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  1. Mighty Mips

    Barbara Lynn - I'm A Good Woman (tribe Genuine Original)

    @Dave Rimmer could this record (or at least the sleeve) once have been dedicated to you ? So many years and still no satisfying answer. We have the 2 multicolored promo issues, then the regular vinyl issue and the according styrene issue (i own this one) Then we have another one, acc. to discogs its a “rare reissue” but unofficial. Then there is the one with the smaller head,( postet previous to my post) which is the only issue i know without the “made in usa” declaration.. i have no clue but of course i asked myself why. Lets suggest its an illegal copy then maybe the manufacturer did not want to call us customs on the plan by selling stuff thats not made there.. ayayay just saw an issue that lacks the made in usa information but hast 2 heads of same size ... ahhhrgh
  2. Mighty Mips

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    For heavens sake i grapped one 15 years ago
  3. Hello Friends, If you are interested in one or more ..feel free to pm me for audiofiles/offers/questions Postage abroad is €15.- E.J Chandler - I cant stand to loose you - s.o.s 1001 Condition vg++ very nice copy, check video sample €120.- Postage €15.- https://youtu.be/HGXkuDLKWAM Gladys Knight & the Pips - no one can take your place - Tamla Motown - TMG 864 - EX - record is in awesome condition, only a small rest from Sticker removal. Apart from that nothing!! €150.- Richie Barrett - i will love you / 5 guys from u.n.c.l.e - swan promo - condition vg++ slight surface marks, plays perfect. label shows an x marking plug side €125 Kim Weston - a thrill a moment - Gordy promo - condition vg++ plays and looks great ! €120.- Paul Serrano & the latin souls - Latin Soul Boo~GA-Loo part 1+2 - Mercury Promo copy / condition vg++ €50.-
  4. https://www.raresoulman.co.uk/sam-kitty-i-ve-got-something-good-love-is-the-greatest-four-brothers-452.html cheers
  5. Mighty Mips

    Roosevelt Grier " In my tenement"

    Hi Colwyn, i have to apologize as well I find it hard to set a Price cause i simply cannot find much reference. The more i think about the less comfortable i feel with selling it
  6. i found it on discogs now with the matrix i described and the equivalent at john manship . he sells it for 30£ RARE vinyl press repro lemon label - with two thin bars across the middle label design, replicating the West Coast styrene press label. Fine clean condition A Side Title: I've Got Something Good B Side Title: Love Is The Greatest Year: 1975 Tracklisting
  7. Mighty Mips

    The Fiestas - think smart

    The Fiestas - Anna / Think Smart - Old Town Dj Copy Condition is at least VG++, plays nice as you can check in the video below . Labels clean and no scratches etc.. € 275.- plus €15.- postage I accept paypal friends/gift . keep the faith !
  8. Here some classics again with refuced prices . I accept Paypal friends payment. The youtube links i post show the items you’ll get...Keep the faith! Porgy & the Monarchs - my heart cries for you - Musicor mispress (‚that girl’ instead of ‚look twice before you walk away!) Condition vg++ , no marks scuffs etc, check sound sample NOW €80.- (old price 110) Postage €15 https://youtu.be/Ob9yxG1i4tA E.J Chandler - I cant stand to loose you - s.o.s 1001 Condition vg++ very nice copy, check sound sample NOW €120.- (old price 150) Postage €15.- https://youtu.be/HGXkuDLKWAM detroit executives - cool off - pameline 2010 (orange label) Condition vg ++ clean copy, check sound sample - NOW €100.- (old price 110) postage €15.- https://youtu.be/r7EP3AZLMhM Boss Four - walking by - Rim records Condition vg+ , nice copy, label bubble on one ..side check sound sample, NOW €50.- (old price 70) Postage €15.- https://youtu.be/j6wx93lerPc
  9. Mighty Mips

    John Manship Auction this week.

    ...wow, for that price u can probably BECOME “shaydy” martin
  10. Hey folks, i have a copy that differs from all i found on the web and I must say that I am quite confused The matrix on the litg side : 4 Bros - 10466 ( no dash between 4andBros) Matrix on IgsG : 4 - Bros - 10467 (with dash) The label is yellow with Bars and “Four Brothers” witten in 2 Lines. On the litg side is also “PLUG SIDE” on the right side above the 45 RPM. Does Anyone know this issue? Regards I will add pictures in some minutes, (Cannot upload from my smart phone)
  11. Mighty Mips

    Mighty Mips


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