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     eclectic taste..love the blues Ian Siegal esp....but soulgirl at heart

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    Mart Ruston
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    Burntwood. Staffs .uk
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    Get out & let me cry & mean it baby & take me girl I'm ready. im so happy. The champion. Just loving you.

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  1. Staffsfest... best music played today,  (sunday) thoroughly enjoyed it -difficult to sit down. Every set was a goodun. These guys know what the dancers want & give it in spades. 🤗😏✊



  2. We love it here. Floor is fab. People the best! Music perfect.
  3. Excellent nite on Sat...floor was sticky tho but some kind bod got out the slippy magic Thanks. Music was just perfect all nite. Didn't stop dancing. what a crowd too. great people. Great music. Will def travel here again
  4. Tina & Rob...Really looking forward to 1st visit to The Venue (from Staffs) - after VERY friendly welcome at chill out Sunday couple of months ago.

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