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  1. Pudsoul

    Mojo R&B Club

    Your dj line up goes to 1.30 but the timing at the top of the page says 8 to 1. Are we getting an extra half hour then? As long as that half hour doesn't involve Martyn getting his balls out (see above) I'll be happy
  2. Pudsoul

    The Loss of one of our own Mick Howard R.I.P.

    Like everyone who knew Mick, I was stunned yesterday to hear of his passing. Mick is particularly special to me cause he gave me northern soul music. He met my brother Chris when they were both in the RAF, and Mick got Chris in to soul. My brother got me in to soul. I got my wife in to soul. My sister Annette got in to soul, and met her husband Mark on the soul scene. So that’s two brothers, a sister, a wife and a husband, all on the scene, all having our lives enriched so much for it, and all because of one Michael Howard. I’ve got so many happy memories of Mick, from him teaching me how to cook spag bol when I was a whipper snapper, to sitting in the foot well of his Golf all the way from Harrogate to Stafford cause there were six of us in the car, to drinking far too much corn liquor with him, taking me to dodgy boozers in Halifax after a nighter to watch the lunchtime strippers, the list goes on. Mick, you were a top bloke, like another big brother to me, and we will all miss you very much. Alison, I hope if you read these messages you can take comfort in the knowledge of how much love there was, and is, for Mick out there. David
  3. Pudsoul


    Ignore my last post. I've found out now it is Saturday, and was only Friday in Jan and Feb this year. So see you on Saturday
  4. Pudsoul


    Is this definitely Saturday? Calverley is usually a Friday. Has it moved to Saturday permanently? Or is this a one off?
  5. Pudsoul


    This event has led to the possibilty of legal action being taken. I shall be speaking to my solicitor regarding excessive amounts of top quality tunes being played at this event, that led to the listener dancing themselves silly for two hours. Trusty, Martin, you'll be in the dock!
  6. Pudsoul


    "Oh Martin, you're so young, and tall, and slim, and handsome, and I love your long flowing hair" Might not look like one but I can sound like one...
  7. Pudsoul


    Topping and Bird, both on the same set, absolutely fantastic. Two of my and Kate's favourite DJs. It's always your CDs we play when getting ready to go out, to get us in the mood* Can't wait * I sound a bit like a groupie
  8. Pudsoul

    Back To The Roots at the Horse & Jockey

    I thought the Horse and Jockey was the first Friday of the month. Is this change to Saturday in September a one off?
  9. Pudsoul

    Harrogate - Charity Soul

    Is that just a list of the DJs on in the Roots Room, or is it a running order?
  10. Pudsoul

    The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Had a brilliant time last night. Great mix of music. Probably weren't that many people there who went to Allanton allnighters, but if you did, tunes played last night brought back some great memories. Someone took my denim jacket - I'm guessing by mistake as there was one left behind at the end. Mine has a packet of drum in the pocket, and Leeds pin badges. If you've got it PM me. I've got yours (laidies, size 16 Spirit).
  11. Pudsoul

    Charity Soul Uk - Harrogate

    Had a fantastic night on Saturday. The place was absolutely rammed! Multi-room events are great, with something for everyone, but you do spend a lot of time speeding from one room to the other in the hope you don’t miss your favourite tunes. I don't normally like driving to an event, as I do like a beer or three, but this is definitely one that I'm happy to drive to. Fantastic to see my old mate Mr Drage, who played a brilliant spot - in fact the tunes in Dekka’s room kept me dancing all night. It's just a shame I missed Steve Burke's spot in the main room, as I know he always delivers. Only question I have is – when’s the next one?
  12. Pudsoul

    Scarborough The Cask New Year Party

    Staying on the east coast at New Year so looking for a soul do to go to. Any more info on this one? Been 'details to be posted' for a while now.
  13. Pudsoul

    Empty Bottles

    I'll be in, and out, and in, and out, and be shaking it all about. Actually, it's our eldest's school prom (yuk, stupid kind of American import I don't like, unlike all their lovely vinyl) on Friday, and I'm on taxi duty, but I won't be missing my favourite night around, and so I'll pop out to give him his lift home then come back :-)
  14. Pudsoul


    Me and Kate are coming over for this one, and it's a special occasion, Kate's birthday. I know you're not supposed to reveal a lady's age, so let's just say this is a round number birthday ;-) So I hope lots of lovely soul people we know will be coming to Tony and Tracy's new night, and can make it a special one for everyone, but especially my beautiful missus. Looking forward to it.
  15. Pudsoul

    THAT DRIVING BEAT, LEEDS - Fenn & Lyster!!

    After last month's shenanigans I thought I'd give Soul Source reviewing a miss for a while, but actually it's only fair after me saying what I didn't enjoy so much about last month's TDB that I should post something saying how much I DID enjoy it this time. Absolutely brilliant night. Cracking. From the KO it was quality soul music all the way. I thought that Arthur's spot might not be up my street, but if that's what he plays, I'm off to Boomerang! I've not heard Pete Lyster before, but his tunage was quality. Rich B provided us with his customary excellence, Martyn played so many tunes that I love, but most impressive was Rich Evans, for actually managing to stand up behind the decks - impressive ;-) Personally, I enjoyed the extra elbow room on the dance floor, and I spent so much time on it that any previous quibbles I've had regarding seating were moot as I never sat down once :-) Thanks for a great night guys - I'm so happy one of my favourte soul nights is back to its best. David


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