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  1. Come on, own up!

    FFS! I thought it was a facsimile of the Soul copy which I wanted to just put in numerical label order. Didn't realise it was the "blank" thing.
  2. Any northern records

    Heard this once or twice on release but more a Beach scene tune
  3. Morning Rant - Record delivered or not as the case may be

    I have no idea how they apply the "rules". On Monday I got 49 albums and 19 45s which cost $151.20 from NJ. No idea what value mate declared. Imagine $40 or so. No charges at all. Never had charges on similar packages he's sent either.
  4. ALBUMS AND 45s

    All records graded under strong light and condition as per SS guidelines. VG++ is still very nice and close to M-. All guaranteed refund if not happy. USA ALBUMS Graded cover/vinyl Little Anthony Going out of my head VEEP ...
  5. I had Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin and Ron Tyson at mine in mid-90's. They were playing Manchester Apollo.
  6. my Northern Soul Moan

    "I rush headlong down a dark aural tunnel Bloody ragged nails down the blackboard of life Silent screams echo in the primordial night The clash of despairing cymbals." A short tribute to funky-edge by Ezra Poundshop
  7. Candy & The Kisses

    I'd say usually if someone says I have "The 81" on Cameo-Parkway, they mean on British issue.
  8. I was thinking about "authenticity" really. I know there are red vinyl Motown 45s. Trying to think if seen purple ? Jimmy Ruffin/Gladys Knight pops into my head but cant place why ? I just thought black vinyl was used for original. Not that ke...
  9. I mean, asked Dave to get me a copy when out.
  10. Best laid plans and all that, Paul.
  11. I've asked mate in NJ to get me one. He's having a copy too I collect USA Motown so figured it can go in that box. I do seem to have three legit copies already. Only thing I'm dubious about is purple vinyl. Rather have black and I reckon should have...

    You are right of course but I definitely came home from Wigan with more new 45s than I do now when I go out.
  13. BBC. Patronising

    I think the problem is that the divide between reporting the news and opinion is becoming blurred. Sometimes it seems instead of giving you the facts to think and form a judgement, the BBC pushes a line. The fact that both Left and Right both object...
  14. Homelessness

    I get what you're saying but let's not take the easy option of restricting blame to bankers and millionaires. I like a fag so for my sins I spend quite a bit of time outside watching the world pass by. It must say something about the scale of homele...

    Yes, sorry. In my defence I did turn myself in by reporting it.

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