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  1. I think even in a so called friendly scene like ns , rare soul posters are going to vary greatly on how they respond on topics, the other forum i sometimes go on which is for my football clubs fans some threads decend into almost hatred and thats from people who support the same club, its human nature made worse by a certain invisibility.
  2. Congratulations liverpool, welcome to the premier league winners club, much deserved.
  3. Went to the specials de montfort hall concert in 1980 think the bodysnatchers were on with them, what a night.
  4. I understand that chalky, the crux of my reply was more concerning why people liking beer oldies or talc so offends anybody, the argument has raged on here long enough without going into it, plenty of variety for everyone without snide comments. For the record i never use talc and like a mix of classics and new tunes so I'm only half heathen.
  5. Never understood how the way some people live their life offends some who have different opinions. Tongue in cheek or not live your life and let others live theirs.
  6. Yes filbert street is flats and the kp stadium 200 yards away has seen us win the premier league and is going to be expanded to about 42000.
  7. Actually thought the added fan noise worked quite well. How was that sheff utd goal not given that could effect Europe and relegation..shocking.
  8. Love some roy Hamilton songs, thats certainly not my favourite but you can certainly tell he was friends with elvis with that one.
  9. Fully agree len, never met steve but think hes being very tongue in cheek and not disrespectful, for the record i think its a great record and it's not franks fault its been hijacked by the mainstream media, suffers from its own success.
  10. Agree mike ive always been an optimist and with the summer coming a clever promoter is surely sizing up an outdoor venue.
  11. Without a second wave and as many scientists say that it wont happen as say it will, i would expect events in the autumn as long as the rules that are set at the time are met, large venues with adequate social distancing, dance floor well we naturally socially distance. When it's classed as safe to return i certainly will vaccine or not, I've been at work from the start working at safe distance from people why not socially.? In a democratic country if it's allowed its up to the individual, don't want to attend fair enough, happy to attend go for it.

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