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  1. I went to the Leighton Buzzard, Unicorn Niters in the very early 80's , Living in Cranfield, it was 2 bus journeys to get there, Must have been just after the Bedford Nite Spot alnighters finished, which would be in 1980. I can remember Don Thomas, Come on Train was very popular, as well as a lot of early stuff such as Ron Holden, Forgive and Forget, and the well known Mirwood records, like Millionaires, Never for me. Decent venue with lots of interesting people.
  2. In my humble opinion, Levine had it absolutely right, Northern Soul is dead, The scene that a lot of us can remember from the 70's , in my eyes can not be replicated, and it doesn;t matter which lightweight tunes are " discovered" and played under the banner of rare soul, It can never be what it was, When the punters are in the latter stages of their lives, with the advent of social media, when the majority of people have their own cars, when music is available to stream, when information on records, venues, dj's and playlists are available at the touch of a keyboard. How can it be what it was? It was edgy, it was exciting, it was meeting new people, face to face, it was , how the hell am I going to get there? or get back? The whole scene was what you read in Blues and Soul ,or Echoes, reading through lists from Manship or John Anderson at Soul Bowl, trying to decipher the tape that you recorded at Wigan or Beford or Peterbourough. ( forgot that I went to the Fleet for an alnighter) Anyway, with all the handshakes and backslapping, talk of posses and weekenders, the soul police telling me that some of the records that I loved stomping to at Wigan are not really Northern Soul, I have to say that Northern Soul is sadly dead, now just a Butlins type remember when Northern Soul was good scene. Memories. Cranfield Soul

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