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  1. Should have realised that with Woodward involved this "deal" would never get over the line!!!
  2. It seems to be an unmitigated PR disaster though; and the Director's/Owner's of these clubs do not appear to have included the playing and coaching staff in this short sighted process. Since nearly all ex professionals are lining up to say how bad this idea is one would assume current players will feel the same. With the threat of no World Cup for these players it would be very interesting to know how busy their agents' phones have been today!!!
  3. On the other hand maybe they should let these 12 clubs form their WWF Harlem Globetrotters Soccer Circus and lets see the fans of these clubs walk away and set up their own fan based clubs much like AFC Salford. These big grounds with no fans to create any atmosphere, as we have seen, does not make good viewing. Whilst they are at it lets go back to making Association Football a contact sport again and dump VAR and these bizarre lines on a screen to see that a player is offside by a toe nail or a penalty is given for the slightest of contact!
  4. This "Super League" idea has been kicking about for years; look at Arsene Wenger's comments today. The solidarity that has existed in the English game has eroded since the creation of the Premier League and the Football Association's (and Premier League's) inability to prevent many of our historic clubs being purchased by foreign billionaire's and proxy foreign government organisations for PROFIT not sporting endeavour. Fans and supporters of all these clubs have slept walked into the situation that they are just considered to be customer's of a "Brand". More American involvement was always l
  5. Hi John It would be interesting for the members to know more about your work and inspiration.
  6. These landed on the door mat this morning. The Pic sleeves are a great upgrade on the MD offering; full of great information. It would be great to see the same across the MD range.
  7. Well done to Des, Mark & Jordan for making these great rare classics to a wider audience. Can't wait to get my hands on my copies.
  8. Top, top tune. Got to credit all the guys putting out these great "lost" classics for our benefit at the moment.
  9. Sounds like another goodie Alex. The Jimmy Gresham releases have been very pleasing on the ears.
  10. Kicking myself for not enquiring about the Linda Jones LP....
  11. Liking that rack a lot - Has got a bit of Frankie Beverley & Maze vibe to it. Anybody know what the plans are for a physical release?
  12. Two superb voices much missed
  13. Cool Notes opened up a news item about this last month. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/articles/
  14. Arrived this morning. Always nice to hear something new from Eddie Holman - The publicity photo was a nice bonus
  15. There is an option in Paypal to refund the customer directly from their payment notification. Expand the transaction in your Paypal activity screen and it should become self evident.
  16. Mine received this morning too. Cheers Gilly really looking forward to giving this a read.
  17. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Andy. Brilliant track to open 2021 with. Essential, on order.
  18. I agree but you will find newcomers to music becoming quickly bored without a vocal hook to worm its way into their mind
  19. Unfortunately there is a reason most of these abominable mid-70s Wigan pop favs were monsters and that is because they were catchy to an adolescent ear. In my experience if you want to put someone off play them 20 minutes back to back instrumentals!

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