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  1. Kent Soul Club

    Looking forward to a great nite.
  2. Kent Soul Club

    Martin & Toni, really looking forward to this as we haven't made the last few. Doesn't seem like five years. Where has the time gone. Congrats on making your 5th Anniversary. See you next week.
  3. St Pat's Plumstead-19Th Feb 2011

    Paul, It'll be great to see you as it's been a long time.
  4. London - Soul

    Graham, Check out the topic for St Pats, Plumstead. It's happening this Saturday 19th.
  5. Boogaloo Club

    Julie, This is not going to be a slanging match. I think it should all stop now. People have their own opinions so I think it should be left at that. As for knocking on I don't think you're that old.
  6. Boogaloo Club

    Mad Kev, who are you? Maybe you should have made yourself known to us and also any concerns that you had about this last nite. Something doesn't smell right about your posts and idenity. Speakers aren't blown at every do, just imcompetent people that use t...
  7. Boogaloosoul Sat 8Th January

    Sorry didn't get back to you. Had alot going on and have just sobered up after xmas and new year. Ian did get the speakers sorted, lets just say he had to but new ones and it cost a lot, so we only had berbard matthews turkey roll for christmas. Bootiful.
  8. St Pat's Plumstead-19Th Feb 2011

    And what a good birthday bash it was kev. wall to wall dance floor and the best bar staff pulling the best beer (probably) in the south. home to southside soul club back in 2005-08 some really top nites were had this is going to be a top soul e...
  9. Boogaloosoul Sat 8Th January

    always a good nite! the first boogaloo of the year
  10. Soul On The Square 27Th Nov

    Looking forward to another great nite of music in the square. The last couple have been really good with a great bunch of people in attendance.
  11. Boogaloosoul - Saturday 7Th August - London

    hola sorry to miss this especially as it is going to a worthy cause. en espana for a few more days:) always a top nite at boogaloo lets hope this one gets special support. see you next week mr+mrs b adios:D
  12. Towerfull O' Soul Fri 21St May

    what a shame we had some really good nites. friday proberbly the best would have been nice for more support,but nice weather after work i think many people were plugged in elsewhere. hope you get a new venue sorted soon little! ian
  13. Towerfull O' Soul 21St May, London Se1

    what about your "pow wow"
  14. Soul On The Square May 15Th

    good to see you dave. good early set mate thats why they were dancing early also set the tone for the evening .good to catch up with the boogaloos and a big thanks to all for asking me to dj had a cracking nite. see ya in september little! ian
  15. Boogaloosoul - May 8Th London

    It's my birthday next Wednesday so I'm celebrating on Saturday Boogaloo style. Brandy and bottle of cokes all round.