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  1. I have to make secret plans for next Tuesday so don't tell anyone.
  2. Seems reasonable. I make it perfectly clear to my customers on here that I will delay any orders unless I can pop round, watch a bit of TV and have a bath.
  3. I haven't checked on new series though I figured there would be another. Too many to watch as it is. "Manifest" right now and then there's "The Rain" and about three others I'm watching on Netflix. Plus "Preacher" has started again. And final season of "Man in the High Castle" I'm hoping is soon.
  4. I'm not sure about that. I can see 2 negatives for over-grading and a few times I've looked at his pics in the ad and thought that's never M-.
  5. All records graded under strong light and condition as per SS guidelines. All guaranteed refund if not happy All VG+ but nice nick. All have a small # written on label. £3 EACH or 10 for £25 J. J. Barnes Hold on to it REVILOT J. J. Barnes To an early grave CONTEMPO Fontella Bass I want everyone to know MOJO Fontella Bass Who you gonna blame MOJO Bit of Honey He's the one SHOUT SOLD Big Boris Devil's Drive UK RCA SOLD Booker T Time is tight STAX UK Booker T Soul Limbo STAX UK Andre Brasseur The Kid UK CBS [orange second issue 2557] SOLD Brinkley & Parker Pander Man CONTEMPO James Brown There was a time POLYDOR UK SOLD James Brown Hey America KING James Brown Hey America MOJO Jerry Butler Moody Woman UK MERCURY [second moulded plastic] SOLD James Carr That's what I want to know FLASHBACK SOLD Carrolls We're in this thing together UK CBS Chairmen of the Board You've got me dangling... INVICTUS UK Chairmen of the Board Give me just a littler more... INVICTUS UK Chiffons Sweet talking guy LONDON [orange label] Lorraine Chandler What can I do UK BLACK MAGIC SOLD Cherry People And suddenly UK BLACK MAGIC Clay / Bell Private Number STAX UK George Clinton Please don't run... UK ABC SOLD James Coit Black Power UK DESTINY SOLD Arthur Conley Funky Street ATLANTIC UK [red] Contours Just a little... TMG 723 UK SOLD Johnny Copeland Sufferin' City UK ATLANTIC SOLD Crusaders Put it where you want it BLUE THUMB UK Spencer Davis Trampoline FONTANA Bill Deal What kind of fool HERITAGE Snoopy Dean Shake 'n' Bump SEVILLE Delfonics La-la means... BELL UK [original] Devotion So glad you're home POLYDOR UK Don Downing Dream World PEOPLE Drifters Saturday night at..... ATLANTIC UK [red] Drifters Saturday night at.... ATLANTIC UK [red/blue] SOLD Drifters Come on over to my place ATLANTIC UK [red/blue] Ecstasy Passion & Pain Ask me PYE EP&P I wouldn't give you up PYE Electric Indian Land of 1000 dances UK UA Elgins Heaven must have.... TMG 771 UK Barbara Jean English Breaking up a happy home CONTEMPO Esquires And get away BUNKY Betty Everett I can't hear you VEE JAY SOLD Exciters Do-wah diddy.. UA UK [blue] Fathers Angels Bok to Bach UK BLACK MAGIC Eddie Floyd Bring it on home to me STAX UK King Floyd Groove me ATLANTIC [red] Rita Fortune Sisters and Brothers CBS 4 Seasons Opus 17 PHILIPS UK 4 Tops I got a feeling TMG UK R.B. Freeman I'm Shaft AVCO UK Friends of Distinction Grazing in the grass RCA UK Rex Garvin Queen of the Go-Go CANTERBURY [boot] SOLD Marvin Gaye Pretty little baby TAMLA Marvin Gaye I heard it through... TMG UK Marvin Gaye Chained TMG UK SOLD Gaye/Terrell If I could build my... TMG UK SOLD Gaye/Terrell Good lovin' ain't easy... TMG UK SOLD Gaye/Terrell Two can have a party TMG UK Dobie Gray Out on the floor UK BLACK MAGIC SOLD Dobie Gray See you at the Go-Go CHARGER Al Greene Back up train UK BELL [silver] Alan Haven Image FONTANA UK SOLD Isaac Hayes Disco connection ABC UK Fred Hughes Oo wee baby