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  1. Apologies. It's a comfort to me it's tucked away here and not getting blanket coverage.
  2. Taking inspiration from both soul iconography and interior design I'd say this is an eclectic blanket.
  3. Thanks to all for kind words. Wanted to spend more quality time with the wife. Moderation clashes with prison visiting times.
  4. Just to make sure that this facility is used buy both buyers and sellers whenever a sale is concluded here is a simple step by step guide. BUYERS Go to the ad from which item was purchased. At the bottom of the ad you will see along the green line HIT NOW TO LEAVE SALES FEEDBACK! Clicking on that will take you to a page to be completed. Self-explanatory for the most part. The TOPIC section is where you place the hhtps://www. address of the ad. SELLERS Go to FEEDBACK section. Click on ADD FEEDBACK and follow same procedure as above. NOTIFICATIONS The site is now set up so that whenever feedback is posted for members they can receive an automatic notification. See link below as to options and instructions on how to set it up. Any problems please get in touch. The more this facility is used the fuller picture members have. ROD
  5. Got first three but no idea why album tracks are included when there's a wealth of unreleased material to go at. Is there 5 album cuts this time ?
  6. Old Bill Wells record shop. Did you notice the sex toys ? More than 7"s in that place.
  7. Let's not waylay guy's topic, lads. Take it to PMs or better still, forget it. ROD [Moderator].
  8. It is in the right place now. ROD
  9. General site policy on these new bootlegs is that they are barred in the sense that purveyors of such records on EBay are not allowed to post ads here. You will get the very occasional recent boot in a member's ad but that does not mean the site turns a blind eye to regular sales of these items. As for the relationship to OVO I think Frankie C. summed it up. ROD [Sales Moderator]
  10. Is there a case for OAP, UB, ESA discounts ?
  11. All records are VG++ to M- as per SS guidelines. Graded under strong light. Earl Lewis She blew my mind RARE BIRD £12 Great Expectations Welcome to the world PHOENIX £12 Otis Clay Show place ONE-DERFUL £8 Otis Clay Got to find a way ONE-DERFUL £6 SOLD Liz Lands Don't shut me up ONE-DERFUL £10 SOLD CODs I'm a good guy KELLMAC £6 SOLD Manhattans Baby I need you CARNIVAL £6 Manhattans Follow your heart CARNIVAL £6 SOLD Dells Make sure CADET £6 SOLD Gene Chandler Im just a fool for you CONSTELLATION £6 Barbara Lewis Fool fool fool ATLANTIC £8 Joneses Love contest SPRING £20 SOLD 21st Century Ltd. Your smallest wish BEE GEE £30 Little Dooley It's gotta be now or never NORTH BAY £12 Pretenders I'm the one love forgot CARNIVAL £30 Lee Williams Save it all for you BLACK CIRCLE £6 SOLD Lee Williams Get it together BLACK CIRCLE £6 SOLD Instr. Mighty gents MIGHTY GENTS £20 Specks Williams We gave the drummer some JAX £15 Young Folk Lonely girl MAR-V-LUS £12 Edwin Starr Agent Double-0 Soul RIC-TIC [red] £5 Barbara Mason Don't ever want to lose your love ARCTIC £10 SOLD Winfield Parker I wanna be with you P&L £50 McArthur It's so real SOUL JUNCTION UK £8.50 Greg Perry It takes heart KENT [UK re-issue] £7.50 Marvin Smith Fading memories BRUNSWICK £15 Artistics I'll always love you YDJ BRUNSWICK £18 Pat Lundi Party music VIGOR £8 Concept Nine When WDJ TANGERINE £8 Impressions Grow closer together WDJ £8 Brenda & Tabulations Hey Boy WDJ DIONN [WOL reverse side] £8 Lou Johnson Unsatisfied BIGTOP £15 Ronnie Savoy Loving you WDJ WINGATE £25 Supremes Million Sellers DUTCH ep MOTOWN £8 ALBUMS Shorty Long The prime of SOUL inc. "Baby come home to me" £12 SOLD Shades of Blue Happiness is the..... IMPACT inc "A way to love you" £25 All guaranteed refund if not happy. PayPal :- Gift or add 3% please Please PM me if interested Postage recorded at £2.75 for 45 and £4 album.
  12. You are. He didn't. Herding cats !
  13. Merged into one topic. ROD
  14. There's obviously nothing you can do re haggling for discounts etc. Part and parcel of buying and selling. When it comes to reserving 45s it's in the seller's hands as to how much time you allow for payment to be made. Stating terms in the ad would be the first step. If buyers do renege on deals then use the feedback feature and leave a negative. As a seller myself I've rarely had a problem other than odd week or so to pay but I accept that records ain't cheap so am prepared to grant some leeway to buyers but make sure we both know the terms. ROD
  15. Removed couple of comments not directly related to trade. Sales ads are for interaction between sellers and buyers and not general discussion. See sales guidelines. ROD