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  1. I like it all mark. I don't necessarily have a preference. I'm sure you have an idea of my taste by this point. Thanks again bro, i hope you and the family have a blessed weekend.
  2. Oh wow Mark, I would love to buy it but I'm not sure I can go that high on it right now. I like the song a lot just not at 300. Do you have anything else available that you think I may have interest in. Some 200gbp and under? Still trying to acquire a few more new pieces before next Saturday.
  3. Please forgive me for I wasn't exactly sure where to post this. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to get in touch with Soul source member "Liannebell" (facebook, Instagram, phone number, etc.). I purchased a record from him for a decent amount of money and he sent out the wrong record. Upon communication he had agreed on issuing me a refund once he received the return shipment. He responded to my messages a couple times stating there was an issue at the post with customs. It has now been well over 5 months and he hasn't return to Soul Source since June 23rd. I always like to give the benefit of the doubt but this situation has well exceeded my patience. I figured I'd give him one more chance to resolve the issue before I drop a negative feedback (which I dislike doing). Any help on this topic would be appreciated. ATB
  4. Looking for a copy of The Main Attraction – Keep On Walking Please pm if any leads. Cheers!
  5. Looking for a nice copy of Ray Lewis - Getting over you / give my love a try Billy Leonard β€Žβ€“ Tell Me Do You Love Me / Tears For Love Both on the Fairmount label. Please pm if any leads. Thank you and have a blessed week.
  6. A few wants if your selling. PM me if so. β€’ Bobbi Row - Why'd you put me on - (either label Money or Safe) β€’ Shades of sensation - but then you left me (Summit) β€’ Decisions - color me blue (york) β€’ Jazzie Cazzie - young girl (Knap town) β€’ The Invaders - O Lord (Da Gail)
  7. Nice copy of this "Cozy Corley - It's all over / I love you" (Malaco) up for grabs. $200 Would grade it VG+ if it weren't for a few pressing blems and a 1/2 inch scratch at the intro which causes a few audible ticks. Feel free to PM me with any questions. ATB
  8. Greetings SS, I am looking to purchase a few of these tunes, however, I am also open to any suggestions you may recommend with the same or similar sound to them. Hope you could help me out. Feel free to PM me with any leads. Cheers! The Montereys β€Žβ€“ I Love You So - (American) The Epics - Everytime I cry - (Active) Derrick Enri - Never - (Derwall) Vernon Griffin and Selika β€Žβ€“ Gee Girl - (big town)
  9. Looking for a copy of Intensive heat - keep an eye on your close friends (Soul Mate) Gerald Trotter - The love in my heart (Modo) The Fabulous filtrations - wait till I find her (D-clef) Please Pm me if any leads. Thanks!
  10. Looking for a copy of - - Fred Martin jr - Love don't leave me now (Rujac) - Sherman Willis β€Žβ€“ Got To Find That Girl (soul beat) - The Pearls β€Žβ€“ Can I call you baby (Lamp) Please PM if any leads
  11. Looking for a copy of - - Joe Brown and The Soul Eldorados - Vibration (FFA) - Sherman Willis β€Žβ€“ Got To Find That Girl (Soul Beat) - R.D.M. Band β€Žβ€“ Give Up (Virtue) Please PM if any leads
  12. Please PM if any leads... Thank you! Young Ladies β€Žβ€“ He's Gone To Another / I'm Tired Of Running Around (Stang) Dawn and Sunset β€Žβ€“ What It Is / Include Me (DT&V) Little Ceasar And The Euterpeansβ€Žβ€“ It Was Love (Trail) Birmingham George - Poor boy / Back in town (Marsi) Toni & the Harts - Never change our love / Back to school (Path) Derrick Erni - I never (Derwall) Jazzie Cazzie And The Eight Sounds β€Žβ€“ Young Girl / Soul City (Knap town)
  13. Please pm if any leads...Cheers! Shades of sensation - but then you left me (Summit) The Attractions - Think back (june bug) Marfil - what's wrong (CBS) Toni and the hearts - never change our love (Path) The symphonies - that's what love will do (Carnival) Bobbi Row - why'd you put me on (safe / money) City limits - Crystal ball (Portrait) The spontains - try it again (Playboy) Janice young - what is this thing (True Soul
  14. Greetings SS, I'm interested in purchasing a copy of Brain Storm Connections β€Žβ€“ Love Is Understanding (BSC) If any leads please PM me. ATB
  15. Fantastic Mike, I assumed there was a thread somewhere along the site I just was searching in the wrong places I take it... Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

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