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  1. I got introduced to the Stone Foundation by their lead singer in the most inasupicious of surroundings - a healthcare show at the NEC three years ago. Was refreshed to their newer stuff this year at the same show. Good band and gonna try and catch up wit...
  2. Ever Scared An Ns Celebrity Off?

    This is the reason I joined to be regaled with tales of yore....were you standing behind Sue at the time?
  3. Not my personal cup of tea but what about eighties soul god Theophilus P. Wildebeeste? Some of his early stuff was....ok I'll get my coat.
  4. Take 2 Sheffield

    Open them in something simple like Microsoft Paint, resave them as JPEG's. I'm assuming they are .bmp files if they're taking too long.
  5. If I Had The Time....i'd Set Up A Website

    And here is me thinking you'd provide influence to a generation of American rappers by wearing shades in doors. My Dad still regularly sports a pair of Amber Vision, as you'd expect, not the deluxe models, you know the one's with an arm for both ears.
  6. If I Had The Time....i'd Set Up A Website

    Sean. the photo you mention, I've seen. Old father time has a copy on his desk. Uncle Burton resplendent in his Amber Vision tints and my Dad sporting a kiss curl, indescribable in its futility and length. He looked happy though. Maybe Reggie had liberat...
  7. If I Had The Time....i'd Set Up A Website

    Those I'd like to see.
  8. If I Had The Time....i'd Set Up A Website

    One of your your better received spots Malc?
  9. Andy Newbold From Hull

    If Coltrane turns it down, though his scottish roots would make him ideal as avoiding rounds would come naturally to him, the Hollywood big-wigs have sanctioned a long overdue return for Bigfoot - heartlessly discarded since the successfull Bigfoot and the He...
  10. Andy Newbold From Hull

    In the film will Denis Waterman, Renee (from Allo, Allo) or Jimmy Cricket play my Dad?
  11. The Corner Pocket , Mexborough

    I'd like to say he hasn't changed, and I suppose on the inside he hasn't much.
  12. Wanted - Otis Clay - The Only Way Is Up - Echo

    Defo has Doug Parkinson on it. Played it on Sunday. DP
  13. Wanted - Otis Clay - The Only Way Is Up - Echo

    It has three or four crackers on it. With graffiti style track listing on the back.
  14. Wanted - Otis Clay - The Only Way Is Up - Echo

    Great sound, I have it on some spurious white label collection with Man of Value on it too, stuff like that. But then I don't collect this stuff, I'm sure that is roughly equivalent to having it on a BASF 120 to you boys.
  15. The Corner Pocket , Mexborough

    Hi Malc, I think I can claim some inside track as to the potentiallity of a return to the 'decks' by Bill Payne, to quote Don King "slim to none, and slim just left town." However, although he's made more comebacks than Ali, a return now would rough...