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  1. I'm looking for Willie West's "Fairchild" 45 on Josie. Willing to pay £25 for a clean, original copy.
  2. Henry Moore´s 45 On Master

    Well, it took me close to four and a half years! Finally found me one.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for Jetstream 713 "That Kind Of Talk b/w Gashead Baby". I have no intentions on spending a fortune, just wondering if anyone's got a copy they can do without?
  4. I wondering the same thing! My 45 has red printing. The one with black printing seems more common. Are there bootlegs? Anyone know?
  5. More Ebay Madness

    Really, what´s the difference?!?
  6. More Ebay Madness

    It seems like the very same copy of "My Kinda Girl" is up again... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280467333059&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  7. Charles Sheffield "voodoo Working" Repro

    If you´re not able to look for the Sheldon stamp in the dead wax, just look at the colour. The repros have black printing which the originals don´t.
  8. Thanks for sorting that out for me!
  9. I´ve never really been able to figure out which label design that was used first. Was it the gold coloured one with red print or the yellow one with red print? Thanks in advance.
  10. Well, it sure sounds like the label designs are right for these issues! I take it that you by "checker board at top" mean the web top design. Those dead wax etchings could also very well be correct. When comparing the dead wax etchings to my copy of Checker 8...
  11. The Delfonics On Fling 727

    Thanks, boba!
  12. The Delfonics On Fling 727

    No Delfonics fans around here?!?
  13. The Delfonics On Fling 727

    Anyone have any info on this doo wop group? This can´t possibly be the same group as the Philly soul group or can it? It was released in 1962 and was also issued with a different flip. Thanks in advance.
  14. Henry Moore´s 45 On Master

    I´m not willing to pay no big money for this one. Tops 15 £ for a mintish copy. I´m no big spender at least I try not to be... Anyone?
  15. Henry Moore, Anyone?!?

    Wow, thanks a million! That´s reeeeaally helpful! Confusing, yes! But it still helps a lot. Another piece to the puzzle. I still haven´t recived the King 45, so I haven´t heard it yet, but to me the Fada, Athens and Crazy Cajun guy all sound like the same...