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  1. Martin S

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    How is your relationship with the neighbours since purchasing all of this equipment? LOL
  2. Martin S

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    That is one very interesting and detailed reply TLS, thanks
  3. Martin S

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    Your comment regarding Technics TT being "lower end" is true, they are lower end but only on the basis of price range. Have you noticed how there seems to have been a lot of highly successful DJ's and hip hop artists in particular that have been quite happy to make a successful career from using them. I wouldn't consider Jazzy Jeff for example, to be a lower end DJ, would you? Let's get back to the most important point, which was the type of fluids I recommended. I did so because I have proven those two were safe, yet you've now posted a paragraph of text that you found on Google which makes no reference to either of those products. In fact it's only reference is to one of the most dangerous fluids you can get near anything that is plastic, but neither of the products I recommended contain isopropanol, I have just checked their ingredients on the containers. In summary, you posted comments that did not refer to the products which I recommended, therefore it should come as no surprise to you that your comments have been treated accordingly, as rubbish.
  4. Martin S

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    An excellent posting clearly from someone who has experience in the field. You nailed some of the most important factors: Taking time, understanding how different compounds, fluids, and surfaces react when they interact. The most commendable point raised was different stickers with different glues. I'll add to that in saying that even assessing the surface to which stickers are adhered to is paramount, a sticker on a laminated sleeve versus a typical rough surfaced cardboard sleeve, the type that RCA and 20th Century LP's were issued with in the 1970's, cannot be underestimated. Making the correct judgement before attempting a repair, whether to take a chance or is it likely further damage will be caused? Even minor issues such as re-gluing an LP sleeve in which the inner folds are laminated, they need to be gently rubbed down with light glass paper and any existing hardened glue removed if possible, in order to get a key to the surface before gluing. By the way, I don't touch isopropyl when it comes to cleaning discs after bad experiences many years ago as if it's not diluted sufficiently it can destroy a record instantly. There are enough risk free options available. Some more tools and materials to add to your list that are on my work surface here: A damp flannel, pieces of old cut down tshirts to use as small cloths, cotton buds, kitchen roll, tweezers, snap off bladed knives, light glass paper/fine sandpaper, nail files, clamps and a suitable buffer for securing sleeve joints, white spirit. There is nothing random to maintaining and restoring records and their sleeves, it is highly skilled and requires considerable practice and patience. It therefore goes without saying that no posting on a forum about the subject should be random either. Thanks Edit: I forget to mention talcum powder for neutralising any excess adhesive on white areas such as inner sleeves.
  5. Martin S

    Mellow Mellow Right On "Label"

    No one has outright called them bootlegs on here, the question has been merely asked as to whether they could be. Using the example of the Luther track, I haven't seen the label on the flip side but if its just the logo again, then if that track had been licensed would there not be something stipulated in the agreement that all relevant credits for the piece of work such as the composer and publishing company, must be listed on the product? There are no contact details whatsoever shown on the product either, I wonder why? If they are licensed releases then surely as a label owner you'd want as much publicity and contact from interested sources as you could get?
  6. Martin S

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    Technics 1210's, Stanton 500's and 6800's, various amplifiers both mobile and domestic inc NAD 3240, decent enough systems for you? No issues whatsoever in over 25 years of using the stated products. Your first posting was an assumption, is it likely therefore that anyone is going to trust what you then state in a second posting to be an indisputable fact? You're talking rubbish.
  7. Martin S

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    Please enlighten us with your expert evidence on the subject including the precise details of the adverse affects you refer to.
  8. Martin S

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    Do you think I spent half an hour making the posting because I had nothing better to do with my time and wanted readers to damage their records? You made a wrong assumption without any relevant experience of the issue.
  9. Martin S

    Non Vinyl

    Grahame, I posted Love Bandit for a laugh to see what reaction it got on here as it's an Otis Clay record that I suspect only a handful on here may have been previously heard. It's style is a heavy vocoder electro-funk track from 1983. It demonstrates how an artist can go from making a catalogue of 60's soul tracks, to a random release quite the opposite. The best example I can think of for consistency in multiple styles is writer and producer George Kerr, phenomenal talent, look him up on Discogs. https://www.discogs.com/artist/189456-George-Kerr The bunch of overplayed titles I listed are 70's/80's funk/soul/boogie. The Jackson Sisters was the only one in that bunch that might be veering towards Northern.
  10. Martin S

