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  1. ALBUMS AND 45'S

    All records graded under strong light and condition as per SS guidelines. VG++ is still very nice and close to M-. USA ALBUMS/12" Graded cover/vinyl Joanna Gardner "same" PHILLY WORLD VG++/M- £10 [inc 2 -step track Pick up the piec...
  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: An online documentary all about Arctic Records - 9 minute video from 2015 View full article
  3. Thanks to Dave Withers for passing on the info on this great online documentary all about... Arctic Records Friday Arts is a 30-minute arts, culture and entertainment magazine that features three distinct stories about the arts and the artists in o...
  4. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    good innit. try quacks too.
  5. Regional Food

    just got back from france. was in troyes couple of days back and clare decided to order local delicacy, andouillette, a tripe/offal/pork sausage. one mouthful was enough. give it here I say, it can't be that bad. it was worse.
  6. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    ask paul mason motown too commercial I just want to take a baseball bat to most of the posters. and I've been trying so hard to be nice recently.
  7. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    That was the '73 re-issue wasn't it ? Re-issue as in due to NS plays as not released in UK back in '67. And yes loads of US original copies in Manchester at 10p I think around '71. NRS was it called ? Outlet in Blackpool too. ROD
  8. Album track I've only just come across
  9. Dodgy eBay bidding

    Someone mentioned on the other thread that the seller takes records on consignment so I guess temptation is there to bid up items by third parties. No idea if this is happening here as TZC and Briktf have both investigated and come to different conclusio...
  10. Run For Cover

    Apologies. It's a comfort to me it's tucked away here and not getting blanket coverage.
  11. Run For Cover

    Taking inspiration from both soul iconography and interior design I'd say this is an eclectic blanket.
  12. A big big thanks to Rod aka Modernsoulsucks!

    Thanks to all for kind words. Wanted to spend more quality time with the wife. Moderation clashes with prison visiting times.
  13. Current Record Sales Guidelines

    the guide has now been moved into the sites 'help' feature https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/soul-source-sales-feature-help/how-to-leave-feedback-sales-feature-r30/ the help feature is available on every page via the top 'more' link th...
  14. new Motown box set 7s vol 4

    Got first three but no idea why album tracks are included when there's a wealth of unreleased material to go at. Is there 5 album cuts this time ?
  15. Unusual Places You Found Imported 45s

    Old Bill Wells record shop. Did you notice the sex toys ? More than 7"s in that place.