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    Stuart woodhead
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    Bradford west yorkshire england
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    Court davis

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  1. Stuart1970

    Betty everett

    Looking for betty everett love comes tumbling down now sorted thanks
  2. Stuart1970


    Messaged you
  3. Stuart1970

    UK DEMO’s Jackie Lee, Steve Karmen, Earl Jackson etc

    Is earl jackson a white demo
  4. Stuart1970

    Northern Classics - Reduced!!

    Messaged you
  5. Stuart1970

    Roger washington

    Lookin for roger washington too much
  6. Stuart1970

    Roosevelt Grier " In my tenement"

    No worries i have one but not for sale love it
  7. Stuart1970

    Roosevelt Grier " In my tenement"

    Theres a promo on discogs
  8. Lookin for a copy of earl jackson with trends on b side no longer needed
  9. Stuart1970

    harold soul club bradford

    Cheers kath i aim to please x
  10. Stuart1970

    harold soul club bradford

    My first spot here hop you have all got youre dancing shoes ready
  11. Stuart1970

    Eddie wilson

    be gettin plenty of plays
  12. Stuart1970

    Eddie wilson

    Got one now Cheers mate
  13. Stuart1970

    Eddie wilson

    Cheers mate
  14. Stuart1970

    Eddie wilson

    Toast to the lady


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