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  1. Also on the Motown Northern Soul CD that’s just come out...£4....bargain..
  2. Nothing complicated...it was just too long to fit on one side of a 45... certainly not the only single to have part one and part two on the flip..
  3. A bit more info... https://www.allmusic.com/artist/the-holidays-mn0001802672
  4. Yeh just listened again....think it is Edwin...just a different version..interesting..
  5. Certainly a different version....lead voice does sound different for sure...
  6. It’s also on the American Motown CD..The very best of Edwin Starr...
  7. https://soulfuldetroit.com/web15-Holidays/09-No-Greater-Love.htm
  8. As far as I know It was only ever recorded using Edwin on Lead vocals...which were dubbed onto the track later... I’ve listened to it from various sources and they all sound like the same singer to me...but differ in sound quality This may shed some light... https://soulfuldetroit.com/web15-Holidays/08-Golden-World.htm

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