
  14. Jan barker put me onto this when the album came out , never tire of it , the whole album is terrific as of a couple more tracks been posted from it earlier by someone.
  15. When you put it like that , so true .

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