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    Daventry, united kingdom
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  1. James Drummond

    Soul Street Cincinnati Tv Show

    laptop mixer at max - vid volume at max - I didn't get any solution to the sound quality
  2. James Drummond

    Soul Street Cincinnati Tv Show

    on the soul street video
  3. James Drummond

    Soul Street Cincinnati Tv Show

    There is virtually no volume!!!!
  4. James Drummond

    pat and kev

    Is it ticket only or is entry possible at the door on the night? cheers
  5. James Drummond

    Bargain 70s soul 45s

    £40 for all the 70's/UK (excluding Fantastic Johnny C)
  6. James Drummond

    Wanted: Ernie John - It's Party Time Revived (CD)

    Tried looking on US site for you CD/Vinyl -- 20k listings nothing for Ernie John listed sorry bro


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