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    31 year old guy from Sweden who's been collecting vinyl records for 3-4 years. Mainly jazz, soul, funk and disco.

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    Karlstad, Sweden
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    Jackie Wilson - Just be sincere

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  1. Looking for these: - Denise Kelly & Fame - I'd like to get into you (20th Century Fox Records) - Black Ice - Blind over you (SORTED!) PM with condition and price! Thank you for looking!
  2. Hi! Looking for these little fellas: Black ice - blind over you (HDM records) Starvue - Body fusion (midwest) RAMP - Everybody loves the sunshine (abc blue thumb) Denise Kelly & Fame - I’d like to get into you (20th century fox) Doris & Kelly - You dont have to worry (Brunswick) Impressions - we must be in love (curtom) Leroy Hutson - Lovers holiday (curtom) Leroy Hutson - where did love go (curtom) Hook me up with a PM if you've got any of them for sale! edit: removed two 45s that has been sorted
  3. Thank you, I'll have a listen! I was born in 1987 in Sweden. Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, Kylige Minogue etc was being played at the radio. Been listening to a lot of hiphop and contemporary electronic dance music growing up. Soulwise I didn't know anything at all until a couple of years ago when I got into buying records (not soul exclusively though, been buying a lot of hiphop, jazz, house, disco aswell) and since then I've been learning and listening a bit here and there I guess. A couple of new tracks from this thread I really dig are Clausel - Let me love you, Edee - Make it last (this one I even bought a couple of days after hearing it), Rita Wright - Touch me, take me (wow!), Vanesse & Carolyn - Goodbye song, Bennie Brexton - Come to me, First love - things are not the same, Intimate strangers - love sounds (WOW, really nice track), 80's ladies - turned on to you. Some I already knew of but love them aswell; Passion - midnight lovers, Denise Kelly & fame - I'd like to get into you (heard it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, really really loving this one), Jeffrey - mr fix it, bobby caldwell - what you won't do, delegation - oh honey, floaters - float on, William devaughn - be thankful for what you've got (has to be one of my favorite tracks of all time), the emotions - flowers, Lowell - mellow mellow right on. At the time I think I have a slight preference for the sound of the mid to late 70s, but early 70s and early 80s often works wonders aswell. Lately been getting more and more into the 80s sound with drum machines and all that.
  4. I'm loving this thread and I've listened to all of the tracks posted and will continue doing so! I have greatly enjoyed the recent posts by Martin S and his definition of a proper 2 step record was both interesting and new to me. Like I said in the first post however I'm not a dancer and to me it's not a dealbreaker if the lyrics are about break ups or whatever and same goes for BPMs. Personally I'm just looking for that laidback, funky sound so as far I'm concerned just keep em coming - proper 2 step or not!
  5. Good evening! Two 45s I'm looking for: - Doris & Kelley - You don't have to worry - Denise Kelley & Fame - I'd like to get into you Send me a PM with condition and price!
  6. Actually don't listen to me, I was just having a couple of beers and hating a bit on behringer. I'm sure most behringer mixers sounds great. They obviously make pretty cheap products but from what I've heard they usually offer a lot of bang for the buck and is probably a wise choice for most people in need of a dj mixer. My opinion on audio cables is still the same though. A bit off topic but if anyone's interested; here's a 40 minute lecture with Alex Rosner. He was a pioneer in sound system design in the late 60s and 70s. I found the lecture extremely interesting when I watched it.
  7. I’ve got 2 x technics 1200 mk2 equipped with ortofon concorde club mk2, a pioneer djm-400 mixer connected to a NAD c388 receiver. 2 sets of speakers are connected to the receiver as they’re in separate rooms; in one room ive got a pair of dali oberon 7s and in the other room a pair of dynaudio emit m10.
  8. Yepp. Looking for a copy so let me know if you’ve got one too much!
  9. Hello everyone! As somewhat of a soul newbie I'm strill struggling a bit with soul subgenre classification, but apparenly I love what's referred to as two step soul or "steppers". I'm not really a dancer but I guess it's that smooth, laidback and funky sound I'm looking for. Anyways, feel free to share one or a couple of your favorite tracks/45s or if there are any specifik artists I really should dig into. A couple of examples that I really dig are Jeffree - Loves gonna last, Paris - I choose you, Keni Burke - Risin to the top. Any tips will be much appreciated!
  10. Hi! I'm a 31 year old guy from Sweden who's been collecting records, mainly LPs and 12 inch singles, for 4 years or so. For most of my life I've been listening to hiphop and I've also been producing hip hop beats on samplers and computers. Soon after I started buying records I my musical taste expanded rapidly. Today I mostly listen to jazz, soul, disco, early 80s boogie and hiphop/rnb. I've never been big on 60s soul until a couple of weeks ago when I heard "Just be sincere" with Jackie Wilson which blew me away within seconds of hearing it. Such a nice, driving groove and such a great vocal performance! Now I'm rapidly developing an addiction to collecting 45s. Judging by how much relatively rare but FANTASTIC music there seems to be out there it's going to be an expensive hobby, but what you gonna do? Found this forum a couple of days ago and it seems to be a wonderful community!

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