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    Loved Northern since the 70's always have always will KTF

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    John Hibberd
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    Wantage United Kingdom
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    Sam Williams- love slipped through my fingers

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  1. Ibbo

    Mostly Motown At The Freds

    Motown and Northern Soul Night at Wantage football club with DJ Al Cane 8pm - 11:30pm £5 on the door or tickets from ticketsouorce.co.uk
  2. Ibbo

    Northern Soul at the Freds

    Northern Soul Night at “The Freds” With D.J Al “Citizen” Kane 8 til late £5 on the door or tickets in advance from Ticketsource.co.uk
  3. I’m coming from Oxfordshire via Burton on Trent! So Sad! Let’s make sure it goes out with a bang and not a whimper!! Best little dance floor in the country! And I mean the best! John
  4. Ibbo

    Bicester Soul Club

    An Absolute belter of a night! All tastes catered for packed floor, packed room! Brilliant sets from all the DJ’s. Thanks Mick, Nick and guest DJ’s cant rate this little club highly enough!!!! Would give it 10 out of 5!!!!!
  5. Carl Technics every time!! Ive got a pair that I brought off that well known auction site!! Best Buy I’ve ever made (Apart from some of the vinyl I play on them of course!!) You wont be disappointed. it I would advise that you get it serviced (Unless the paperwork says its been serviced! And even then its worth a phone call to whoever did the service!!) Hope that helps Carl! Good luck with your search!! Cheers John
  6. ***** Keyboard too small for my fat fingers!! That was supposed to be Rushton!!
  7. Quite agree Steve! Sorry we haven’t met at Willington yet!! Unfortunately due to that four letter word work! Ive had to mss the last two which by all accounts lived up to the usual Brilliance!! (Especially Neil Tushtons set!!!) Bit closer to my base this weekend which is Bicester! Brilliant night usually! Will have to look out for you at Willington John
    Absolutely awesome night! Helen and the team were brilliant! This event is unmissable! Get to Abbey Street in Derby when its on no excuses! (I live in Oxfordshire!!!) Like I said no excuses! (Thanks for playing Johnny Bragg Helen!!) Cant believe there wont be one next month! Suffering withdrawal symptoms already!!!!! Just make Novembers all the more special!!
    Well what can you say about this night apart from fantastic!!! Mr Evison was his usual awesome self! The rest of the DJs were just as good! Fine selection of tunes even though the sound system played up (made it more atmospheric!!) all got sorted out though!! all round excellent night thanks to all!
    Once again Willington lived up to its usual expectation! DJ sets were really good! Looks like I’ll be visiting the next Bedford soul night then! If the other DJ’s at Bedford are as good as Hammie it’ll be well worth the drive and to visit another soul club plus the next Bedford night wont clash with Willington!!!! (Can’t have that!!) Excellent night once again thanks to all!
    A quiet night as far as attendance went, but the crowd who were there made it worth the drive! The dj’s played some excellent sets! Which given the given the fewer attendees gave me loads of space on the dance floor! Take note anyone who reads this. This was an excellent night in a good venue anyone within a 50 mile radius should make an effort to attend this it’s such a worthy cause! Looking forward to the next one!
    Cracking little venue! Well worth the drive over! Really friendly atmosphere! Can’t wait for November 2nd!! Excellent night all round! Many happy returns Pat!
    Awesome! cant think of another word to describe Willington! Thought Gaz Simpson was excellent! Have I really got to wait for another 4 weeks until the next one?? Thanks to all What a night!!!!
    Excellent Night Gentlemen (and Lady) Briliant atmosphere! Good dance floor Love it! Heres to 2 months time!! Ibbo
  8. Ibbo

    Bicester Soul Club

    What a stunning night! Brilliant sounds. Brilliant crowd! Brilliant dance floor! My first Bicester experience! Cant wait for October 20th!! Thanks to all the DJ's! KTF everyone!

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