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  1. Leaving aside whether you'll find a lot or a few, my advice is either to send them to yourself before you come home if too many to carry. Some seller over there will give you an invoice. 100 45s at 10 cents say or whatever amount cutting down charges [if any] at this end. From experience charges can be random. I didn't pay anything on my last lot from USA. Similarly if you bring some back get an invoice too to present to customs at the airport. I'm not sure what value you can bring back without being liable for charges.
  2. £5409 more than I sold a copy to Richard for ! Still he bought Flash McKinley at the same time for £70 so I figured a bit of discount wouldn't go amiss.
  3. I can't make up my mind if he's the worst pub act I've ever heard or the most distinctive voice in a generation. I've put up "Groovin" before but I just got this by him I came across this the other day which is a nice version
  4. All guaranteed refund if not happy VG ++ is still a very nice copy Albums graded cover/vinyl Metros Sweetest One RCA M-/M- [Since I found, I'll never forget you] £75 SOLD Olympics Something old something new MIRWOOD VG++/M- £15 Jackie Lee The Duck SEALED SPARTON [Canada] £20 Linda Jones Hypnotised M- / M- LOMA £40 SOLD Major Lance The Monkey Time OKEH M-/VG++ [couple of light marks] £15 Rita Graham Vibrations SEALED TRC [My cup runneth over] £20 SOLD Rufus Lumley "same" RCA M-/M- [Stronger than me] £20 SOLD
  5. Quite like this "reggae" version of Love Potion / Joy-Tones
  6. I'm confused too to be honest. I've got no old packages here so I can't check a declaration where I was charged in the past but I think charges were broken down into VAT, duty and PO fee.
  7. From reading that RM link if the seller doesn't declare under £39 you would be liable for import duty and I guess a fee to collect it. Sometimes of course stuff just gets through without charge. Luck of the draw. There does seem to be import VAT and customs duty. Two different things ?
  8. In this day and age you may as well consult chicken entrails.
  9. You had much of a reduction in children at your school, Steve ? I get the impression that maybe it's thought too many still attending under key worker criteria. My granddaughter [8] seems fine though she is attending school. She caught the virus at school on 19 December. She said to me the other day "how come I caught it off "whoever" when Joe was sitting behind him" Made me think whether the school is taking enough care in ensuring social distancing though I realise bloody impossible with kids that age. She also said to me out of the blue " Joe Biden will make a better Pr
  10. Steve/Len You don't think this mental stress/illness is getting overblown or even weaponised by those opposed to lockdown. I mean I'm a bit miffed my social life has taken a hit but I have the TV, radio, phone, newspaper puzzles/crossword, internet and my records so it's not like I have nothing to occupy my mind. We used to hear about kids cooped up in their rooms playing games and interacting with mates on their phones which was then blamed for everything from obesity to a loss of social graces. I can understand the very elderly living alone or those with existing mental
  11. Well we are all different. I wouldn't have anything less than EX/M- in my collection. I would go without. And everything I buy is NM /M- so plenty of records around in that condition to buy I haven't got. I take your point about the rarities. At one time I wouldn't have a non-original but I've slowly come around to getting legal re-issues of 45s I'm not likely to find or be able to afford. Not that I wouldn't buy to sell a poor condition rarity if it was really cheap but people are throwing big money at such items now.
  12. Yeah, I don't get it either. I look at his lists and lucky to find a VG+ grade on both 45s and albums and yet people bid as if M-. And as you say more than what you could get them for elsewhere with a little patience.
  13. It's Ebay who had 20% automatically isn't it ? Not the seller although Julian's earlier post does contradict that.

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