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    I’m a Soul DJ and collector have been for 5 years now, I co-run Let Your Backbone Slip Rhythm & Soul Club in Leighton Buzzard 

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    If This is Love the Precisions

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  1. Hiya mate it’s not what it was that’s for sure the unicorn is gone and our night is the only one in town really? Plenty Soulies, mods and skins and I know a few people who went to the unicorn. This is why we were so hell bent in starting something. Here because of the history of this town for soul. Our next night is May 31st I’ve put up an event if you’re interested in commmg along.
  2. Let Your Backbone Slip Rhythm and Soul Club 31st May bossard hall Leighton Buzzard 8-midnight £2 otd, guest DJs Andrea and Richard from The State We’re In Soul club in London join Resident DJs Mrs Ironside and myself spinning 60s Soul, R&B,Mod and Early Ska . OVO come along for a great night with good people dancing to sweet Soul Music
  3. Hi my name is Neal and I run and DJ at Let Your Backbone Slip Rythym and Soul Club in Leighton buzzard with my partner Aisling, it's a new night we had our opening night in September and It was well attended. Our next night is Jan 25th at the British legion in Leighton buzzard. I'm passionate about Soul and R&B and i collect vinyl, hoping to meet some like minded people and spread the word about our night. Thanks and KTF

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