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  1. Them joining would destroy scottish football and wouldn't be fair on the non Premier league teams but i would have no problem with a British cup to replace the league cup with all the scottish teams invited to participate.
  2. Yea saw that , lets just let them in and famous old clubs like forest derby Wednesday etc can carry on battling to get in the old fashioned way....... on merit. God help us.
  3. Yes i went the old Trafford game as well ady, first ever away game. We somehow scraped a 0-0 played much better at villa park and lost.we are there now though and the 15 may could be a very special day.
  4. I understand your anger completely but you shouldn't walk the club is yours not those in charge. They are mere custodians fans are there for life.
  5. Absolutely this, there is no problem with change or reward but the riches and chance of glory have to be available to everyone not just 6. My major hope would be long term the fans have a much greater say in the everyday running of their clubs. At my club we have brilliant owners but anything can change.
  6. Divided by colours united by our love of the game. Well done to the fans of every club who wont let them steal our heritage. They dont understand its love not money for us.
  7. Gardening leave if he hangs about because hes done. Juve president looking like hes gone , the domino's are collapsing.
  8. As angry as leicester fans are this is about the owners of the 6 clubs , we are all fans the owners are certainly not.
  9. Looking like man city are going to pull out.
  10. Reports on foxestalk that chelsea are withdrawing.???
  11. Super league,super whatever league if they go fair enough but they cannot be allowed to stay in the premier league as well. No having your cake and eating it.
  12. Figures are quite interesting. Leicester have won the premiership and 2 league cups against spurs 2 league Cups in last 25 years. Everton have won the league 4 times more than spurs. Forest have won twice as many European cups as arsenal spurs man city and chelsea combined. Villa have won the European cup... spurs arsenal and man city haven't yet.
  13. There isn't a fair share in modern football but unlike the closed shop super league the English league system will reward you for success. If a team progresses through the league's on merit they are rewarded by earning more money in the higher league. Not so long ago we were in div 1, the so called super league would not involve relegation so nobody can join the party.

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