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    Music, Fishing, Shooting, Walking, Collecting Militaria and generally keeping myself active.
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    Swaledale. North Yorkshire Dales
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    Way, way too many to choose just one, but if my life depended on it, I would say, There's No Love Left by The Isley Brothers.

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  1. MotownSoulMan

    'Twas Bugging Me For ages

    That don't surprise me at all. They were strange old times for British artists over in the states at that time.
  2. MotownSoulMan

    'Twas Bugging Me For ages

    For months, no, years, i've had this thing in my brain about Elton John appearing on Soul Train in 1975 doing Philadelphia Freedom, over in the good ole US of A, and I had pretty much convinced myself I had made it up. Today, whilst I had a few minutes to spare, I finally did a little bit of research online, and I am not only correct that he DID appear on Soul Train, it WAS singing Philadelphia Freedom, and it WAS 1975. I shall sleep well tonight now
  3. MotownSoulMan

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Joey Cracking tune mate. Unmistakably Sam Cooke.
  4. MotownSoulMan

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Gotta be one of those Friday wind down-chill out classics. Originally released on Philadelphia International Records in 1973, the Tom Moulton remix of MFSB, Ft The Three Degrees, Love Is The Message.
  5. MotownSoulMan

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    This week's humble offering. Mack Simmons - Turning Point from 1976 Have a great weekend everyone.
  6. MotownSoulMan

    Motown or Northern Soul

    Bruv Cheers for putting the photo up mate. That don't half bring back some happy memories. We had some great nights there, and I can't remember there ever being any agro in there. Funny you should mention about your mates Ford Corsair though, cuz I remember one of the lads from Broadstone having all 4 wheels taken from his mini, where it was parked just up the road. He couldn't get it moved that day, and when he and some mates went back for it on the Sunday, someone had broken the boot open in the meantime, and nicked the spare too
  7. MotownSoulMan

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    earlvandykes6 Totally agree with you on both versions of that song. Motown did alter a lot of songs though, both from album to single, and from original US single to UK issued and reissued stuff
  8. MotownSoulMan

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    Scootboy I'll stick with that theme. The flip of Way Over There, If My Heart Could Tell The Story from 1968. Glorious In fact, i'll raise you a 1968 album track, from Soul Master, Time Is Passin' By
  9. MotownSoulMan

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Bruv Good choice, but this little gem is better, (in my opinion of course) and will get you off your funkin' butt and out from behind that desk, and if you create enough mayhem in the office, they just might tell you to funk off home early. War - Galaxy 1977 Album version Although this is what should be on you mind for tonight. The Commodores - Sweet Love (Full Version) from the 1976 album Movin' On I had actually forgotten about Sweet Love for many years until it was used on Channel 4's Balls of Steel (The F*ckers) around 10 or so years ago
  10. MotownSoulMan

    Earworms. Can't get it outta my head

    I finally managed to get Larry Houston outta my head, and then some peenarse went and played this on the radio. Here we go again. New York City - I'm Doing Fine Now 1973 I don't suppose i'm really helping myself by digging out the Tom Moulton remix and playing it. ☺
  11. MotownSoulMan

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    The one that immediately springs to mind is Brenda Holloway's - We'll Keep On Rolling, and Larry Atkins - Ain't That Love Enough.
  12. MotownSoulMan

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    earlvandykes6 Odd you should post that info, cuz this is what I was just listening to. The Temptations - (Loneliness Made Me Realise) It's You That I Need
  13. MotownSoulMan

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    DaveNPete From my point of view, you're posts are on the level, so just keep on trucking mate. There's always been this ambiguity with the Motown stable of labels, same as it's been there on the Northern Soul scene, since certain unmentionable jocks started spinning trash at niters etc. We all know what supermarionation tv series theme I mean, and which national radio dj masquerading under an alias I mean too. Others will always have a different opinion, and we wouldn't be human if we didn't.
  14. MotownSoulMan

    No Alcohol License Function - Would You Attend?

    Soulsides ha Ha Ha. That gave me the giggles. Nah, I was in the Armed Forces from leaving school in 1970 until retiring in 2007 when my body couldn't do it anymore. It's the only proper job I ever had, and I don't regret a single moment of it.
  15. Bleeding hell. I've now got this 1980 flip side going round and round in my swede. It is a cracking tune though. Larry Houston - Let's Spend Some Time Together. HFM-001B


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