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  1. Just thought you'd wade in with that one did you ? And surely "birth sleeve" ?
  2. I did and if it wasn't for such gullible buyers my ternover would be a lot less.
  3. So that was you ? I knew someone was orcestrating that site behind the scenes.
  4. Meh ! I've been running a site for the sale of extinct seabirds for 40 years and let me tell you madam it's a great auktion !
  5. Yes, great track. I've met Archie couple of times. He was living in Winston-Salem and was a mate of a mate. Think it was 1989. A really nice guy with a very modest demeanour. I wiped the floor with him in a buffalo wings eating competition. He wouldn't let me join the Drells because I couldn't sing or dance but I did point out it had never stopped him.
  6. Me too but it is on a Buddah 45 "I know we can make it"
  7. All guaranteed refund if not happy VG ++ is still a very nice copy Albums graded cover/vinyl Olympics Something old something new MIRWOOD VG++/M- £10 Jackie Lee The Duck SEALED SPARTON [Canada] £15 Major Lance The Monkey Time OKEH M-/VG++ [couple of light marks] £10 SOLD Marge Dodson A lovely way to die DECCA VG++/ M- [Be your baby] £10 Chuck Jackson Needing you wanting you SEALED ALL PLATINUM [I got the need] £10 Isley Brothers This old heart of mine M-/VG++ TAMLA £10 Frankie Knuckles It's hard sometimes VG+/M
  8. I once saw an Oldham Tinkers album in Rochdale but then I don't get around much.
  9. Do seem a tad unrealistic but then I listen to this gem. And I begin to think that the buyers of Lyndell and Simon each got a bargain if the alternative is this Ides of March/Blood Sweat & Tears soundalike on offer elsewhere at more than twice the price.
  10. Thanks lads. I was wondering too.
  11. It's a great record of which I have four different copies but I guess overplayed in some venues.
  12. Sorry not for me. No melody, poor vocal and beat ain't right.
  13. I see nothing nothing amusing in this. Us collectors agonise over Waitrose or Sainsbury's bags. I believe Ady Croasdell recommends Harrods but then he always had delusions of grandeur. I use an old make-up box off the wife. It has a mirror in the lid so I can tart myself up inbetween sets.
  14. Noticed a M- Silhouettes selling for around £1100 this week on US eBay which is far less than JM auction copy last week.
  15. I didn't know Shifty was that eBay seller, but yes makes sense to me.

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