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  1. QUOTE(chilly @ May 24 2007, 10:26 PM) hello jan i run the northern room at sandford and am part of mas that put on the allnighter on the iow the all nighter is a top venue and i belive some of the best djs from the south coast are lined up to play all wa...
  2. Yes Sandford is a great place, went last year also, good music friendly crowd and appears to be no politics. Too many do,s on up north these days...not enough in the south, although have heard of Bourne4soul and intend to come over for that one either June or...
  3. Hey thanks alot guys for your help I was down for the modrapheniacs weekender at Sandford in March dunno if any of you go there? They have a great northern room, unfortunately it,s only on once a year...pity thats not every month!
  4. Hi Dave I visit Poole fairly often and noticed your post about a northern night near S,ton do you have any more details of dates for the summer months/links to flyers etc to Eastleigh or St Denys as I haven't seen them in the events section?Thanks