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  1. Yes I think I'll avoid until actually sent from mate to me. There is a slight downside to my arrangement in that I pay state taxes.
  2. No, a mate. Cheaper postage having US buys collected together and sent in bulk [40+ albums say] than paying USA to UK postage on each individual item.
  3. I think it's more to do with me having a US address for my US buys. Not sure on that but next time I win something I'll see if I'm charged VAT. As it's not going to UK I assume I will not ?
  4. Looking at my UK eBay Summary/Watch list I can see one item that states 20% VAT will be added. That's a currently £13.48 [$18.30] album listed on US eBay. If I link to my Summary via US eBay it doesn't show that.
  5. Those lines from Fi-dels have always stuck in my head, but then I'm married. If you want poignant then you need to look at country music. The human condition laid bare in such classics as "How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away" and "My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend and I Sure Do Miss Him".
  6. All guaranteed refund if not happy VG ++ is still a very nice copy, and VG+ isn't trashed just odd marks. Albums graded cover/vinyl Edwin Starr 25 Miles GORDY M-/M-[24 hours to see my baby] £12 SOLD Metros Sweetest One RCA VG++/M- [Since I found, I'll never forget you] £60 SOLD Olympics Something old something new MIRWOOD VG++/M- £15 Jackie Lee The Duck SEALED SPARTON [Canada] £20 Esquires Get on up...... BUNKY SEALED £15 SOLD Bunny Sigler Let the good times roll PARKWAY VG++/VG++ [Follow your heart and Girl don't make...
  7. I think you've misinterpreted my previous comments. I am right behind you in your collecting endeavours where you seem to have managed to accrue the right artists on the wrong formats or the wrong artists on the right formats. And I couldn't agree with you more that the only way to own this particular 45 is a 1966 demo copy but unfortunately for you that is of course on Ric-Tic 113.
  8. Depends which side the issue sticker is on. Whichever, you can bet Julian got the less desirable copy, allegedly.
  9. A lot rarer on the regular issue with the "NOT FOR SALE" sticker as most serious collectors know.
  10. I'd imagine it's momentarily annoying when you notice the exact record you lost appearing elsewhere for more than the winning bid but I don't think it's anything new. And that's not only confined to big ticket items. As Halogen said price guides really f**ked it. Most collectors I know don't resent the prices asked. They'll buy something else or wait till item comes up at a reasonable price.

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