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  1. First and Last overlooks the beach at Fanabe on the bottom level below the restaurants on the top level The O'Gzz are two guys who perform as solo acts, Sebastian and Topaz but occasionally perform together as the O'gzz. They also perform at the First and Last but it is a different set than the hard rock cafe,which is the better set IMHO
  2. Hi Catsprint Yes saw them on the Monday Night ,thought they were fantastic - also saw them up at the first and last in Fanabe. Another act we do like is the O'Gzz dont know if you managed to see them ? They are very good at the Hard rock cafe on Fridays
  3. Thanks, when I read my original post I am surprised anybody could get it ,sorry Soul Slider did not make it clear The lyrics were from the Chorus Thanks MarkyT ,got the wife off my back now
  4. Hi All Just back from Tenerife and on our last night in the Soul Lodge a track was played and now I cant get it out of my head Male vocals sounds like 'back back back in my arms again .....again Any help would be appreciated its driving me and the Mrs mad !!!

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