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  1. 13 hours ago, Davenpete said:

    Comes to something when 50 years old is 'modern' : )

    The problem with labels such as "modern" and "contemporary" is that the passage of time means it is neither modern or contemporary and, as such, confuses the hell out of people who arrive on the scene much later than those that lived through the period.

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  2. This is a fantastic insight Mark into your personal appreciation of records that constitute "Rare Soul".

    Unfortunately such lists will attract the "paint by numbers" collector and fuel inevitable price hikes whenever these sought after 45s become available. Nevertheless there will always be some fun had for those knowledgeable collectors with good ears to remain ahead of the price curve identifying future in-demanders in whatever direction soul music decides to travel. 

  3. Yep will probably spend some time in Newquay but also Llangrannog, Aberporth, Mwnt and will, no doubt try to sneak into Pembroke to visit Newport but we digress.....

    Anybody watching The Luminaries? Plot is bonkers but there is little new drama on terrestrial TV at moment.

    Enjoyed The Other One and After Life series 2 recently.

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  4. 16 hours ago, Winsford Soul said:

    Friday night BBC 2 9pm Wild Pembrokeshire.  This will be one of the highlights of the TV year for me  it will also give people who have never been to Pembrokeshire a chance to see the county that keeps me returning year after year and the place that I want to retire to. 

    Hoping to be able to stay at our favourite hotel in west Wales and spend some days around the Cardigan coast in August.

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  5. U.K. Issue

    Laura Greene: Can’t Help Loving Dat Man b/w It’s A Good Day For A Parade Grapevine GRP 135 EX £9

    The Happy Cats: These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ b/w Destroy That Boy Grapevine GRP 110 EX £30

    Major Lance: Gimme Little Sign b/w How Can You Say Goodbye Contempo CS 2117 VG++ £10

    Little Brother Grant And Zapatta Schmidt: Let’s Do It Together b/w Hey Man, Why Torpedo TOR 28 EX £20

    Clyde McPhatter: Denver b/w Tell Me B&C (DJ Copy) CB-106 VG+ £16

    Sharon Tandy: Our Day Will Come b/w Look And Find Atlantic 584137 VG+ £12

    Carla Thomas: Unyielding b/w I’ve Fallen In Love Stax STAX 131 VG+ £22

    Doris Troy: One More Chance b/w Please Little Angel Atlantic AT.4020 VG++ £10

    U.S.A. Issue

    Bobbie Black: We Need Love b/w Can’t Treat You Wrong Axis Enterprise AX 112 EX £32

    Gregory James Edition: Sunday Lady Mono/Stereo Dakar (Promo) DK 4533 EX £10

    Bobby Marchan And The Clowns: You Can’t Stop Her b/w Rockin Behind The Iron Curtain Ace 45-557 EX £33

    Radiants: Hold On b/w I’m Glad I’m The Loser Chess 2037 EX £10

    Sir Mack Rice: You Shouldn’t Throw Stones b/w When You’re Down And Out VG+ £13

    Betty Wright: Girls Can’t Do What The Guys Do b/w Sweet Lovin’ Daddy Alston 4001 VG+ £10

    New Zealand Issue

    The 5th Dimension: The Rainmaker b/w Puppet Man Bell BL.260 VG++ £10

    Laura Greene.JPG

    Happy Cats.JPG

    Major Lance.JPG

    Little Brother Grant.JPG

    Clyde McPhatter.JPG

    Sharon Tandy.JPG

    Carla Thomas.JPG

    Doris Troy.JPG

    Bobbie Black.JPG

    Gregory James Edition.JPG

    Bobby Marchan.JPG


    Sir Mack Rice.JPG

    Betty Wright.JPG

    5th Dimension.JPG

    Thanks for looking. Kindly PM or email if interested

    Payment through PayPal as F & F or add 4% to cover fees; or bank transfer

    Email/Paypal: steve.green1@btinternet.com

    Postage & Packing:

    UK £3 up to 3 records then £1 per each additional record, first class, recorded

    Europe £4 up to 3 records then £1 per each additional record

    Rest of World at cost

    A full money back guarantee, including postage, is offered if you are disappointed with your purchase

    The following grade system is employed: M, EX, VG++, VG+, VG
    Mint = Brand new condition with no surface marks/deterioration in sound quality
    EX = Shows some signs of having been played but there is very little lessening in sound quality
    VG++ = Has been played many times but has no major deterioration in sound quality

    VG+ = Has been played many times but has no major deterioration in sound quality despite visible surface marks
    VG = Has been played many times but has no major deterioration in sound quality despite visible surface marks and the occasional scratch

  6. On 30/05/2020 at 07:48, Alison H said:

    Here is a photo I took at the beginning of May of a Mallard with 11 babies. Sadly, she has only got 9 now but they’re growing fast so it looks like the 9 may survive.

    Last week a family of swans decided to show their beaks along the canal.

    The tree photo. No explanation, I just find it fascinating.

    Photos took on my iPhone






    Lovely photos Ali. We have baby goslings around the local fishing lake which is also home to various ducks and swans and there is certainly a "pecking" order (pun intended) amongst the birds. Had to smile when one of the goslings came across a Mallard duck in its way as it walked the edge of the lake and gave it a peck to move it out the way. The Mallard which was about four times the goslings size but was very compliant. If only I had the camera with me.....

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  7. Managed to get out and about yesterday in this green and pleasant land, following social distancing rules of course!

    Hope you don't mind me sharing a few views of our walk, not up to the standard of our wildlife experts

    We started from the Church in the top left corner

    P1070215 (2).JPG

    P1070221 (2).JPG

    P1070224 (2).JPG

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