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  1. And it was ruled unlawful after that goal.
  2. Fury for me, thought he was a clown but have grown to like him. Avoid the bombs and there is only one winner.
  3. Still take you to go through but atlectico are hard to break down and will be on the floor if you go anywhere near them.
  4. 2 home wins tonight, 2 away wins tomorrow.
  5. The talk on foxestalk is having breached ffp how does that effect the premier league, is ffp only for Europe? This could get messy.
  6. I totally agree bury being put out of existence is terrible, the owners of man city i couldn't care less about, its not the fans fault they won the owners lottery.
  7. Having saw my club go into administration and the real gut wrenching feelings that something i loved was going to disappear i could never get pleasure out of another clubs fall from grace. I know the rivalry angle but what goes around comes around so be careful.
  8. Ac milan have a 1 year ban i believe.
  9. The decision at present helps my club but the whole ffp thing is a load of total bs brought in to keep the old powerhouse European clubs at the top. Man city will appeal and end up with a compromise deal.
  10. Winning it once will make me smile for the rest of my days.
  11. Its a formality, if you lose it now it will be a bigger shock than us winning it in 2016. Its done buddy enjoy.
  12. I don't know where people get the idea that ns events are full of pissed up people looking for fights! I attend events the length of the country from Newquay to whitby never see trouble ever.!
  13. Yes been to many dos with her djing and dancing, full of energy and great mover
  14. The irony being haven't heard either at a soul night for years.

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