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  1. See you at st ives for that beer, thought you done a good job pal.
  2. Bonetti was a great keeper but no gordon banks.
  3. Spot on chalky. The major problem being people tend to fall in line when a particular record falls out of love on the scene. Frank wilson, the snake ,what, helen Shapiro who made some great dance records for a scene that for me is dance based.
  4. Ok I'm ready to be shot down, Jackie Wilson because of you. Simply spine tingling no matter how many times i hear it.
  5. Was at the Blackpool tower weekender couple of years ago and a young lady was sketching from near the stage. Would loved to have seen the finished article as it was looking good.
  6. Why not ns songs we love, no soul snobbery ,just great songs no matter how often they have been played.
  7. Can't agree at all.many good ns records not traditional soul.
  8. Shh, best let the diamond that st Ives is stay under the radar.
  9. Both are decent records but the scene being the scene...........
  10. C u there, certainly have a beer.
  11. That's the problem we'r not youthful and cool anymore.
  12. No, no and no. Its my escape for the duration and my memories are in my mind , don't need video taping.

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