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  1. Credit for the work he put in there and free to use but aren't a lot of these guide prices just fairyland. I just checked latest thing I bought off eBay, Bobby Williams "Its all over". VG++ £150 ! Cost me £20.44. M- Obviously you can pick up bargains but I'd go with finishing prices on eBay [popsike] rather than a figure which seems to have been plucked out of the air. In truth there isn't a best up to date guide. You need to check selling prices across a wide range of outlets and then apply common sense. I reckon Williams would be £40 here ? LATER ADDITION Looking at this guide looks like it is a realised price ? I'm going off the fact he's stated grades. And there are multiple entries for same 45 eg Magnificent Men "I've got news" so IMO a better base to judge values than say Manship or Brown.
  2. I get requests for "Get off" which seems to be by the Umuppets but unfortunately I don't have a copy.
  3. My wife has persuaded me to go to Cleethorpes this year. Main selling point is the fishing lake. Not been fishing for years but used to go a lot. That's the only gear I'm taking. If you or Paul S are going too I could do with some assistance as I think I've forgotten how to use my hook tie. I went to some weekender in France where people were sat around the pool. A fag, a drink in the balmy night air and my mind went back to smoking outside Burnley all-nighter at 3 a.m. in January and suddenly "keeping it real" wasn't that attractive.
  4. To be fair guy in video is a lot younger. Older you get the less nimble ? But thanks for the video. The thin girl in the short dress was worth it alone.
  5. Customs must keep a record to ensure PO collects duties owed ? Computerised ? Highlights frequent users ? Just a thought.
  6. I wonder if the number of packages coming through the door gets you noticed. I get say six per year from USA usually 50-ish albums and 20-ish 45s. Whilst mate declares low I can't hide postage which is usually around $100. Not got charged yet.
  7. Rod where did all the stuff in the 70's in manchester come from that searling and you and dave macadam all went through. wasnt that radio station stuff. Got it from Indigo Studios but where it originated no real idea. From the vague indications we got from the sellers it was more to do with TV. I remember Plymouth Grove being mentioned and TOTP was based around there from 64-66 so maybe that.
  8. But wouldn't there be more than one library ? I know a guy who got stuff out of BBC Manchester [not 60's]. And then there are overseas stations which I guess were operated by BBC World service or whatever. Scal on here got in one and there were tons of UK 60's demos. Which they wouldn't sell unfortunately ! Posted whilst you were typing, Chalky.
  9. Turned this and WB up in early 90's I think from a box under the table in Ye Olde Clocke Shoppe in Kannapolis. There were about three boxes full of oddball NC labels. Sold WB to Sam and I think Phil Wainwright got the other title. Pretty sure I left Ronnie Lowe. Vocals let it down.
  10. All records graded under strong light and condition as per SS guidelines. All guaranteed refund if not happy VG ++ is still a very nice copy. Albums graded cover/vinyl Larry Santos Just a man EVOLUTION [You got me where you want me] VG++/VG++ [one small mark NAP] £15 SOLD Gladys Knight Tastiest Hits BELL SEALED [Stop and get a hold of myself] £15 SOLD Shorty Long Here comes the judge SOUL M-/M- £5 SOLD Edwin Starr 25 Miles GORDY M-/M-[24 hours to see my baby] £12 Jackie Wilson Higher and Higher BRUNSWICK M-/M- £20 SOLD Olympics Something old something new MIRWOOD VG++/M- £15 Bobby Womack Home is where the heart is COLUMBIA M-/M- £15 SOLD Sidney Joe Qualls So Sexy 20th CENTURY M-/M- [ I don't do this] £15 SOLD Metros Sweetest One RCA VG++/ VG+ [ couple of marks on side 1 NAP] £40 SOLD Bunny Sigler Let the good times roll PARKWAY VG++/VG++ [Follow your heart and Girl don't make...] £10 Marge Dodson A lovely way to die DECCA VG++/ M- [Be your baby] £20 Ohio Players 16 Greatest Hits TRIP SEALED [Love slipped thru my fingers & You don't mean it] £20 SOLD Barbara McNair The Real..... MOTOWN M-/M- [It happens every time & Forget you ever met me baby] £20 SOLD V/A Jumping at the Go Go UK RCA M-/M- £15 Carla Thomas Memphis Queen STAX SEALED [I play for keeps] £25 SOLD 45s Lavern Baker One monkey DJ BRUNSWICK M- £15 SOLD Ann Duquesnsay You aint woman enough.... DJ CAPITOL M- £40 SOLD Phil Flowers Discontented DOT VG++ £10 Jeanette White Music A&M [USA] M- £10 SOLD SOUL PACK 3 for £10 SOLD Guys & Dolls Heartaches TODDLIN TOWN M- [crossover] Lornettes I don't deny it girl GALLIO M- [low rider] Vontastics No love for me SATELLITE M- [low rider] UK 45s Selling for a mate Invitations What's wrong with me baby STATESIDE VG+ £150 Lou Johnson Unsatisfied LONDON EX to M- £80 SOLD Dee Dee Warwick Worth every tear I cry MERCURY M- £300 SOLD PayPal :- Gift or add 3% please Postage £3 for 1st class recorded 45s £4.75 for 1st class recorded Albums Please PM me if interested
  11. Just got WXB mix and gonna compare to WXL. To save time anyone know difference and what I should be listening out for. Right now having played WXB sounds same to me but then not played WXL back-to-back.
  12. VG- A number of visible imperfections; the presence of a considerable number of light scratches will force a VG- grade, as will the presence of significant isolated defects such as scratches deep enough to be felt with a fingernail. Prices he gets for VG and below records are crazy.

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