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  1. Bradford mill lane rarer & underplayed Soul club

    Well here we go again!!!!! The best night in the north by a distance, great to see my mate Tony Mc on again & arnie (Neil) Plus Gibby and the Willinghams ( Milton James - Please) too good too be true, almost. Look forward too seeing all true rare soul fans there. Paul
  2. Bradford Mill Lane rarer underplayed soul club

    Well worth battling through the floods to get there, another packer, another superb night. Paul
  3. Bradford Mill Lane rarer underplayed soul club

    ] "Don't make the cat angry" Hotel booked and looking forward to another great night at the new venue on Mill Lane. The venue may change but the quality of the night remains consistently high. See you tomorrow
  4. Bradford rarer underplayed soul club at Mill Lane

    For our opening night I am going to break with tradition.... If you arrive before 9pm then its only £3 admission, so get there early folks and save a few quid! You are breaking hundreds of years of tradition there Paul, anymore talk like that and you will be forced to hold your nights outside of the county of Yorkshire, tha knows. Also need to warn you that someone will be coming with me: I know what you are going to say but I tried everything: I told him you had moved with no forwarding address I said I don't know where you live now - gone to Spain? etc, but he would not be put off. Sorry (LOL) Paul
  5. Bradford rarer underplayed soul club at Mill Lane

    Does anyone know where the best / cheapest place is to get some paper wrist bands (to show admittance has been paid) thanks in advance Paul I like the wristbands idea and love the new colour - great for us Celts! Brilliant to see the one and only George Galloway, fresh from his by election success, getting his priorities in Bradford right and heading straight off to BML, to purchase his wrist band for the celebratory start at the new venue. Order yours soon folks.... they are going fast George himself (the tout) bagging two extras to no doubt sell on at a profit outside on the night.
  6. Bradford rarer underplayed soul club at Mill Lane

    Who is Djing Paul besides Mark or has it yet to be finalised? PB
  7. Bradford rarer underplayed soul club at Mill Lane

    Oi ! Watch it I'm a young'un, only 43! Though apparently not the youngest....Can't wait to try out the new venue, got some nice bits lined up for the decks, should be a fab night Bren - you nutter ha ha! I obly smell of very expensive perfume and wine!!!!KAren My sincere apologies Mark & Karen of course I was not referring to your good selves, it's the rest of em!
  8. Bradford rarer underplayed soul club at Mill Lane

  9. Bradford rarer and underplayed soul club

    Just to confirm the amended details Paul, is Col still on 1pm until 2pm? or has he been moved back an hour?
  10. Bradford Rarer & Underplayed Soul Club

    I admit defeat Penny, about quarter of an inch short in my reckoning, I can see why you stuck with stu so long, is that his Moniker Paul xx
  11. Bradford Rarer & Underplayed Soul Club

    Sorry Paul but I can't make this one. You're gonna have another blinder of a night mate. I'll be at the next one All the best Ali x
  12. Bradford Rarer & Underplayed Soul Club

    Grant has had a rethink Janette and says I should take you after all, cannot for the life of me, think why he would change his mind? Errr well yes, I see what he means now! under the circumstances we will make an exception on this occasion. ...
  13. Bradford Rarer & Underplayed Soul Club

    hiya Paul Any chance you can fit me n Donna in that nice motor of yours for this one??? Sandy x
  14. Bradford Rarer & Underplayed Soul Club

    Of course I will Sandy, However I am assisting Janette in collecting door tax, hand stamping etc so have to be there before the start at 8.00pm. Which unfortunately means I will have to listen to Col for an hour. Lets hope t'other three can help m...
  15. Bradford Rarer & Underplayed Soul Club

    You better sort yerself a lift out then, cos you ain't gettin in my motor with that on Paul xx

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