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  1. Martin S

    The Anti-Valentine playlist 2019

    Apologies, the opening posting to the thread didn't state it had to be soul related but now I spotted it's the About The Soul section I understand. Not to worry as I have another angle covered, Main Source from 1991, great lyrics and contains a sample from Donald Byrd's "Think Twice."
  2. Can someone please identify the early 80's track in this video. Title could be "Take It, Just Take It," "Take My Love," or similar. If it's the disc on that TT it appears to be a 7" with a white or silver background to the label. It's a tune ! Thanks, Martin
  3. Martin S

    Living Room DJ

    Hi, I hadn't logged in for a week or so and other than a minidisc of 1977 LP tracks I played several times whilst doing some work on the house I haven't played any records. Jimmy, glad you found the playlists informative but as I said earlier, unless someone bothers to comment on them it's assumed there's no interest at all. Fair to say a considerable percentage of my listed titles would have been previously unknown to many collectors as well, hence the added disappointment. Back to the 1977 LP 1 minidisc, in the 1990's I started making minidisc compilations of LP tracks from LP's that overall were those which I was unlikely to play both sides of in one listening session. I played the one in the photograph several times in the last week or so and was surprised how good some of the tracks were, check them out. In another forum I'm about to upload a track I need to identify, take a listen please. Thanks, Martin
  4. Martin S

    Art Deco Buildings

    On the subject of Stoneleigh, how pathetic is this? The sign outside the pub depicts a GWR Railway scene at a busy junction station, yet is placed directly outside a L&SWR/SR station which has a single island platform and the only siding it ever had didn't last long and was only during the towns construction. There was never a goods yard here, Ewell East, Ewell West, and Worcester Park were the nearest 3 with such facilities. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kenilworth+Rd,+Epsom/@51.3630218,-0.2473984,3a,47.7y,306.03h,99.74t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sprrSeYEjQmadHYGdOVjhZg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x487609c5d80f1413:0xcd64c48893e5487f!8m2!3d51.3626722!4d-0.2476437
  5. Martin S

    Art Deco Buildings

    There's not many places to work in Stoneleigh so out of curiosity where was it? At a guess I'd say on The Broadway, a unit in Dell Lane, or a school? Stoneleigh was a town built on farm land from the 1930's onwards as you say. The area radiating Stoneleigh, which would included Ewell, Worcester Park, and Motspur Park, Cheam, and the approach to Sutton from that direction, has a remarkably consistent design of housing. Regarding a comic strip writers location, there was a sitcom filmed at one of the houses between and including 10 to 16 in this street image, anyone know what it was? There's something rare here because house number 54 is actually a Clandon Close address even though it's situated well into Kenilworth Road! The house to the right of it is 16 Kenilworth Road. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kenilworth+Rd,+Epsom/@51.3619278,-0.2481728,3a,64.3y,307.63h,87.85t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sAoQr0GBMWc4C0yMeFQZ7cw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x487609c5d80f1413:0xcd64c48893e5487f!8m2!3d51.3626722!4d-0.2476437
  6. Martin S

    Living Room DJ

    Due to other commitments I haven't had much time for playing music in the last two weeks. Regarding posting playlists, after what I stated in my last posting of 8 January re there seemingly being minimal interest on this site in the eras I was listing, and no comments or enquiries about any of the titles I listed or info I was supplying, I have decided not to continue playlist postings.
  7. Martin S

    Removing Dymo tape

    White spirit for standard stickers. The spirit dries clear. It rarely fails, no exaggeration I have done several thousand. Got a sticker on something with really ugly handwriting or/and incorrect information such as a miscalculated BPM, and you don't want to risk removing it? Blank it out by sticking something else over it. Ideas included your name and address, or maybe some musicians credits for the track obtained from elsewhere. Just print whatever it is on to a piece of paper, cut to size and glue on, tweezers will help. If it improves the appearance and offers peace of mind then it's a winning solution. Got an ugly bend near to the corner of an LP sleeve? If so I usually covert it to cut-out appearance if it will improve the look. Nasty bend in an LP sleeve but not near enough to corner for the above? Use the trick in large paragraph above to hide it if it improves the appearance, maybe it only has one or two stand out tracks, print the titles off and stick them over the bend. How about this one which I've done several times. Two copies of an LP, one has trashed front, the other trashed back. You've got to be good with your hands and have an eye for detail to do this and it helps if you have building/decorating experience, but by carefully planning it out, taking folds into consideration for gluing, you can make one decent condition sleeve with the pair. There's more. Two copies of an LP, disc to one is trashed, bin the disc. One sleeve has diabolical water damage for 25% of area on back, the other one has a sticker rip on front and ugly writing. Going to take some good planning again but cut out the damaged 25% area giving it straight edges all sides, place it over the other sleeve in exact spot and cut the fresh replacement piece of that out. Then using another scrap sleeve create an insert so that you now have a double thickness back and stick that and the fresh piece into position. You could even just cut out the required replacement area and glue it over the damaged one if you don't have the required skills for this type of work. Just a few tricks to consider but if you're not well tooled up [snap offs/steel rules/plenty of PVA glue/good lighting] then don't try.
  8. Martin S