I love you UK DJM SOLD Paul Humphrey Cochise ABC UK Pierre Hunt I've got to have your love GOLDEN WHEELS SOLD Impressions Choice of colours BUDDAH UK SOLD Intruders She's a winner EPIC UK Isley Brothers Behind a painted smile TMG UK Isley Brothers Put yourself in my place TMG UK SOLD Isley Brothers I turned you on MAJOR MINOR Isley Brothers It's your thing MAJOR MINOR J.J. Jackson But it's alright WB UK [orange] J.J. Jackson Let me try again LONDON Etta James Tell Mama / I'd rather go blind CHESS UK [re-issue] Marv Johnson I'll pick a rose... TMG UK Doris Jones He's so irreplaceable NEMS Jimmy Jones Dynamite PARKWAY Johnny Jones Purple Haze BRUNSWICK [gold re-issue] SOLD Paul Kelly Sweet sweet lovin PHILIPS UK SOLD Gladys Knight Take me in your arms.... TMG UK Robert Knight Lover on a mountain top UK MONUMENT [re-issue] Kolettes Who's that guy CHESS UK [re-issue] Major Lance The right track UK CONTEMPO Major Lance The Monkey Time / Um um… MEMORY LANE Major Lance Sweeter WB UK SOLD Denise Lasalle Trapped by a thing JANUS Jackie Lee Bring it home KEYMEN Jackie Lee The DUCK UK LONDON SOLD Raymonde LeFevre Soul Coaxing UK MAJOR MINOR Ramsey Lewis A hard day's night CHESS UK [gold orig ] SOLD Little Richard Poor Dog OKEH [small 45 re-issue] SOLD Little Sonny Stretchin' Out REVILOT SOLD Lorelei S.T.O.P. CBS Ronnie Love Lets make love GRAPEVINE Tami Lynn Im gonna run away from you UK MOJO SOLD Herbie Mann Philly Dog ATLANTIC UK [blue/red] SOLD Marvelettes That's how heartaches... TAMLA Paul Mauriat Black is Black UK PHILIPS SOLD Van McCoy Soul Improvisations UK BUDDAH Mel and Time Backfield in motion UK CONCORD [pink] SOLD Miracles Lover Machine TMG UK SOLD Willie Mitchell 30-60-90 HI Willie Mitchell Barefootin HI Willie Mitchell Bad eye LONDON [silver-top] Willier Mitchell Secret Home LONDON Willie Mitchell Prayer Meetin' LONDON Willie Mitchell Up hard LONDON Willie Mitchell Soul serenade LONDON Newbeats Run baby run UK LONDON [re-issue] SOLD O'Jays Lipstick traces IMPERIAL [gold re-issue] Originals Baby I'm for real TMG UK SOLD Esther Phillips What a difference KUDU UK Platters Dancing to the music of love PHILIPS UK Poets She blew a good thing UK UA [no centre] SOLD PJ Proby Niki Hoeky UK LIBERTY SOLD Otis Redding My girl ATLANTIC UK [black] Otis Redding Papa's got a brand new bag ATLANTIC UK [red] Martha Reeves Sweet Darlin' GORDY Martha Reeves Jimmy Mack TMG UK Martha Reeves Nowhere to run / Live Wire TMG UK SOLD Martha Reeves I gotta let you go TMG UK SOLD Reflections Three steps from true love CAPITOL UK Reflections Just like Romeo.... TMG UK L.J. Reynolds The Penguin Breakdown AVCO UK Charlie Rich Mohair Sam MERCURY UK SOLD Righteous Bros. Band Rat Race UK PHIL SPECTOR SOLD Vickie Sue Robinson Turn the beat around RCA UK Bird Rollins Love man from Carolina UK MOJO SOLD Lyn Roman Stop I don't need no sympathy BRUNSWICK UK Jimmy Ruffin What becomes of the... TMG UK Jimmy Ruffin I've passed this way before TMG UK Sam & Dave You don't know like I know ATLANTIC UK [red] SOLD Sam & Dave Soul sister brown sugar ATLANTICV UK [red] SOLD San Remo Strings Reach out.... TMG UK [no centre but nicely done] Sapphires Gotta have your love LOST NITE SOLD Seventh Wonder Captain of my ship GRAPEVINE SOLD Sly & Family Stone Everyday people DIRECTION Sons of Moses Soul Symphony UK MCA SOLD Staple Singers City in the sky STAX UK Edwin Starr Stop her on sight / Headline News UK POLYDOR SOLD Edwin Starr 25 Miles UK TMG SOLD Supremes Come see about me STATESIDE Supremes There's no stopping us now TMG UK Supremes You've been so wonderful... TMG UK SOLD Tams Shelter ABC SOLD Tams Trouble maker ABC Gloria Taylor You got to pay the price