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  1. Just a quicky. I've meant to post this before now but forgot about it. Has it ever been decided, definitively who the male singer on this demo with Tammi Terrell is?.
  2. FAO @shufflin Thanks for putting that one straight. I stand corrected. I was never sure as you will have read in my conflab with Jack. I looked it up on Discogs just now, before replying, and like I thought they would, they say 1959 as the Anna release date too. I've just looked at 45Cat while typing this and they put the Anna release at 3 months after the Tamla release in November of '59. Sorted mate. I don't take much notice of sites like that now as I usually get a truer answer to stuff on here. Thanks for doing the leg work on that. Just out of interest I blew up a copy of the Anna release label and it does have the 54027 number on it, so that would (with my limited knowledge of record label details) indicate that you are correct too.
  3. Cracker to knock it on the head with mate. Be good, and if you can't be good, be lucky
  4. Forgot to mention this earlier on, but today is the 79th birthday of one William (Smokey) Robinson Jr. Singer, Songwriter, Producer, former Vice President and Executive of Tamla Motown, Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Famer and Legend. Here's an oldie, but stonking goodie from him while the band was still just called The Miracles. The Miracles - (Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need. 1966 Tamla T54140
  5. Thanks for that Jack. I don't wanna go down that road either cuz I had enough trouble, (well not trouble, but arguments) in that particular thread too. I'd give you a reaction for that, but my tank is flat out of em till tomorrow
  6. Love that version of Stoned Love. 'Twas the first version I ever heard of it. That's why I posted it last month either on this thread or the Feel Good Friday thread. I didn't think much to the "New Ways But Love Stays" album it first appeared on though.
  7. I was always under the impression that the 10 inch on Anna came first, but it's more than possible that i'm wrong, as I often am. If that's the case, then I stand corrected
  8. mike Sorry but I ran out of Reactions for today so that will have to wait until tomorrow. What you was told is quite correct. This is a different link that my last gaffer sent me a few minutes ago. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-veterans-id-cards-rolled-out-to-service-leavers
  9. There's nothing ridiculous about it. In my opinion I agree with what you say, and yes, Money has aged really well. It's one of those evergreen songs so important in the heritage of Tamla Motown, much as the Anna label is.
  10. Good choice from the pre Motown era as we know it. He put this out a couple of years later. Barrett Strong - Money And Me. 1961. Tamla 54035 with You Got What It Takes on the flip.
  11. Baby Come Home To Me is a great tune. Very underrated and underplayed
  12. shufflin I totally agree. It's gotta be one of, if not THE quintessential album of 1965.
  13. I don't think I could narrow my love of Motown to a top 200 let alone 50. A fair old chunk of those would be flip sides and album tracks too. That Temptations song is a goodie
  14. Great tune mate. I must admit that I like the first recording of it on The Second Album by The Four Tops, the year before as well.
  15. Marvellous song, but then anything by Jimmy Ruffin is fine with me.

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