    Art Deco Buildings

    In an area almost entirely occupied by 1930's built semi's (several thousands of them) of the style seen in the rest of this street, for some reason there were a pair of Art Deco semi's in Seaforth Gardens just a few hundred yards from where we lived. This is Stoneleigh, a few miles from Epsom, Surrey. Number 51 has had its Critals replaced in the two main front windows. As children we were mystified by these houses and had thoughts of them being occupied by characters similar to those that appeared in Smash advertisements. https://www.google.com/maps/@51.36476,-0.2516572,3a,89.2y,245.18h,93.07t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1srL6CrtOB56pLPzYK-Z13HQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  9. Martin S

    Art Deco Buildings

    I feel fully justified in having uploaded it now. That's the same conversation those seated people to the left are probably having.
  10. Martin S

    Removing Dymo tape

    There's a thought, it would be hard for someone to accuse you of having mid 80's onwards reissues if they have Dymo on them! If you consider selling them Nick make sure you describe them acutely with DOL
  11. Martin S

    Art Deco Buildings

    I'll dig out some deco later, but for the mean time as this is an architecture thread, I've posted this image which is likely to amuse viewers, of a property I recently came across on Google street view whilst looking at the details of an adjacent/opposite house for sale. It has what must surely be one of the most ridiculous conservatory extensions ever constructed, and there's people sitting down to the left admiring it.
  12. Martin S

    Removing Dymo tape

    Personally I wouldn't attempt to remove Dymo, the probability of success is likely to be minimal if it's on a paper label/sleeve. At least the text on it should be presented well, unlike bad handwriting which can make it an item look awful. Out of curiosity can we have a look at the item/s in question?
  13. Martin S

    Records You Should Not Really Like :-)

    I expect there will be members here who own a copy of this record and are unaware of how this artists life unfolded in the years that followed. In my opinion it's one of the best UK releases from 1987, however, another "release" looks unlikely for him. I've often considered whether I should still have it in my collection for reasons that can be found here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4371967.stm
  14. Martin S

    The Funky Bass Book (ed. Bill Leigh)

    An interesting comment considering the last time we met you posted: Saw the Buzzcocks live in 1978 and still got the singles I bought then. You clicked on a thread titled "The Funky Bass Book." Surely you got what was expected?
  15. Martin S

    The Funky Bass Book (ed. Bill Leigh)

    A Certain Ratio are the band that had the biggest influence on my musical career. I bought every release of theirs up until 1986, following which they headed off in a commercial direction that no longer appealed to me. Almost every release up to and including those in 1984, is among the best records in my entire collection. It's not possible for a new collector of their material, in my opinion, to just settle for a few of them such is the relentless quality which is near impossible to split, you simply have to have everything up to and including 1986, though you could forget the Force LP if you had the singles from it. For a beginner bass player, some of their material will be reasonably playable once you've mastered the basics of slap, however some tracks have two bass players playing at the same time. Others that are heavy on effects pedals may find you struggling to identify some of the notes, I speak with experience of it myself. Their most challenging track for me has always been "Day One" from the "Sextet" LP as there is so much to remember as I clearly demonstrate in the below video. Up to 1.57 I play over the track, from 1.58 I play the same but with no backing, and from 3.38 I play the segment that covers the last minute or so of the track. If we take the final segment, to the casual observer with no playing experience it might look as if what I'm doing is relatively easy, but trust me it's not. The unimpeded open strings, string dampening, ghost notes, and harmonics in that segment are going to require years of practice to get to that level, as are the collection of notes and timing of them at 0.24 and 2.04, so as I said in my first posting you have to be realistic in your expectations. I'm playing the top of the range Westone bass, the 1989 Thunder 3A Active, bought brand new that year from Bootleg Music in Epsom. I previously had versions 1 and 2, and as mentioned by another member you'll struggle to beat them for quality and value on the secondhand market. The 3A has become very collectible as you'd understand if you heard the full range of frequencies it offers, it's in a completely different league to the 1 and 2. These days though you can pick up remarkably cheap brand new basses that are outstanding value for money, £300 being the max you're likely to need to spend. More to follow tomorrow, as rather aptly this is just Day One.


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