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  1. Colnago

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    Just slightly going off topic but sticking with Curtis , I read the biography on him by his son or his nephew? I forget, but the bit about when he did one of his very first gigs and the promoter a known gangster/shyster was notorious for not paying and Curtis still a teenager confronted him , to which the guy pulled a pistol put it to his face and said “how bad do you want the money “ to which he replied “ bad enough for you to pull that trigger” if true how fucking cool is that
  2. Colnago


    Amen ? ( lol)
  3. Colnago


    Robb , I was going to give a ‘ like ‘ for the above but it just doesn’t fit with the topic, yes we must be on our guard against the revisionist with their warped thinking.
  4. Colnago


    And I know what you mean too Steve , Andrew
  5. Colnago


    Maybe the OVO Should be changed to LVO ‘ legit vinyl only’ maybe that’ll help end this tedious monotony .
  6. Colnago


    Incidentally my old neighbour was married to a German lady who he met whilst over there in the war , she confirmed enough for me , her family was ripped apart for their political stance against the nazis , her father was executed for anti nazi beliefs, she told me how they shot their house to pieces with machine guns when they came for her dad .
  7. Colnago


    If I heard it correctly ,on the bbc news last night that a survey carried out in Britain recently said that 1in 20 didn’t believe that up to 6 million wasn’t slaughtered by the nazis , as if 2/3 million makes it any better! . Shameful.
  8. Colnago

    Antellects - Love Slave - How Popular?

    Heard a lot worse, a lot worse !
  9. Colnago


    Joey, We did some work on Hirsts’ art teachers house who told him he was f#cking useless and still stood by that to his dying day
  10. Colnago


    Precisely, funny how they don’t advertise “ no ovo cos I wasn’t interested enough to obtain them back in the day , or hang on to them when I did have them “
  11. Colnago

    Songs with 'the Power'

    Harold burrage “ more power to you “
  12. Colnago

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Thanks very much Dave !
  13. Colnago

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Always had a soft spot for the casuals ‘jessamine” I don’t know how to post the video up off you tube so if someone can I’d be muchly grateful, somebody has put up the version with the strings etc in the background which is ( their) original version.
  14. Colnago

    Male Voices

    Aye , I love his version of mr nobody somebody... killer track
  15. Colnago

    Male Voices

    Never mind eh , oversight ...


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