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  1. Well said , I remarked on the young lad from Nottinghams’ mentor being a credit to the young generation and was given a thumbs down or whatever ffs . So I thought then that’s me done , until I just saw your comment Karl . But I’m not signing in again . Ta ra.
  2. Good luck to the lad , I also think his mentor/guide was a credit to himself and his generation.
  3. I’m afraid you’re going to be correct sir .
  4. People should be very cautious about there being a second wave of the virus, as gloomy as this may sound , and I hate looking on the bad side but this is some serious situation if it happens.
  5. Although I never knew Pete and you I send you condolences for your loss, I always read your posts with interest , hope you find peace and comfort from the posts on here . Andrew
  6. Don’t forget the follow up album
  7. Agree 100% . Was once playing Johnnie Taylor “real love “ through a Walkman through the decks , guy came up raving over it as he didn’t know it , saw it was cd only and turned his nose up , I mean why deprive yourself of a great tune and JT of a sale ( since then you can get it on a Legit malaco vinyl lp but at the time it was Cd known only ) . It was simple and still is simple enough to run a CD player through the system. I must add I’m talking about cd only tracks on release and not compilation cds etc , I did start a thread of ‘cd only tracks that you love ‘ for this reason . Could never get my head around people paying for one track vinyl Carvers and not even bothering to buy the whole cd album at a quarter the costs .
  8. What about finish this season WHENEVER it is safe to do so as next season is the one to scrap , nothing depends on it result wise because if say they scrap this season, start next season and we have another outbreak what then ? Scrap that season too . If by a miracle the get a vaccine sorted soon enough fair enough crack on . So if this season ends up into what would have been next season so be it , let that season be the ‘missing’ season. Maybe we could drag this season out by playing once a fortnight ( if it was say very late in the year before it can be restarted) , maybe the prem clubs could help by playing the lower leagues to help them out , maybe a one off nhs trophy or something if the Europe competitions are scrapped. Only thinking of the cuff here so any other suggestions I’m all ears . I agree with shinehead that the European comps should /could be scrapped for a season.
  9. Like you we have paid our suppliers even though it’ll nearly clean us out but there is a strong principle here and that is that the supplier has the good faith in you to take his goods on account and puts trust in us to pay them , I’d do without rather than not pay them , good for you len . We ,the user of the goods, cannot let the suppliers down because people have let us down ( understandable if you’re absolutely brassic ) but some shysters will use any excuse but will still be riding around in a big Range Rover or something sitting on funds that they just can’t bear to see reducing before their very eyes . We will probably have to dip into some personal reserves but hey what the heck that’s life and the alternative is not the better option , I can do without a holiday or changing my car no bother .
  10. Satan and Adam is a really good watch too imo, none other than sterling Magee , terrific life changer for both of them . Netflix/ amazon , I forget which .
  11. The bobby rush documentary. ‘I am the blues ‘ is well worth the watch , features Barbara lynn too , don’t worry it’s not all “my house burnt down , my dog died and my wife left me too” .
  12. Of course they have to ensure the safety etc of the half built projects etc , I’m more thinking that a lot of the companies wouldn’t be there to scale the work down and would carry on until told otherwise and possibly take the construction to further stage where it could be even harder to make safe . I jacked site work in yonks since as there’s no loyalty by the companies for the men hence one of the reasons why there is a severe shortage of tradesmen but that’s another issue.
  13. Tell you what though, it’ll be interesting what the drug dealers are going to do if total lockdown comes . Mind you they will probably get some concessions lol

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