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    Yes, it is really me, the soul detective - please join me in my work at 
  1. Hello All - just a note to say that, at long last the Reggie Young Discography Project - 1966 Liner Notes, Part Two page is now live on Soul Detective. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, Rob - I actually just had lunch with John Broven, and Ace has been in the loop from day one. Look for a new compilation CD of Reggie's work due from Ace soon!
  3. Hello guys - I was googling something, and this topic came up. Thank you for the shout out about the Reggie Young Discography Project... I am currently working on part two of the 'liner notes' for 1966, which includes little records like 'The Dark End Of The Street' and 'Eight Men, Four Women' - I welcome any and all input on possible records that might be referenced in the session books... like you said. 'guy that travels with the Platters' huh? Another intriguing entry for 11/24/66 'Tall Boy with all the hair..' who Bobby Robinson brought down with Willie Hightower - we think it may have be

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