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  1. Don't expect many people agreeing with me on this ,but just about everything Dobie Gray ever released. I think I know what this is. Do you ever remember trying a drink when you were young and getting absolutely hammered off it to the point that even the smell of it afterwards would have your stomach lurching? I think perhaps somewhere back there I got overdosed on people playing Dobie Gray, and now I absolutely hate his stuff.
  2. Top marks for spotting that one. I must have been blessed to escape having my ears assaulted by that over the years. Indeed, so enthralled was I, I played some other of her offerings. She must have been blindingly stunning or something to persuade the money men to put her voice on record.
  3. Personally, Lee Moses, it was music made like that that made me a soul boy all those years ago ! Still does it for me now. Just doesn't get better than that.
  4. Overweight Vehicular Occupation
  5. As a lad getting interested in the mid '60's for me one name towers above the rest when it comes to 'dance moves' that might be suggested to underpin some NS, and that name is James Brown. I saw the 'synchronised' stage work of Four Tops etc etc ,but Brown was the one I wanted to be. His dynamism, and then that 'slide', the spin, the splits etc. I suspect he probably saw something himself from other dancers in his youth and adapted it into his style, but to 'my generation' what he was doing was very original, and I know I shamelessly tried to copy him. You could correctly say a lot of his stage moves didn't see the light of day on a NS dancefloor, but I think nonetheless that's the way things evolve. You take something from somewhere them someone else adapts it a bit and hey presto you appear to have something 'new'.
  6. What goes on in the manshed stays in the manshed
  7. "From now on I will arrive at the venue with just 100 records (all obscure or rare) and I will stick to my playlist even if no one dances and everyone looks bored and disappointed." Think you must have been playing a set last week, or your twin ! Boring doesn't really describe it, so let me try, "self indulgent bollocks not worth paying for", but that isn't you F, you're the pick a good word beginning with F
  8. League only exists for people that can't count past SIX ! How do you know when a player can count to SEVEN, they have to switch codes.
  9. Voters 'The Impression' might have been 'People Get Ready', Parliament turned that into 'Fool For You, and the EU translation was always 'Never Give You Up'.
  10. As if German premium car manufacturers didn't have enough to worry about ! Perhaps BMW will bring the Trabant back to life !
  11. You will not need to wait for a magic workaround. Reading the blurb it is intended that an over ride is always available simply by pressing the accelerator hard ! Yes , I know, we are probably thinking the same thing. The intent is obviously to get people out of dangerous situations, but it does not need much imagination to forsee how that can and will be used to circumvent the policy. I think it's yet another step too far by our nanny states. If they think it is a good idea would they mind putting in a box that increases the speed of the 'crawlers' that do not know how to drive to traffic conditions. I think they are as dangerous as speedsters, because they encourage people to take risks they otherwise wouldn't do. Better still let's invite all of our bureaucrats to go on perpetual holiday, I doubt they will be missed at the office. IF they actually do implement and seriously control speed this way then what price the Porsche business model etc ?
  12. Trawlin' (as you do) and just thought 21st Century , don't we really think the B side 'Coming Right Back' is just so much better than the A side?
  13. Steve C


    Hey look, you're dancing in front of the mirror probably in your Y fronts AND snogging the back of your hand. Would you film it

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