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  1. I obviously remember it from odd play at Wigan. Bought it off Richard for £100 around 81/82. Played at Stafford. Sold to Tim in 1999/2000 for £8500.
  2. I guess severity of symptoms vary so I wouldn't read too much into it. Persistent means cough lingers more than constant ? Just been talking to my next door neighbour who's a hospital doctor. He's off because his baby daughter is ill but with a temperature so he's had to self-isolate. So far he said there was little sign of NHS in this part of N.E.Lancashire being overwhelmed but were expecting next 2 weeks to be crucial.
  3. I'm well-known for my sunny disposition and deep regard for my fellow human beings.
  4. I'm gonna be generous and assume anything else essential in the storage area had already been put on the shelves.
  5. With Monty Python in mind "nobody expects the Spanish flu or Corvid 19" Not quite true as such scenarios have been examined in the UK quite recently but nothing was done to increase ICU beds. I guess the same as wargaming a Russian invasion. They didn't mine Blackpool beach. Will nobody think of the donkeys ! I think all nations have been caught on the hop with the scale of the problem though some are in a better position to respond. I'm shocked you had 2 days food. I seem to remember on my sojourn chez Klein back in whatever I had to pop out and buy and cook a chicken for dinner. I don't think you'd ever seen a chicken dinner before. Stay safe Bob.
  6. Thanks Mike. Slightly OT but I guess to do with "alarm" I've mentioned my stepson being advised by 111 first to self-isolate and then a week later diagnosed over the phone as probably having the virus. Last night he felt short of breath and was taken by ambulance to hospital. Examined by a doctor who said he had the flu plus a severe chest infection and sent him home. They have tested him and he'll know the result in 3 days but looks like he never had it in the first place.
  7. Sorry Mike. Going off something like this, which of course isn't a UK source but is referring to medical studies. But then I missed "we don't really know" I've had a word with myself and will desist spreading anymore alarm.
  8. The immediate effect due to £-$ rate was to make them more expensive if buying from USA. Overall though I have been thinking about it, particularly buying through the mail and the chances of the virus being passed on if it can survive for 72 hours on surfaces. I got a 45 yesterday from Southampton. Found myself washing my hands after handling packaging, then on removing 45 from a protective plastic sleeve and then playing the actual record. I then figured this is bloody ridiculous. If the 72 hours advice is reliable then I guess after being delivered [postman has touched it] if you wait that long to open should be no chance of catching virus ? Because most of my buys are off US eBay which are first sent to a mate in NJ I'm thinking I may stop buying because I don't want to put him in any danger as the situation in the USA seems to be much worse than here. More cases in NYC than in the entire UK. What do others think ?
  9. He's still not too well, thanks for asking. Granddaughter a lot better. His wife is now staying off work but don't know if she's actually ill herself. I was in Aldi getting a few things for his family which didn't include loo rolls and pasta. And I agree that the media coverage is verging on the hysterical at times. I thought Boris's "your loved ones are going to die" was f**king crass and stupid. Something along the lines of "as more cases of the virus are confirmed at risk groups need to be extra vigilant" ?
  10. Yep, just been to Aldi over the road. Toilet rolls gone and now signs up limiting buys. Loads of people with full trollies. I'm not usually charitable in my opinion of my fellow human beings and at first looking around I did think what a bunch of morons but then I thought maybe they're buying for parents so a full trolley could cover a family plus two sets of parents and then it didn't seem particularly excessive.
  11. Give us a link to Clitheroe case please. That's where stepson is [and me]
  12. I've just heard my stepson has been advised to self-isolate. Didn't feel well so rung up hotline. Granddaughter off school now too but wife had to go to work today on instruction from her employer. He's being sent a test kit but hopefully it's nothing. One small nag is that he's in RAF at Brize Norton which is where evacs from China were flown into at end of January. Not sure if more flights since then. He'd returned from BN to Clitheroe yesterday when he fell ill.
  13. Not particularly worried re the actual virus but Clare is concerned about the effects of panic buying. We've got nowhere to store the 28 lawnmowers I bought last week.
  14. I have no idea what she was up to but whilst sat outside having a smoke a complete stranger came up to me and "warned" me about the woman in the blue dress. I explained I was married to her and his advice was 20 years too late.

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