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  1. Hey guys I live in Charleston SC and have known a soul singer/sax player by the name of Bill Wilson for 20 years now. I work as a music editor here and we're running a cover story on him next week as he is just now putting out his first solo album at the age of 76. After speaking with his producer, I realized that I've known a northern soul legend since the late 90s! He was a member of Moses Dillard & The Tex Town Display (!), sang lead on a couple of tracks ('Won't Somebody Help Me' and 'Are You For Real' off 'Now!') - that album Now! has been selling for thousands apparently. Anyway, I could gush all day about how cool this is but also wanted to let you know that if you want to check out the new album, it drops on Wed. Dec. 5 (along with our cover story in the Charleston City Paper) and can be had via http://billwilsonhits.com. He just had a reunion with former bandmate Peabo Bryson last month and they posed with a copy of Now! - pretty special! Bill still gigs all over Charleston. What. A. Legend.


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