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  1. My defence of the tower weekend has nothing to do with defending baggy pants im definitely not into that look, but do get amused by how it angers people. Anyway the discussion is like a recurring dream/nightmare and no doubt it will resurface again later.
  2. Sorry mate your wrong. The tower weekend is far from a fancy dress night out more casual and plenty of younger people. Chalky is a treasure and his knowledge is second to none but hes being harsh.
  3. I don't think it would take much imagination to know the dress code they would choose from a scene that been going for decades.
  4. The towers a great venue but far too crowded in November. Nice clip though.
  5. Errh, i might be wrong but isn't the whole idea of an election to get a parliament that sees through the will of the people. But obviously the day after gina millionaire will be at the courts saying we need another election because she doesn't like the results. Thank god she and her rich pals care so much about us poor folks....
  6. I fully understand so the second referendum you people so desperately crave is coming in December and despite the lie being told that lots of leave voters have changed their minds the figures dont show that. The election is a vote on brexit pure and simple and hopefully this time its put to bed.
  7. Absolute rubbish, your answer to the problems caused by a referendum is ...........lets have another referendum. Priceless.
  8. To be honest chalky the Butlins event would do little in affecting the original soul weekend, totally different types of weekend. Went once but not my cup of tea not really got the feel of a Newquay or whitby but many enjoyed it so each to their own.
  9. Love the Lesley gore track , wonderful blue eyed northern.
  10. Sorry we might just spoil your fun.
  11. Always get the impression it's seen as a derogatory term by some on the northern scene.
  12. The soul lodge used to be brill but now its ummm.
  13. I saw someone mention Netflix, anybody know when it will be available.
  14. Because of you is my favourite record and possibly the greatest record ever.
  15. Used to be a shop at the old rushden and diamonds football club that had a great selection. I think the club was owned by the owner of dr martens.

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