SILVER FOX SOLD Johnnie Taylor Testify STAX UK Johnnie Taylor Take care of your homework STAX UK Johnnie Taylor Who's making love STAX UK R. Dean Taylor Gotta see Jane TMG UK Three Degrees Reflections of yesterday NEPTUNE Trammps Scrub Board BUDDAH UK Ultra High Frequency We're on the Right track PYE INT Patience Valentine You can't tell... REAL SOUL [boot of Edie Walker] T.D. Valentine Lover trap UK EPIC SOLD Earl Van Dyke 6 by 6 TMG UK SOLD Earl Van Dyke I can't help myself TMG UK Ila Vann Can't help loving that man PYE D.D. SOLD Ventures Hawaii Five-O UK UA [re-issue] Watts 103rd St. Band The Joker UK WB SOLD James Wells All I ever need is music POLYDOR Viola Wills Run to the nearest exit UK GOODEAR Al Wilson Help me UK PYE D.D. SOLD Joe Wilson Sweetness PYE INT Betty Wright Where is the love RCA UK FULL PRICE STUFF Albums graded cover/vinyl Larry Santos Just a man SEALED EVOLUTION £25 [You got me where you want me] Shorty Long Here comes the judge SOUL M-/M- £10 Edwin Starr 25 Miles GORDY M-/M-[24 hours to see my baby] £12 Olympics Something old something new MIRWOOD VG++/M- £15 Bunny Sigler Let the good times roll PARKWAY VG++/VG++ [Follow your heart and Girl don't make...] £12 Imaginations "same" 20th Century M-/M- £5 Stevie Wonder Down to Earth TAMLA VG++ / M- [Angel Baby, Be cool be calm] £15 7" 45s Valentines Gotta get yourself together WDJ SS7 VG+ [nice crossover - BEDNO WRIGHT sticker on label] £15 Phil Flowers Discontented DOT VG++ £15 Walter Scott Brand new girl IVANHOE M- [uptempo Northern c/w low rider ballad] £15 SOLD Whispers As I sit here DORE VG+ £10 Classmates Doin me right PEARCE DJ M- £15 Lee Rogers Craked up over you DJ single-sided WHEELSVILLE VG+ [couple of tiny marks] £20 Jeanette White Music A&M [USA] M- £20 PayPal :- Modrod52@hotmail.co.uk. Gift or add 3% please Postage £3 for 1st class recorded 45s £4.75 for 1st class recorded Albums Please PM me if interested
  6. Copy here https://www.ebay.com/itm/northern-soul-HERBERT-HUNTER-I-Was-Born-To-Love-You-SPAR-9009-M-CLEAN/123872816046?hash=item1cd7652bae%3Ag%3AAaAAAOSwSmJdUd8K&LH_BIN=1 IMO this seller is always expensive. Knock 25-35 % off and probably sell ?
  7. Also Fabulous Ballads. Way too frantic and messy with dubbed audience.
  8. No use I'm afraid. I can obviously see stamp in picture. Couldn't make out stamp on DB [or the two other VIP 45s I mentioned in an earlier post]. Motown are back in the bedding cupboard now so I'm not getting them out again. Clare tells me off !
  9. I find it extremely difficult to tell what the stamp is !
  10. That's a question one could discuss endlessly at some all-nighter rather than doing something useful. There's Dave Flynn's site https://www.anorakscorner.com/deadwax-matrix or I guess just google USA Pressing Plants. Wouldn't recommend as a hobby in itself but just next time you're in doubt instead of putting the willies up everybody.
  11. Did I read that Coronation St is considered "brainless shite" ! Let me tell that yahoo with a yorkie that Kyran Bowes who plays Jack Webster is considered the finest thespian of his generation. Who else would have his leg amputated in pursuit of his art. He is soon to appear in the remake of "Mutiny on the Bounty" where he will play third plank from the right on the poop deck. Mike will let anyone on here nowadays.
  12. So it's your fault John ! It's B/P Soul's reply that threw me. There's obviously "straight" original WDJ's. There's loads with that design around at that time which I've got here. As long as the DB's has the stamped and scratched # it's an original. There's a copy on Popsike sold by Tefteller.

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