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  1. To be honest Chalky I never knew names,all i can say is that the young boy never deserved a hiding like he took on his 16th birthday by grow adult (so called men)I knew many chaps from Stamford in the Soul/Scooter scene who weren't best pleased when one of their own youngsters had taken such a beating, what possessed them to go into Stamford the night after and not expect a blow back is either arrogant dismissive contempt,or rank stupidity,by the way his father was a high ranking officer in the RAF out of Wittering who flew off the carriers in the Falklands conflict,I suppose his father thought best left alone.Where I came into it,his mother and father came to my house in Bretton to pick him up,minus one front tooth when he left home on his Vespa 50cc.
  2. Lol..i suppose it was a bit parky .did you do the right thing and grab a coat?
  3. Ask the St Ives crowd who beat up a 16yr old boy on his birthday from Stamford in the Grapevine,then as Karma would have it went to Stamford the very next night.
  4. That's how it went down for many lol I was 19 at the time
  5. Not exactly how everything was and went down,however i enjoyed some if not all of the shenanigans that was presented to a young boy

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