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  1. Ranger

    2011-09-24: Skegness Allnighter - Sept 24Th 2010

    I'd really like an explanation as to why this post out of all the other shameless bumps in Soul Event Talk has been singled out for this warning? Especially as your comments are harsh, incorrect and worst of all inconsistent. Your post is harsh because post 14 is the only one that doesn't add information about the event or confirm peoples attendance. Which other posts do you class as 'bumps' Your post is Incorrect because..
  2. Ranger

    York Soul Club 06.08.2011

    I know quite a few people who have been 50 more than once Kev
  3. Ranger

    York Soul Club 06.08.2011

    I think the first one was his real one and this one is his public one. I suspect the music at this one will be slightly different though Lily The Pink indeed Will there be any more of that scrummy rice krispy cake - I do hope so Kev
  4. Ranger

    2011-09-16: West Coast Weekender Sept Fri 16 To 18

    A couple of questions, First can the two threads be combined? It's a pain in the @rse having to check both to get the latest updates. Web booking seem to be live here Pontins Northern Soul weekender Second question, will there be any accommodation deals for couples? Last question, if you go through the booking procedure the default number of nights is 2. If you change it to 3 it defaults back to 2, so presumably..
  5. Ranger

    York Soul Club 2Nd July

    Are you referring to me young Sir Seriously though, a spot well up to your usual high standards (this track excluded ) Kev
  6. Ranger

    York Soul Club

    Got a cunning plan to avoid the Blubberhouses diversion, we're staying at my Dad's Better tell them to make sure the bar is well stocked, we're bringing Ken with us Kev
  7. Ranger

    Soul & Motown Nights

    Probably because, Pissheads that never went to Wigan because their mams wouldn't let them go, spilling drinks on the dancefloor, puking up in the bogs, bumping into you without apologising, saying the DJ is crap bcause he hasn't got Third Finger Left Hand and breathing garlic over your missus whilst trying to get off with her. doesn't sound as good on the flyer. That was the last 'Soul & motown night' I went to an..
  8. Ranger

    The Dells (Artist Of The Week)

    'It's all Up To You'. - Fantastic building tune written by Terry Callier. 'Closer'. - Brilliant vocals (but aren't they all) Stay In My Corner - Just pure class soul music The Love We Have Stays On My Mind - TC again Can We Skip That Part, Sweetness, That's How Heartaches Are Made. All from their 80's album 'The Second Time' If Carlsberg did soul groups they'd be The Dells Kev
  9. Ranger

    2011-06-10: Cleethorpes 6Ts Weekender

    Haven't seen him sing live since the Leeds jazz festivals in the mid 9ts, so this is a real bonus. Any chance of Baby Mother, Baby Father, Mark? Kev
  10. Ranger

    Marketing W*nkers In Action

    Nearly 1500 views of this thread which will presumably have translated to quite a few views through the Fred Perry link. Crap marketing? I suspect the marketing boys will be patting each other on the back, but I'd like to be a fly on the wall when they check their web stats to see where all the hits came from. I still wouldn't be seen dead in one though.
  11. Ranger

    Marketing W*nkers In Action

    Can't see any difference between the Fred Perry shirt and this or this Amazon or this or this Soul Shop or this Bowling Shirts Or this Bowling shirts again I can't understand why but the market exists so you can't knock the marketing people for spotting the opportunity and going for it .
  12. Ranger

    Hull's Big Saturday Northern Soul Night Out

    There's nothing wrong with playing with your organ
  13. Ranger

    Hull's Big Saturday Northern Soul Night Out

    Well, as i don't appear to have received an invitation to the wedding i think I'll tootle along and join the party. Kev
  14. Only because I'd fill them out in all the 'right' places. Anyway i'm with Tom ford on this, Men Shouldn't wear shorts I think Pauline is going to ring Lynn tonight, looks like we might be free next weekend. Kev