    Living Room DJ

    I'm listing my entire personal collection on a database and am currently working on my 1979 to 1984 rap and electro section. Sleep cycle is out so two massive back to back all nighters here (detached house so no neighbour disturbance to worry about). Are there any other rap/electro collectors on here? Here's some of the best from those last 2 nights: The Unknown Rapper - Election 80 Rap The Unknown DJ - 808 Beats True Mathematics - After Dark Two Sisters - High Noon Triple Threat Three - Scratch Motion Instr Tranquilizing 3 - Vote like you party/Fact of life Too Short - I want to be free (1992) TKG - Love rapping the message Timezone - Wildstyle Chris Thomas - Celebrity Funk Third Wish - Pressure MC Tee - Nu Sounds/Lady D - Lady D Daniel Sofer & Ice T - Cold wind madness Instr (What a tune) Chris the Glove Taylor - Reckless TC & Dangerous Three - You can do it (George Kerr) TJ Swann - Maximus Party Star Studded Strutters - Neckwork Sunburst Band - Easton assassin Sugar Bear - Dont scandalize/Penetrate (1988) Sugar Sugar - New girl in town Sugar Daddy - One more time (Raps Suzy Q), Another one bites the dust Stetsasonic - Talking all that jazz Stockingcap - Wave craze Starting Five - MSU (It's a basketball rap) Daniel Sofer - Scratching 100 speakers Van Twist - Hot wax T Ski Valley - US is the best, Valley style (Raps Jacko Billie Jean), It's just a groove (Raps Glen Adams), Never let go (Raps Maze Before I let go), Catch the beat (Raps Taana Gardner Heartbeat), Cut it up, & 2 other 12" (8 in total by T Ski for the night)
  11. Martin S

    Non Vinyl

    Don't worry, I wasn't offended at all. The scenario prompted me to think of tracks that infuriated me (although ultimately the DJ's playing them were the ones to blame), on the same basis, in particular during the 90's when most of the following were being sampled as well as played to death. It was just about possible to have heard all the following offences committed at one function in the London & South East area: Mary Jane Girls All fking night long (The track is so toilet I cannot understand why anyone would even want to play it) Roy Ayers Running away, but not quickly enough Jackson Sisters I believe in miracles, of which one would be never hearing this again on a night out Maceo Across the tracks, ditto and I might have to lay on some if I'm subjected to this yet again Gwen McCrae All this love, Funky sensation, and Keep the fire burning Jocelyn Brown Somebody elses guy. Despite some of them being great tracks, I'm feeling angry just looking at them so I fully understand your point now!
  12. Martin S

    Non Vinyl

    Not being a collector of Northern or having attended any such events as I prefer mid 70's onwards, I have simply never previously been exposed to that track and the style is not a sound I would go hunting for. I fully understand what you mean though, it would be like me going out to an event only to be subjected to what I believe to be the most overplayed track in the south, Roy Ayers Running Away, which I might do upon hearing it. In the 90's another track that was hammered to oblivion down here was New Jersey Connection Love Don't Come Easy. I got tired of it, but haven't been going out for some years now and when I played it at home two weeks ago not having heard it for potentially an entire decade it sounded phenomenal.
  13. Martin S

    House Sale/Mortgage

    Some agents love little more than overpricing a property just to fool a punter into believing they will achieve the best price, when the truth will often be the only motivation for them advising of such is to get another property on their books and prevent other agents getting the business. However, the seller has access to all the data they need to estimate what the price should possibly be, Rightmove and Zoopla completed sales. But bear in mind, the one thing you never see declared on those sites, is disclaimers as to whether the house has been smoked in or not. A house undersold may well have done, no better example than 3 doors from me, must have seen over 40 different potential buyers come and go, the place stunk, the eventual buyer gutted it even the floorboards upstairs, and yet they too are smokers.
  14. Martin S

    House Sale/Mortgage

    Let's hope not, but if they are sending their own round, or just paying someone to visit properties, they are not wasting time because as long as most sellers perceive the agent to be creating activity, they will hang in there with them. Have you signed a contract with them in terms of how long they are able to market it? If you have and you want shot of them you would have good grounds for terminating the contract without any costs on the basis they have sent a client to view who was unable to afford the property. Thus unprofessional conduct. Wouldn't matter if they were advertising your property or Buckingham Palace, they have a duty of care to provide to you. Were you present for the viewing yourself?
  15. Martin S

    House Sale/Mortgage

    Out of curiosity who is the agent that he made the offer through? Are they genuinely reputable? Some agents will do anything to try to keep your property on their books even in order to maintain a certain level of stock. One big agent in my town has a history of sending staff from another branch to view properties on their book and make bollocks offers always claiming that they're not in a position to go ahead at present anyhow until they have sold their own property, which doesn't exist. Not making that up, have a very good friend who was a partner at an independent agent in next town for approx 30 years who tipped me off about it. In your case Kegsy there may never have been a genuine buyer.


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