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  1. I wondered how long it would be before wigan pop songs were mentioned, just strange that they fill the floors of most ns nights and not many adolescents in sight. One mans poison and all that.
  2. I would play perez in the striker role. Hope nacho proves me wrong but i need convincing.
  3. Everton midweek. All important for us not blessed with a direct replacement but it happens and we'll get on with it.
  4. Vardy out for a few weeks after small op.
  5. I feel its a bigger game for lpool now steve.
  6. ive been thinking what a difficult question and then you supplied the answer.
  7. I think the game psychologically is huge for both clubs. Both will put out strong teams theres more at stake than a 4th round game for me it could be pivotal for both, probably more important to lpool to gain a win, but a big game looking forward to it. Shame you cant both lose.
  8. Hats off to you steve a nice post after a result like that, showing a bit of class there buddy.
  9. Our club under the thai owners has operated in a planned way to gradually improve on the pitch and off it. The philosophy of the club will not change with the leaving of a manager or a star player. The long term plan is regular European campaigns and sustainable growth, we are on the up whatever blips occur along the way.
  10. Possibly. Its the thing that comes with doing a good job. He has a lot going for him here but i believe him to be ambitious so who knows. The other side of the coin is we have a great young squad, a magnificent new training ground, plans to expand the kp by 10000 and billionaire owners, we are a very attractive club for any manager of a high level.
  11. Do you think salah would talk to vardy we could use another striker steve.!!
  12. Only problem is we were garbage but i still loved every minute.
  13. That's what comes of football selling its soul. Football should be 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Midweek games tue/wed under the lights at 7.45/7.30. Being a dinosaur i still hanker for the good old days.
  14. Have already given mine to my grandson.....government this government that , how about taking action yourself.

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