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  1. Stormin' Soul @ Citrus Rooms, Barnsley - New Dates

    That's great news Simon!! It would've been a tragedy for this nighter to die off. can't wait to get back to Barnsley in the new year. see you soon owain
  2. no i stayed well clear of them silly boys and girls. I think this is barnsley's best ever line up, cant wait!! owain
  3. cheers kev cant promise anything mate, all part of the fun. hope barnsley can cope with a fully fledged celebrity walking through its doors. i'll tell you all about it tomorrow kev. particularly looking forward to karl heard. owain
  4. have it!! looking forward to this one. been getting extra beauty sleep this week to make sure i'm fighting fit. see y'all friday. owain
  5. Bidds Last Night

    haven't seen another thread so here goes!! top night last night at Bidds, with the usual selection of stuff you just don't hear elsewhere (I don't at least). would be unfair to single out any individual dj. my brain is not functioning that well either. ...
  6. Citrus Rooms Allnighter

    Good time had by all it appeared. Great to meet up with so many people again. To list them all would take up too much of my precious time. They know who they are. Didnt dance as much as normal, but kickboxing and a full day at work left me more knac...
  7. Stormin' Soul Allniter @ Citrus Rooms Barnsley, Fri 30th Jan

    These things do happen in the dangerous world of soul unfortunately. I did apologise later. And I did get struck by someone in the middle of a spin. So justice was well and truly served.
  8. Stormin' Soul Allniter @ Citrus Rooms Barnsley, Fri 30th Jan

    cheers kev, Who asked you that??!! it would've tickled me all night!! see you friday owain
  9. Stormin' Soul Allniter @ Citrus Rooms Barnsley, Fri 30th Jan

    can you remember who picked them up??!! see you Friday mate. owain
  10. Middleton Last Night

    awesome night for me, the hours always seem to fly by at middleton!! great to see so many friends there. thanks to steve and lydia for the hospitality. roll on 2009 for the new venue. lets hope its as good as the civic. all the best for the new...
  11. Keele 20.12.08

    simon, I have to tuck my shirt in all week at work. when it comes to saturday night, i can't be bothered!! nice to see you and the Derbyshire lads out. merry xmas and see you at middleton.
  12. Keele 20.12.08

    great night for me. down on numbers, but didnt spoil my fun. great to see simon & amy, becky, al and too many others to mention. just to confirm Imberboy does own a pair of trousers!! roll on middleton next week!! owain
  13. Middleton All Niter

    bloody good night as per usual. was worth the cold journey!! great to see friends and dance to some top class tunes. record bar buzzing with three rooms offering something for everyone. hopefully no-one saw the chewing gum fly out of my mouth while ...
  14. Floor Clearers

    mac staten- there she goes what a tune!!
  15. Piercebridge - soul Addiction - 9th June

    me too neil, piercebridge is always a great night........always! hope i havent put a curse on it!! see you all on the 9th. owain

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