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    Three loves of my life,PORT VALE,COLLECTING VINYL,And MY LOVELY WIFE,not nessesary in that order.

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    Matthew john
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    Collecting vinyl, supporting the vale,hating stoke,and fishing.
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    Used to be my girl the o jays

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  1. Hi all,have a belting night at this fantastic venue,i will be working me b***s off,wishing i was giving the floor some hammer,so enjoy and see you next month
  2. Short trip from stoke to this famous venue,for us and our smallthorne soul mates,to meet up with friends from crewe,then soak up the atmosphere
  3. Looking forward to a meet up with our soul friends,sean, dave, and the girls at this great little venue,save us a seat,see you there lol
  4. Not a bad afternoon,the weather picked up,we were picked up,and taken to our second visit at this friendly venue,the women did the moaning,(didn't like the music)we did the dancing,(liked the music)oh well you can't please everyone , SMALLTHORNE SOULIES
  5. Only two top soul venues in Newcastle,and this is one of them,we have a delema,tonight's fantastic floorfilling session,clashes with our other fav venue (the UNDERWOOD) in CREWE,but because there is no Silverdale for the next couple of months,(hope it's just a blip) our dancing shoes will be on this floor,we haven't got a local soul venue, so we support venues,for there music and friendliness,WE DO NOT DO POLITICS SO PLEASE DO NOT INVOLVE US,NORTHERN SOUL,AND DANCING NOTHING ELSE MATTERS,
  6. First trip to this venue,on reccomendation,so looking forward to a soulfull nite of surprises.
  7. Sad to see this great little venue, cancelled,only hope it's a blip, there's only two cracking,floorfilling, venues, in castle we look forward to (knutton ) being the other top soul club, for the SMALLTHORNE SOULIES,so next month can't come quick enough for us, See you all next month
  8. SMALLTHORNE SOULIES on there way to one of our favorite venues in CREWE, ( The UNDERWOOD) being the other great venue, tunes to suit all soulies,and always a busy floor,and NO POLITICS, to spoil our night, See you there
  9. Soul2soul

    Knutton But Soul

    Well done to to all, for twelve soulfull months from the two soul girls on the door, who greet us all with a smile,to the famous five djs who have got floor filling down to perfection,and the barstaff who keep us topped up,here's to the next twelve months,got a meet up with friends at another venue this week but will be at the next soul night, See you then
  10. Soul2soul


    Looking forward to this one,a great venue,and a great choice of tunes,to suit us all,well worth the journey,
  11. Brilliant night,great music meant no room on the dancefloor,packed to the rafters,what an atmosphere,roll on next month, SMALLTHORNE SOULIES.
  12. Fantastic night,at this great club,last month, work commitments,force us to miss this months soulful night,so March can't come quick enough,been told we ain't got an April or May session to look forward to,so we got to make our next visit a cracker, SMALLTHORNE SOULIES,
  13. Soul2soul

    Coppenhall Soul

    Looking forward to meeting our friends from kidsgrove, at this friendly venue,good djs,good music,and a full dancefloor,awaits us, PS,we haven't got a regular venue,so we lend our support to venues that welcome us, and everyone for there music and friendliness,WE DO NOT DO POLITICS,SO PLEASE DO NOT INVOLVE US AS WE DON'T LIKE IT THRUST IN OUR FACE, northern soul,and dancing,nothing else matters THIS NIGHT CLASHES WITH OUR REGULAR SOUL NIGHT IN ALSAGER,SO SORRY CREWE,SEE YOU ON THE NEXT FRIDAY SESSION, SMALLTHORNE SOULIES
  14. Soul2soul

    Rolls Royce DERBY

    Looking forward to meeting our derby soulies,for a night of Motown and northern,at this fantastic place,with a great atmosphere,and great music,
  15. Great venue,with a warm friendly atmosphere,and djs who know how to keep the floor busy,looking forward to a meet up with our friends from kidsgrove,to what will be another fantastic night,also we have a new venue in Silverdale which is just getting better,and one of the smartest venues we have set foot in,to look forward to, so see you at both

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